Thrustmaster T150 vs T300RS

While Thrustmaster T150 is one of the most budget-friendly force feedback wheels available for PS4, Thrustmaster T300RS is considered as a high-end force feedback racing wheel. There is a significant price gap between the two models. Both of these two models are compatible not only with PS4 but also with PS3 and PC. Hence, people often wonder how much different is Thrustmaster T150 compared to Thrustmaster T300RS. Is the improvement worth the dramatic price jump? Continue reading below for the details on Thrustmaster T150 vs T300RS.

Design and Build Quality
Both Thrustmaster T150 and Thrustmaster T300RS are 11-inch racing wheels that closely mimic the real thing. Both models have also integrated the PS4 buttons, so that you can control the platform right from the wheel instead of juggling between the wheel and the controller. Thrustmaster T150 has blue parts on the grip areas, whereas the rest of the body is black. Thrustmaster T300RS, on the other hand, is entirely black.

You can feel that Thrustmaster T150 is indeed cheaper. The grip areas are rubber, but the rest is plastic. The combination of these materials helps to keep the production cost low. See our previous post about Logitech G27 vs Thrustmaster T150 here.

On the other hand, Thrustmaster T300RS looks and feels much better because the entire wheel is rubber. It would be even better if it is leather right out of the box, but this is already very good. In addition, there are rim upgrades available for this particular model to suit different driving types and personal preferences, including material choices such as premium rubber, leather, and Alcantara.

You can also notice differences in the performance of Thrustmaster T150 vs TS300RS. While racing wheels usually use either belts or gears to transfer force, Thrustmaster T150 is odd because it uses both belts and geared parts in the linking between its motor and wheel. Such hybrid system actually delivers pretty good results. The geared part seems to have wide teeth; you can feel the notches when you turn it. But the soft clicks are significantly smoothed by the belt.

On the other hand, Thrustmaster T300RS is an entirely belt-driven racing wheel. The motor is more powerful, too. Unlike the older models that use brushed motors, Thrustmaster T300RS is armed with a brushless motor and Hall sensors. As a result, this racing wheel can deliver more powerful and more detailed force feedback. It is also quieter, and potentially less prone to long-term wear.

Thrustmaster T300RS comes with light plastic pedals, which lack the high-end feel offered by metal pedals. But Thrustmaster T300RS’s pedals already have variable tension between the acceleration and brake. The actual action is very good. On the other hand, the pedals that come with Thrustmaster T150 feel even flimsier.

- Official Racing Simulator for PS4 and PS3 (also compatible with PC); 1080 degree force feedback racing wheel; Built-in PS4/PS3 sliding switch; Realistic 11"/28 cm wheel; Large pedal set included
- PlayStation4-certified embedded software and PS4/PS3 sliding switch; Official embedded software: the racing wheel is automatically recognized by the PS4 console; PS4/PS3 sliding switch for optimal compatibility on both systems
- 1080 degree force feedback base featuring Immersion Touch Sense technology; Drive system with adjustable force feedback lets you feel every detail while you're racing (the road or track's relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps and impacts, etc.)
- Realistic wheel with built-in official buttons for PlayStation4 (PS/SHARE/OPTIONS); Access social functions, switch between the game and the system, navigate through the console's menus, etc
- Large, optimized pedal set; Pedals with wide foot rest; Each pedal's angle of inclination can be adjusted; Brake pedal with progressive resistance
- Official Licensed PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 High-End Racing Simulator; 1080 degree Force Feedback base featuring an industrial-class brushless motor; Detachable Racing GT Style Wheel
- Official licensed PS4 / PS3 with automatic recognition by the PS4 system; Official PlayStation 4 buttons included (PS, SHARE, OPTIONS); Internal memory and upgradeable firmware
- Robust and versatile attachment system; Compatible with all mounts (desks/tables/cockpits/etc.); Realistic: 11" diameter racing wheel featuring a brushed metal central spokes
- Rotation angle adjustable from 270 to 1080 degrees; Fully adjustable metal pedals included; Pedals fully adjustable in height and spacing for 6 possible positions for each pedal; The brake pedal also features progressive resistance
- Compatible with all currently available Thrustmaster detachable racing wheels: Ferrari F1 Add-on, Ferrari GTE Add-on, T500 RS GT Wheel, Base-Fixed Paddle Shifters kit; Compatible with T3PA & T500 RS pedal sets; Compatible with TH8A & TH8RS gearboxes

If you can afford it, Thrustmaster T300RS is worth the money. It offers much better performance, thanks to the belt-driven brushless system. The wheel also feels better as the whole cover is rubber. You can customize it with other materials such as leather and Alcantara. On the other hand, Thrustmaster T150 is good for the money, but only serves as a budget model.