Turtle Beach X12 vs X11

You are now looking for a nice yet affordable gaming set that can deliver great sound quality. For Xbox 360, there are two popular models from Turtle Beach: X11 and X12. Of course, these two models come from the same series. As a matter of fact, Turtle Beach X12 is actually the updated model that replaces Turtle Beach X11. This indeed arises the question: Is Turtle Beach X12 really better than Turtle Beach X11? Below, we will see more about the comparisons between these two models. Read on!

Both Turtle Beach X11 and Turtle Beach X12 have been designed with many similarities. Both have soft, well-padded ear cups that fit well to the ears. The oversized, closed-back design ensures that the ear cups seal your ears and block environmental noise, allowing you to focus on your game. Both models also have adjustable padded headbands. However, Turtle Beach X12 is colored in black and features beach-themed graphics, while Turtle Beach X11 has some white parts and has no decorative graphic. One thing to note, though, both of these two models have plastic parts that can break easily. So, don’t abuse them too much!

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Of course, it is essential for a gaming headset to have an integrated mic in order to have an effective communication method with the team. Both models come with integrated mics that can capture your voice with great clarity, but not only that; these headsets also have microphone monitoring that allows you to hear your own voice from the headset. This is great – being able to hear your own voice will make it easier for you to control your sound levels, avoiding unnecessary shouting. Both models have in-line amps for compatibility with all platforms and quick access to the controls. Turtle Beach X11 and Turtle Beach X12 are compatible with Xbox 360, Windows, and Mac. These headsets can be connected via 3.5mm line input and 3.5mm mic output jacks or using the Xbox controller 2.5mm jack.

Turtle Beach X11 is armed with 40 mm drivers, able to deliver 30 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response. The audio quality is decent, but Turtle Beach X12 is indeed an improvement. Turtle Beach X12 comes with larger 50 mm drivers. The bigger drivers allow for fuller and punchier bass, making sound effects more dramatic. The frequency response range is also wider at 20 Hz – 20 kHz. As you can see, the headset is able to reach lower frequencies. It also has more accurate sound and more clarity.

- Amplified Audio - Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience
- In-line Amplifier - Quick access to Turtle Beach gaming audio controls
-Variable Bass Boost - Adds depth and realism to the Xbox 360 game audio
- Microphone Monitor - Allows you to hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting
- Turtle Beach Ear Force DX11 USB Stereo Gaming Headphones General Features:
- Designed for Microsoft Xbox 360 game system
- Includes Ear Force DSS digital audio processor for Dolby 7.1-channel surround sound
- Audio and chat over Xbox Live Crystal-clear communications

Turtle Beach X12 vs X11
Turtle Beach X12 is indeed the way to go. It comes with larger drivers that allow for improved sound quality. The bass is fuller and punchier, and the overall sound quality is also better.