Thrustmaster TH8A vs TH8RS

With the development of technology nowadays, we can get so many shortcuts to get what we want. From all kind of shortcuts, you probably loved the way that you need less effort to do something. In gaming aspect, these technological development brings us a new visual ability when playing and we can experience a very real sight. That’s why if you are a true gamer, you need to buy these items, the Thrustmaster TH8A and the TH8RS. Both are the Thrustmaster product which works as the gear stick Thrustmaster TH8RS is the new series which comes from the upgrade of TH8A. So if you want to learn more about both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Thrustmaster TH8A is a 5 inches tall gear stick with the changeable shifter knob. It has the authentic gear-shifting feel which is very pleasant for many users. It also includes the two shift-plates which are the H pattern, internal metal mechanics, metal clamping system, and a metal gear stick. You also get the contactless magnetic sensor in Thrustmaster TH8A with not tact switch and no potentiometer. The firmware is upgradable, and gear is the adjustable gear for a more suitable driving style. On the other hand, Thrustmaster TH8RS as its upgraded version offers a new change in its gear and hardware which is pretty much making the product quite promising for every gamer. TH8RS is highly customizable, and it allows the users to tension, stroke, and watch using the hardware adjustment configuration tool. Other features which are good like the knobs and shifting place are used again.

TH8A lacks in many aspects start from its throw path which is bit long and its inability to adjust throw and resistance. You also need some time to get used to its upper gear as it is quite hard to use it for the first time. The positive sides of this product are quite a lot too. You can see it has the precision shifting, good material, two shifter plate options(H Patter and Sequential) and it is adjustable. You can also customize it with a universal stick shifter knob. The important parts of its knobs and shifting place are what make this product a beautiful and comfortable item. On the other side, you can also get the TH8RS which is the upgraded version. This version has tons of improvements, and it is pretty much covering all the downside that TH8A has. It is made with high-quality materials, very durable, great mechanism, great shifter place, good knobs, easy setup, and many other benefits. The only thing that both lacking is its limited Playstation 3 compatibility.

- Optimized clamping for any support surface
- 100% metal internal mechanism, metal gear stick and metal clamping system
- H.E.A.R.T. HallEffect AccuRate Technology; Precision that won't decrease over time (contactless magnetic sensor); No tact switch and no potentiometer (for unlimited product lifespan)
- The firmware can be upgraded to offer all foreseeable evolutions assuring users that the TH8 RS is here to make a lasting impression
- The internal mechanism, the lever, the outer housing, and the clamping system are 100% meta
- This robust design significantly contributes to the extremely realistic in-game sensations delivered by the TH8 RS

Thrustmaster TH8A vs TH8RS
So in overall, TH8RS proves to be better as it is the upgraded version from TH8A. However, we can’t say that TH8A is bad as it has the foundation that it needs to be one good gear stick. But one thing for sure, you will be able to experience a smooth and rewarding driving experience after buying the TH8RS.