Scuf One vs Xbox Elite

Getting the best controller for the gaming platform is every gamer’s wish. You certainly want the most powerful and reliable controller for your games. In order to unfold the fullest of your skill, you need something that is just equally capable. Xbox One users are currently wondering whether they should choose the Scuf One controller or the Xbox Elite controller. Both are hot items on the market; Scuf One has been boasting various customizable features, whereas Xbox Elite is considered as the ‘official’ premium controller produced by Microsoft itself. Below, you can read more about the comparisons between Scuf One and Xbox Elite, along with the recommendation about which controller that you should choose.

Perhaps one of the most distinctive natures of Scuf One over Xbox Elite is the customizable design. You can order Scuf One with custom images and paint finishes. You can also choose the LED options, buttons, D-pad, trim colors, and thumbsticks. There are various options available, so you will be able to create something with the best look and design that compliment your taste and preference with perfection. Hence, Scuf One is awesome if you are a gamer who needs lots of customization. Another short note: Depending on your customization, the price of Scuf One can be lower than the price of Xbox Elite. On the other hand, Xbox Elite is only available in one model. The color is mostly black, with some metallic parts. It has concave thumbsticks that ensure solid and precise movements. The rear surface is textured for solid handling. You can feel in your hands that the controller is highly rugged and durable.

However, the features of Xbox Elite are indeed richer and deeper than Scuf One. Unlike Scuf One, which only lets the paddles to be remapped, Xbox Elite allows all paddles, bumpers, and buttons to be remapped. You can perform the remapping using a special app. The stick sensitivity is also customizable on Xbox Elite. If you need different mapping schemes for different games, you can save up to two setting profiles directly on Xbox Elite. You can even instantly switch between the profiles. Scuf One cannot do this.

In addition, Xbox Elite has replaceable DPADs. Scuf One does not list this as its feature. Both models have the trigger stop technology. You can change the depth of the trigger stop on both models.

- Interchangeable thumbstick control area - replace thumbsticks in seconds with our easy to use ring & lock system
- Regular length SCUF concave thumbsticks - high grade grip and comfort + 3.5 mm headset jack
- Removable SCUF Control Disc - improves accuracy and pinpoint control
- Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S. Compatible with Windows 10 via USB or the Xbox Wireless Adapter sold separately
- Achieve greater control with interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip
- Swap thumbsticks and D-pads for game-changing accuracy and speed

Scuf One vs Xbox Elite
Xbox Elite is awesome because all the paddles, bumpers, and buttons can be remapped, and you can store two different profiles directly on the controller. If you play different games with different settings, you will benefit greatly from this feature. However, if you mainly play just a single game, Scuf One can be an excellent alternative.