Turtle Beach X12 vs X32

Of course, for any dedicated gamer, getting the best headset available is a must. Having the best headset is not only for the sake of luxury; in fact, the right headset is essential to help you achieve your best performance levels. Your headset should be able to deliver all audio details and tell you the directions of the sources. Such feat gives you a better edge when playing, for example, an FPS game, where relying on your senses for locating threats becomes highly important. Now, Turtle Beach is one well-known brand of quality gaming gear. There are two Turtle Beach headsets that may have captured your attention: Turtle Beach X12 and Turtle Beach X32. What’s the difference between the two?

Both Turtle Beach X12 and Turtle Beach X32 are headsets that have been designed for Xbox 360. However, they can also work with PCs, though Turtle Beach X32 may require slightly more efforts to be adapted for PCs. Turtle Beach X12 is usable almost right away. The important difference between the two is that Turtle Beach X12 is a wired headset, whereas Turtle Beach X32 is a wireless headset. The cable of a wired headset can be pretty annoying at times, but a wired headset tends to be somewhat more reliable. There is no battery to run out and replace. On the other hand, with a wireless headset, you are freed from tangled cables, but the battery life is another thing that you need to worry about.

Both are closed-back headsets. They do have some similarities, such as the padded headbands and soft, comfy ear pads. Both also have integrated mics with the Microphone Monitor, which allows you to hear your own voice, helping you to control your own voice levels. Turtle Beach X12 has inline control buttons, whereas Turtle Beach X32’s control buttons are placed on the left ear cup.

Both models are similarly comfortable. They fit snugly, and the sufficient padding allows you to stay comfy even in prolonged competitive matches. Both Turtle Beach X12 and Turtle Beach X32 are armed with 50 mm drivers, which are pretty large for headsets. Combined with the Bass Boost technology, these headsets are ready to send you into realistic and immersive audio experiences. The mids and highs are accurate and articulate, with decent clarity. The mics are also great. They capture the user’s voice with exceptional clarity.

- Amplified Audio - Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience
- In-line Amplifier - Quick access to Turtle Beach gaming audio controls
- Variable Bass Boost - Adds depth and realism to the Xbox 360 game audio
- Microphone Monitor - Allows you to hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting
- Wireless Digital Game Sound
- 50 mm speakers; 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi
- Multiple Audio Presets with amplified audio
- Dynamic Chat Boost; Microphone Monitor

Turtle Beach X12 vs X32
In general, Turtle Beach X12 is more recommended because it is more cost-efficient. It doesn’t have any battery that needs to be replaced periodically. However, if you really want to have a wireless headset, then Turtle Beach X32 is the way to go. Both models have excellent audio quality.