Sennheiser Game Zero vs HyperX Cloud 2

So, you are now confused in choosing between Sennheiser Game Zero and HyperX Cloud 2. Of course, both Sennheiser Game Zero and HyperX Cloud 2 are very popular right now. Many people love these headsets. In general, both are capable of delivering excellent audio performance. However, Sennheiser Game Zero is standing at a higher price point. Considering the price tag, it is indeed more of a high-end gaming headset. Because of this, many people have asked whether HyperX Cloud 2 would bring a better value for the money. HyperX Cloud 2 is available for roughly half the price of Sennheiser Game Zero.

Below, we put the two gaming headsets against each other. We compare the two based on several factors, including design, features, and audio quality. So, before you make your choice, make sure that you read the comparisons below!

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. HyperX Cloud 2: Design

Sennheiser Game Zero is the closed-back version of Sennheiser Game One, which is an open-back headset. Being a closed-back headset allows Sennheiser Game Zero to do a better job in noise isolation. With the high-quality padding materials and memory foam, Sennheiser Game Zero can close out any gap around the ears so that no sound can come in or go out. So, it makes a great choice if you need a gaming headset that is reliable even in the noisiest environment, such as the local LAN tournament.

Sennheiser Game Zero is incredibly comfortable. This is most probably because its design was based on the company’s professional pilot headsets. It features an advanced ear pad design made from thick leatherette and triple-layered memory foam. The headband is also given thick padding, ensuring that the top of your head will stay comfy even after hours of gaming. There is an integrated volume control on the right ear cup. It is available in two color options, which are black and white.The headset is foldable, and a carrying case is included for easy portability.

HyperX Cloud 2 is also a closed-backheadset. Both the mic and ear pads are detachable; you can even replace the ear pads. The ear pads are made of memory foam. The headband is padded with leatherette. HyperX Cloud 2 is also comfortable, but it just does not match Sennheiser Game Zero. The headband’s padding is not as thick and soft, and the ear cups are fine but not as great as Sennheiser Game Zero’s. Still, for the price, it is good. Besides, it is available in more color options: black, gray, silver, white, and red. It is not exactly foldable, but a carrying case is included so that you can bring it easily to the local LAN.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. HyperX Cloud 2: Features

Sennheiser Game Zero is foldable, and the cable is detachable. So, it is very portable. In addition, you will love it because the cable is long enough to allow comfortable movement. The cable length is about 3 m. You can easily mute the mic when needed just by lifting the mic up. It has onboard controls that are very easy to access. There’s no need to fumble the audio cable to find a control panel whatsoever because the controls are there, on the ear cups.

HyperX Cloud 2 has detachable ear pads and mic. Thereby, HyperX Cloud 2 is easy to maintain. You can replace the ear pads if they get dirty; in fact, an extra pair of ear pads is included in the bundle. You can also replace the mic with a better one, considering that the original mic is not exactly very good. However, the cable is not detachable. The cable length is only 1 m – not exactly long enough for some gaming setups. PC gamers may find it sufficient; but console gamers would complain, especially those who game on the couch. HyperX Cloud 2 is equipped with an inline control panel.

Both have good noise isolation. This is not surprising because they are both closed-back headsets. They both can seal your ears properly so that no environmental noise can get through into your hearing. So, you can put your focus entirely on the game. You can also avoid bothering your roommate because these headsets don’t leak sound.Both Sennheiser Game Zero and HyperX Cloud 2 are multi-platform gaming headsets. You can use them on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. Interestingly, each of them provides a two-year warranty.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. HyperX Cloud 2: Performance

At first, you may be surprised upon finding out that Sennheiser Game Zero does not support surround sound, even when other competitors already boast the latest surround technologies available for headsets. Sennheiser Game Zero is a 2.1-channel stereo headset. Is that a drawback? Not necessarily. Surround sound seems to be beneficial because it can give you a vague idea about directions. However, surround on headsets is not really like surround on home theater setups. It is not exactly as precise and realistic.

Sennheiser Game Zero makes up the lack of surround with truly outstanding audio quality. No wonder that many reviews consider it as one of the best gaming headsets available – if not simply the best. The audio quality is stellar. The bass is perfectly set, tight and powerful without muddling the other voices. Sounds are crisp, clear, and articulate.

How about HyperX Cloud 2? For sure, it comes with virtual 7.1 surround sound, giving you enhanced audio precision that can possibly transform into a competitive advantage. The audio quality is good overall, but it is not a match for Sennheiser Game Zero. It is enjoyable, though.

- Closed back design featuring tailored leatherette double layered memory-foam ear pads for maximum acoustic seal to block outside noise
- Modern, lightweight yet robust design featuring XXL ear cups incorporating Sennheiser's model specific transducer technology delivering extreme sonic clarity (50-ohm)
- Crystal-clear conversations ensured with the professional quality noise-canceling microphone that automatically mutes when boom arm is raised
- Foldable design featuring a volume control located on the right ear cup with two cables included for multi platform compatibility
- Memory foam ear pads with extra set of Velour ear pads and Detachable Microphone
- Compatibility - USB 7.1 Connectivity for PC & Mac. Stereo compatible with PS4, Xbox One (Xbox One Stereo Adapter Required, not included)
- USB Audio Sound Card with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
- Noise Cancelling Microphone via Inline Sound Card


By seeing the price tags, we can say that Sennheiser Game Zero and HyperX Cloud 2 are aimed at different segments of the market. If you are on a tight budget and you want an all-in-one solution for gaming, HyperX Cloud 2 would give you a very good value. You can’t go wrong with it. Besides, the ear pads are replaceable, making the task of maintenance easier than ever. However, if you don’t mind spending more bucks for the ultimate audio quality, don’t hesitate to purchase Sennheiser Game Zero.