Steelseries Rival 300 vs 100

Big name of SteelSeries has been fairly well-known all over the world. Manufacturers engaged in the gaming peripherals industry invariably this indeed provide great products to meet the needs of gamers, to satisfy that SteelSeries have secret, that is developing a product by engaging professionals of the world, therefore the output products SteelSeries can always well-received by gamers both local and abroad. Promising a deadly accuracy, Steelseries Rivals 300 vs 100 comes with the CPI rate touching numbers 6500. The introduction is enough already, let’s move on to discuss this more in the mouse.

Steelseries Rival 300
SteelSeries Rival 300 brings together an unrivaled performance, the all-new design, and the high degree of customization to make it the most professional. This mouse offers the latest features including optical sensors with zero acceleration, switch new durable SteelSeries with more than 30 million clicks and ideal ergonomics for improved comfort. An ergonomic handle which is accentuated by the injection molded rubber grip sides and intuitive, ergonomic button placement. Rivals can be adjusted through a number of features including time response, customized buttons, dual lighting zone, setting, and Exact tech nameplate printed 3D. Rival transcends competition in performance, features and value. Armed with 6 buttons that could be customized was more than enough to be able to take advantage of us with optimum provisioning software, especially the SS can we adjust with the game installed in our PC. Though still using optical, with full assistance from the software default, acceleration and superb sensitivity. The perfect combination between a form ergonomic and engine 3 for optical. Rivals 300 have 2 LEDS part that can be customized with our desires. LEDS that provide a varied spectrum of colors make us far from the word bored to simply replace-change the color of the LED.

Steelseries Rival 100
SteelSeries, a leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals, introduced a Rival 100 as middle class gaming mouse with best in class performance. Rival 100 gives gamers the accuracy of tracking 40% higher and the speed of tracking the movement of up to 33% faster than other high-end mouse. In addition to providing the performance needed to match the precision of “reaction time” the world’s best gamers, the Rivals 100 also has lighting LED lamps RGB Prism and form factor ergonomic shapes are designed to fit the grips all gamers. Read also the Logitech G300S vs Steelseries Rivals 100 have we explain it. The sensors are “custom engineered” from the Rivals 100 delivers excellence and unparalleled performance. This increase makes the latest generation sensors which generate a significant advantage for its users, such as tracking accuracy is very high and the distance of the lift are optimized. SteelSeries provides lighting Prism RGB on a Rival 100 the only mouse in its class with millions of colors, variations and features. In addition to color, such as lighting and movement action real-time in-game through GameSense can all be arranged through Steelseries Engine software suite. SteelSeries Engine allows the user to specify 6 button as well as desire, adjust the sensitivity of the optical sensor for any style or speed of play and create personal configuration through the accelerated/deceleration into the settings of the CPI.

- Zero Hardware Acceleration - precise tracking at all speeds
- 6 programmable buttons (including CPI)
- Configurable resolution up to 6,500 CPI
- 30 million click switches
- 16.8 million color, 2 zone illumination
- Best in class sensor
- Six programmable buttons
- Customizable CPI up to 4000
- 30 million click switches
- 16.8 million color RGB illumination

In fact, Rival itself consists of two kinds, namely the Steelseries Rivals 300 vs 100. Rival 300 has enough body fat, making it less suitable for the user claw grip. On the other hand, the Rivals 100 offers something different from the Rival series during this time and this can also serve as a conclusion in terms of design. Rival 100 there are basically the same as mouse Rival 300, i.e. for professional gamers. However, a slimmer size make it a gaming mouse that the all-round.