Sennheiser Game Zero vs Astro A50

If you are looking for the comparisons between Sennheiser Game Zero and Astro A50, you have come to the right place. Below, we are going to put the two great gaming headsets against each other. For a dedicated gamer, getting the best gear available is imperative. In order to truly enjoy the best gaming experience, you want your headset to produce good audio. Depending on the type of the game that you mainly play, you may want to get immersive sound effects or clear communication. Audio accuracy and clarity become essential. But, the headset should also be comfortable to wear. So, with the perspective in mind, should you get Sennheiser Game Zero or Astro A50? Continue reading below for the answer.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. Astro A50: Design and Comfort

Both Sennheiser Game Zero and Astro A50 are closed-back circumaural headsets. Each has an on-device control panel, allowing for easy access to the volume.Sennheiser Game Zero comes with circular ear cups, whereas Astro A50 has rectangular ear cups. Both have padded headbands, ensuring that the top of your head will not get exhausted and irritated from the constant contact over an extended period of time. They also have nice, thick ear pads. However, one issue that some people express about Sennheiser Game Zero is that it can get quite hot when worn over a long period of time. It is not very bad. In fact, it is so lightweight. But it is definitely not the most comfortable option available. Astro A50 feels more breathable, partly because of the ‘floating’ padding design on the headband.

Sennheiser Game Zero comes with a distinctive advantage: It is foldable. With the foldable design, you will find it very easy and practical to bring along. A travel bag is included in the bundle. This is a nice plus point if portability is a priority. In addition, Sennheiser Game Zero comes with a significantly longer cord than Astro A50. Its cord is 3 m long, allowing you great freedom. There is no battery to worry about. (Have a look : Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero)

On the other hand, though, even though Astro A50 only has a 1-m cord, which can be troublesome if you want to sit on a couch when playing on a console, the headset also has a distinctive advantage: It can be used wirelessly. The wireless connectivity completely eliminates tangled cord and mobility issues, but at the cost of occasional signal drops. Plus, the wireless form adds the battery to think about. You don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of a match. Therefore, using the wired form is generally more preferable than the wireless form.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. Astro A50: Noise Isolation

When choosing a closed back headset with thick ear pads, you are certainly looking for some degree of noise isolation. The closed back ear cups and the ear pads ensure that sounds from the environment will not get into your hearing or at least significantly attenuated so that you can focus on the sounds of the game.

Sennheiser Game Zero has outstanding noise isolation performance. It is very quiet, virtually eliminating almost all sounds from the outside. This is a great feature if you are going to use the headset on local LANs, for example, where things can get very noisy. However, the incredible noise isolation also makes it difficult to hear your own voice. Thus, you may need to be careful to manage your vocal volume and not to shout into the mic.

Astro A50, on the other hand, comes with considerable noise isolation, but it does not go to the extreme like Sennheiser Game Zero. On the good side, it enables you to quite hear your own voice, thus is able to subconsciously prevent you from shouting into the mic.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. Astro A50: Audio Performance

At first, Sennheiser Game Zero may make us frown because it still comes with the 2.1 stereo configuration, whereas the other competitors nowadays, including Astro A50, have implemented Dolby Digital to allow 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Even so, the lack of surround sound is actually just a small quibble if you consider the overall audio quality.

The sound quality of Sennheiser Game Zero is stellar. With a frequency response range of 15 Hz – 28 kHz, it is capable of producing amazing audio qualities across the entire range, from quiet moody instrumentals to in-your-face explosions and gunfire. The sound is so accurate and balanced, and it delivers crystal-clear sounds continuously.Sennheiser Game Zero excellently produces accurate audio effects and provides clear communication. No wonder that audiophile gamers love this headset so much.

On the other hand, Astro A50 is attractive primarily for surround sound. It has Dolby Digital to generate sounds through six audio channels, creating an immersive and realistic audio environment. However, the frequency response range only spans from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It just does not match Sennheiser Game Zero in terms of sound accuracy. In addition, the sound reproduction is quite bass-heavy. The heavy bass helps in enhancing the surround sound effects. Outside of that, depending on your personal taste and preference, the heavy bass can be either great or crap.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs. Astro A50: Warranty

Last but not least, it is worth knowing about the warranty of the product. Sennheiser Game Zero offers a 2-year warranty period, whereas Astro A50 only has one year of warranty period. While still in the warranty, there is a chance to get a replacement in the case of a malfunction of the headset.

- Closed back design
- Modern, lightweight yet robust design
- Crystal-clear conversations ensured
- Foldable design
- Two year warranty
- Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC
- Pro Audio Quality - Superior Fit & Finish
- Precision Microphone
- 5GHz Wireless Technology
- Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound

Sennheiser Game Zero vs Astro A50

Overall, Sennheiser Game Zero is the winner of the comparison, though Astro A50 is still a very good option. The sound quality of Sennheiser Game Zero is simply better, even though it lacks the surround technology. It is foldable and very portable. The longer cord makes a very practical benefit, and the warranty is longer. On the other hand, Astro A50 is quite more comfortable, and can be a good alternative if you love heavy bass or you really want the surround sound.