Traxxas Slash vs ECX Torment

Are you looking for a decent entry-level RC truck? A good entry-level RC truck makes a good choice for a beginner who is just about to delve into the RC world. Preferably, it should also be easy to upgrade. It would be great if the upgrade parts for the model are easily attainable. Two great entry-level models that are very popular on the market are Traxxas Slash and ECX Torment. Each of them is glowing with lots of praises and positive reviews from their fans. So, how do Traxxas Slash vs ECX Torment compare to each other? Which one is better for the money?

In general, both Traxxas Slash and ECX Torment are durable. This is because they are both designed for heavy-duty use on off-road conditions. However, some people believe that Traxxas Slash is the more durable one of the two – see our previous post about Traxxas Slash vs Stampede here. Traxxas Slash is equipped with exclusive waterproof electronics that are resistant to mud, water, and snow. The chassis is also highly sturdy and durable. The components don’t break any easily.

On the other hand, ECX Torment is also properly sealed. It is waterproof. It can survive splashes and even temporary submersion. Just make sure that it does not get submerged for too long, because most electronic devices can’t survive submersion for far too long. ECX Torment’s parts are not as tough and durable, as some users have reported about the drive shaft and bearing carrier breaking. The bearings and axle stubs are less beefy.

Speed and Performance
Traxxas Slash and ECX Torment are both designed for short-course races, so they can indeed deliver some real show. Out of the box, Traxxas Slash seems to be faster, especially if you buy the brushless version. ECX Torment is not as fast out of the box.

However, you can enhance the speed of your RC truck quite easily by upgrading the parts. So, the speed is actually not a deal-breaker factor. With the right parts – consider getting a brushless motor in order to pump up the speed to the highest possible level – ECX Torment can also be very fast.

Parts Availability
Finally, the next factor that you have to consider when choosing between Traxxas Slash vs ECX Torment is the parts availability. Make sure that you can get the upgrade and replacement parts for your RC vehicle easily, either from a local retailer or from online methods.

Traxxas Slash has the better edge here because it has very good parts availability. It being a popular model means that you can get the official, third-party, and aftermarket parts easily. You can even get them online.

On the other hand, ECX Torment’s parts availability is not as wide. Still, if you can get the parts at a nearby store, you are good to go.

- Traxxas stability Managements, TQi 2.4GHz transmitter, Velineon VXL-3s electronic speed control, Velineon 3500 Brushless motor
- Slash 4x4 reaches speeds in excess of 60+mph! - batteries not included
- Digital high-torque Traxxas #2075 waterproof steering servo, waterproof, O-ring sealed receiver box
- Exclusive waterproof electronics extend Brushless power and performance to water, mud, and snow
- Slash 4x4 is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability
- Completely ready-to-run with everything needed in one box
- 4WD Drivetrain with sealed gear differentials
- Pre-installed potent 550 sized 15T motor and LiPo (2S LiPo compatible) ready ESC
- Spektrum DX2E 2.4 GHz transmitter and waterproof receiver
- Dynamite charger included

In general, Traxxas Slash is more recommended because it is more durable and it has better parts availability. You can easily upgrade it to make it run faster. On the other hand, ECX Torment actually makes a good value for the money, but the bearings and axle stubs are less beefy and not very durable.