Traxxas Rustler vs E Revo

Traxxas Rustler VXL and Traxxas E Revo are sold in a similar price range. Both are 1/10-scale RC trucks that are popular for off-roading and racing. So, which is the RC model that you better get? Traxxas Rustler VXL’s speed and overall performance are astonishing, but this model can only perform on certain terrains. Traxxas E Revo is quite the contrary – the speed isn’t as great, but you can take it to tackle virtually any terrain.

Construction and Durability
Traxxas Rustler VXL is an upgraded model from the previous XL-5 which we discussed in Traxxas Slash vs Rustler. The most significant upgrade is the Velineon Brushless system, which increases the speed potential to an entirely new level. In terms of design, there are also many improvements. It is equipped with black chrome wheels, strengthened differential yokes, a fiberglass front suspension tie bar, and a new low-profile body. The whole construction is waterproof.

However, the new low-profile body means that Traxxas Rustler VXL is no longer an all-terrain challenger. It will have troubles when facing an uneven terrain and tall obstacles. It is not suitable for grass, as it is meant for on-road races and dirt. Still, it is highly durable.

On the other hand, Traxxas E Revo is a new model in the Revo line which comes with dual motors. This model is suitable for almost any terrain because it is armed with EVX-2 Waterproof ESC and waterproof high-torque servos. It has enclosed battery compartments with air intakes and a full-length skid plate which covers the transmission and central drive shafts completely. Although Traxxas E Revo also sports a low-profile body, it can be used on grass and puddles thanks to the excellent protection.

Nevertheless, do not abuse Traxxas E Revo too much because the chassis is not aluminum. Instead, it is an injection-molded plastic chassis, which is lightweight. It is still very sturdy; it just doesn’t resist impacts as well as aluminum.

The Velineon Brushless system on Traxxas Rustler VXL features a 10-turn 3500kV brushless motor, 320-amp brushless ESC, and 12-gauge cable wiring. This RC truck is incredibly fast. It can easily reach speeds above 70 mph. This RC truck is especially awesome for racing. However, one needs to control it carefully, as it tends to pull wheelies. But that’s not a real problem because it will just flip back whenever it rolls.

On the other hand, Traxxas E Revo’s dual high-torque motors can bring the vehicle to speeds up to 30 mph. This is already a pretty good top speed, though it is obviously nowhere comparable to Traxxas Rustler VXL. However, the main advantage of Traxxas E Revo is that it is much easier to control. The low-CG chassis ensures that the vehicle will stay stable all the time. It is more fun to drive around the park.

- Extreme brushless VXL power for 70+ mph speeds and advanced TSM stability management to harness the power without sacrificing fun
- Includes Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery with iD technology and 4 amp 12-volt DC peak-detecting fast charger for reliable charging
- Advanced TQi 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver with model memory for fine tuning your speed machines
- Waterproof electronics, digital high-torque 2075 servo, precision steel turnbuckles with heavy-duty rod ends, and tough metric hex hardware
- Maxx Cable 12-gauge wiring, steel transmission gears, and 5x11 rubber sealed ball bearings at the wheels
- Colors May Vary
- TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
- Velineon Brushless Power with new VXL-3m speed control
- Powerful Velineon 380 motor—largest in class
- Ready-To-Race With Included Traxxas Power Cell NiMH Battery.30+mph Out Of The Box50+mph All-Out

Traxxas Rustler vs E Revo, which one? If your top priority is speed, Traxxas Rustler VXL is the way to go. This is the best choice for racing. However, this model is only suitable for on-road and dirt uses. On the other hand, Traxxas E Revo is much easier to control, and should be your choice for some fun around the park.