Thrustmaster T300RS vs TX

There are many alternatives for the gamers and the game fans to get to play what they like in the maximum comfort. For racing mania who loves to play the racing game, we welcome you with the wheel and pedal set which is used for the real experience gaming. There are two kinds of products here which both of them are the Thrustmaster brand. The first one is the Thrustmaster T300RS; this series offers a high-end to midrange steering wheel which is designed to be the ultimately matching its real item. It is made with the designed similar to the Gran Turismo Sport so that you can feel and experience what you haven’t got. The second product is the Thrustmaster TX; this product is also a racing wheel and pedal set which has no problem to get to the high bracket in the market. You get to see its fantastic design which can bring you a rare experience in gaming. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Thrustmaster T300RS is a very simple product with three pedals included and a very standard wheel which is usually used by other sets too. The steering wheel offers the ability to rotate for 1080 degree, and there is also the dual belt system for your comfort. After that, you also get the standard joypad button which includes the share button. Lastly, you can find that the paddles with the smoother performance when used in changing the gear. On the other hand, Thrustmaster TX is a little more complicated than T300RS. The tx series is made according to the beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia wheel design. It can be said a replica of it. After that, you get to see a very nice touch in its coloring which consists of black, silver, and some red and yellow. There are also the wheel and pedals which are way more comfortable and smoother than the other racing wheelset. (Read also : Logitech G920 vs Thrustmaster TX)

There are many things that Thrustmaster T300RS lacks which are very understandable as it is made long before the TX version. However, you can find that T300RS offers some good little touch like its three pedals which are very comfortable and the ability to rotate for 1080 degree. The other aspects about T300RS are very standard and not worth to be explained as this product seems lacking upgrade for a long time. On the opposite, Thrustmaster tx brings a better insight for its performance and durability. There is also three pedal set with the best wheelbase and an adjustable conical brake. You also get the other beautiful features of its compatibility which is pretty good, and the connection is very smooth. The downside is its brake and pedal which is good enough, but sometimes it feels too harsh. But in overall, other aspects can cover that little minus point as it is nearly noticeable.

- Official Licensed PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 High-End Racing Simulator; 1080 degree Force Feedback base featuring an industrial-class brushless motor; Detachable Racing GT Style Wheel
- Official licensed PS4 / PS3 with automatic recognition by the PS4 system; Official PlayStation 4 buttons included (PS, SHARE, OPTIONS); Internal memory and upgradeable firmware
- Robust and versatile attachment system; Compatible with all mounts (desks/tables/cockpits/etc.); Realistic: 11" diameter racing wheel featuring a brushed metal central spokes
- Rotation angle adjustable from 270 to 1080 degrees; Fully adjustable metal pedals included; Pedals fully adjustable in height and spacing for 6 possible positions for each pedal; The brake pedal also features progressive resistance
- Compatible with all currently available Thrustmaster detachable racing wheels: Ferrari F1 Add-on, Ferrari GTE Add-on, T500 RS GT Wheel, Base-Fixed Paddle Shifters kit; Compatible with T3PA & T500 RS pedal sets; Compatible with TH8A & TH8RS gearboxes
- Developed in close collaboration with Microsoft, this 7:10 scale replica of the emblematic Ferrari 458 Italia wheel is fully dedicated to Xbox One, including Binder ID and Xbox One Guide button
- Designed for true racers, it features metal gas and brake pedals, and gear sequential paddle shifters
- This new generation wheel will deliver unrivaled feelings in Forza Motorsport 5 and future racing games on Xbox one: Racing sensations at a level never seen before
- The Force Feedback base featuring an industrial-class brushless motor allows for super smooth and seamless Force Feedback effect, ultra-responsive and realistic Force effects
- Compatible with both Xbox One and PC. Thrustmaster drivers for PC are available for download from the website.

Thrustmaster T300RS vs TX
In overall, Thrustmaster tx is far better than Thrustmaster T300s because of its features as the tx is more advanced compared to the T300s. The advancement in technology will further sharpen the competition in gaming which is the reason why Thrustmaster tx wins here as it brings more advancement in its features.