Sennheiser Game One vs HyperX Cloud 2

Not sure whether to choose Sennheiser Game One or HyperX Cloud 2? No worries; here, you can find the comparisons between these two excellent gaming headsets. Both Sennheiser Game One and HyperX Cloud 2 are used by many gamers on a variety of platforms. Both are generally praised for having excellent sound quality, comfortable design, and nice features. However, there are some key differences and distinctions that may make either Sennheiser Game One or HyperX Cloud 2 more suitable for you. So, continue reading below!

Sennheiser Game One is a very comfortable headset. It comes with a thickly padded headband and soft, cushy foam ear pads. The boom mic looks cool and stylish and is detachable. On the other hand, HyperX Cloud 2 features a padded headband and memory foam ear pads. The mic is also detachable, but the shape is very conventional and unattractive. Unlike Sennheiser Game One, HyperX Cloud 2’s ear cups are foldable. That is indeed a very nice feature for storage, but definitely not a deal-breaker for the Sennheiser headset. Sennheiser Game One is much more comfortable than HyperX Cloud 2, especially in extended gaming hours, thanks to the thick and soft padding. Both headsets’ ear pads are replaceable.

Both headsets produce virtual 7.1 surround sound for immersive and realistic audio experience. However, Sennheiser Game One’s sound quality is better than HyperX Cloud 2. The sounds produced are much more accurate and detailed. The open-back design is a factor here; the open-back design of Sennheiser Game One ensures the best sonic clarity and accuracy. However, the open-back design will let output sounds to leak out and environmental noise to get in, so it is best used in a silent, dedicated environment. HyperX Cloud 2 is closed-back, so the headset will perform much better noise isolation.

HyperX Cloud 2 is TeamSpeak certified, meaning that it has been optimized for voice chat. It lets you hear yourself. It comes with a USB audio sound card, which is great if you don’t have a reliable sound card yet. But this external sound card is not necessarily better than most onboard sound cards.

Sennheiser Game One also allows you to hear yourself. You can turn the loop back on and off in the settings. It does not come with a sound card.

- Extreme sound clarity & accuracy with original transducer technology
- Noise-canceling microphone ensures crystal clear conversations
- Convenient microphone mute, Intuitive, integrated volume control
- Ultimate comfort-plush velvet ear pads let skin breathe
- USB Audio Sound Card with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
- 53mm Drivers Neodymium Magnets
- Noise Cancelling Microphone via Inline Sound Card
- Echo Cancelling via Inline Sound Card

Sennheiser Game One vs HyperX Cloud 2
Sennheiser Game One is generally the better choice here. It has a better-looking design that is also more comfortable. The sound quality is superior.