Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog vs Saitek X65F

People nowadays have many hobbies in their life, one of the most common hobbies is playing a game. The game itself is usually made based on the reality of our life. You can play a racing game which is virtually made as similar to what we expect in real life. To get these systems you need to buy the equipment as most of this equipment are sold at a high price and choosing a good one is a hard task. Here are two joysticks which probably fit your playstyle, the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog and Saitex X65F. Hotas Warthog is a very pricey hardware which is made exactly similar to the US Air Force panel. The joystick is the replica of the US Air Force A-10C with the dual throttle system and the control panel. On the other hand, Saitek X65F is a product which made based on the modern fighter jet. The surprisingly good joystick along with the good respond make this set very popular in the market whereas many real gamers try to buy it even with its high price. So if you are real gamers, you need to see what these products offer to you and the customers.

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog is a very complex joystick which is design with the similarity to the panel of a jet fighter, and more importantly, the jet fighter is not a bad one. Instead, it is the A-10 US Air Force jet. The first thing about this set is about its HEART Halleffect Accurate Technology; this technology is a futuristic technology which will enable you to bind more command into every movement. Hotas Warthog has a very standard 16-bit resolution, and it also has a very surgical precision which will stay sharp over time. There is also the 3D magnetic sensors, dual throttle system, control panel and the TARGET software. The TARGET software is making your job easier as it is made especially for the player’s luxury when playing the game. On the opposite, Saitex X65F is also a very attractive set which is compatible with many popular flight games. You can experience the flying adrenaline which is made by its features and its incredible technology. Saitex X65F has an excellent software which consists of the drivers, lock on flaming cliff demo, and other calibration programs. The overall structure is very solid which means it is quite durable. There is also the throttle feature and other minor features added to it.

Based on both items features, you won’t need a lot of time to choose which one offers the better devices as Hotas Warthog seems complete and updated. Yes, Hotas Warthog is very expensive, but it is quite worth with approximately 86 programmable features and the TARGET and HEART technologies. However, there are still some minor problems which sometimes bugging like the amount of time to set up the TARGET profile or the button and switches which are rarely found in any game. The throttle itself is quite heavy which is why you need to make sure to use it in the stable surface. On the other side, Saitex X65F is more simple compared to the other sets. It has a very minimal and quick instruction, and the features are not many. It is mainly about the force sensing technology which is the best part that Saitex X65F can offer to you. It is very durable too and you hardly able to break it. However, the stick is the biggest problem from all, and the stick mistake alone makes this product unable to perform like what we expect.

- 16-bit resolution
- Surgical precision stays sharp over time
- H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate technology
- 3D magnetic sensors (HallEffect) on the stick
- New - Retail
- 1-Year Warranty
- Saitek SCB440420002/02/1
- Mad Catz Pro Flight X-65F Gaming Joystick for PC USB

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog vs Saitek X65F
So in overall, both items are not similar at all whereas Hotas Warthog seems superior compared to Saitex X65F. Hotas Warthog offers more features, better stick, and also many useful technologies which will make your flying ability in game exceed your expectation.