Turtle Beach X12 vs PX22

As time progresses technology never ceases to impress people with its boundless potential. One group of talented and creative people that have benefitted from this greatly remains gamers. Whether you play online or offline taking your game to the next level always stays on your mind. Headsets play an important role in enhancing a person’s full gaming experience. Since developers have added headsets to the equations you will feel as if you were actually in the game and not just playing it! This review will cover the Turtle Beach x12 and the Turtle Beach x22 headsets.

The Turtle Beach x12 hopped on the scene first and made a huge impact on the gaming world. The headphones strike you immediately with their official look. Once you put them on you feel true comfort. This allows for you to play for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort. It has excellent audible quality which gives gamers an advantage over those with no headphones or less quality. Hearing sounds clearly allows you to react quicker which makes all the difference. The voice monitor does a great job in terms of catching clarity making these headphones ideal for gaming. Although you may have to get used to hearing yourself in the headphones.

The Turtle Beach x22 gaming headset came next and continued exuding quality. The headphones sleek look captures your attention immediately. It has a lot of amazing features which include dual console connection, various sound controls, a Wi-Fi transmitter and more. The Turtle Beach x22 eradicates background noise. When it comes to listening to music these headphones will do justice by each song. However, it’s important to note that the sensor used to automatically shut down the headphones after a long period of non-use may go off during quiet scenes. Every now and then people have experienced shakiness regarding the Bluetooth connection too.

- Rugged, breathable design
- Breathable mesh ear cushions
- 3.5 mm mic and audio jacks
- High sensitivity mic with flexible boom
- Mic mute switch
- Independent Volume Controls
- Dynamic Chat Boost
- Variable Mic Monitor
- Amazing Turtle Beach Sound
- Adjustable Bass & Treble Boost

Turtle Beach X12 vs PX22
All in all you won’t go wrong with either of the Turtle Beach gaming headphones. They serve as a strong testament to how far technology has come. You can feel comfortable recommending them to your friends. You will have a pleasant experience and hopefully kick butt doing it!