Samsung CHG90 vs Samsung CJ890

Ultra wide gaming monitors are becoming a trend after the dual wide monitors era ends. For some people, looking at two different monitors is not pretty effective, both for gaming and non gaming functions. Sometimes, it’s actually pretty confusing looking at two different monitors. So, people need a single monitor that has the capability to show a really wide angle just like the two monitors do.

Then the ultra wide monitors come for the market for answering the needs. Several brands launch their own unique monitors. But there’s always a name. A name that you are familiar with. Samsung. Samsung is known to be a great electronics producer, especially for TVs and also monitors.

Around 2018 to 2019, Samsung launched Samsung CHG90 and CJ890 monitors. ChG90 and Cj890 are good monitors that can give you a nice entertainment experience. Both of them have the same monitor size, which is 49”. But that’s not the end of line. Cj890 may have a chance to outshine the G90. Or maybe the G90 is the King all along. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them right on below.

Samsung CHG90

Samsung CHG90 comes as a trustable companion for all who desire a great monitor for entertainment purposes. The ultra wide width can increase the FOV up to the next level. The result is the same with two 27” monitors, but without the ugly border line between them. It’s the reason why consumers pick this product afterall.

Aside from its enormous wide angle, the monitor also comes with gigantic features that make the gaming experience run smoother. First of all, the 144Hz refresh rate which works amazingly. The graphics performance will run way smoother, and it’ll be really nice to see. The input lag is also reduced to atoms on this device. Even though it can’t increase overall FPS in your game, at least the direct input makes you act faster, which is better than clicking 1 second and seeing the action 5 seconds later. The very low input lag is absolutely usable for basically any game, not just limited to First Person Shooters only.

The nice touch from 144Hz fresh rate also combined with FreeSync2, which is another great feature. Not allowing you to see any frame tear. These features alone can make this monitor worth to get, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer. Playing games would never be this good. It can deliver the unique entertainment experiences that no other devices can possibly give.

Samsung CHG90 Samsung CJ890
Product Dimensions47.36 x 15.02 x 20.68 inches
41.83 x 10.78 x 12.46 inches
Shipping Weight33.1 pounds
35.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Image quality is also the best. This monitor has really accurate DCI-P3 Color, and also a good HDR and also, don’t forget the Q in the QLED. Q in this case is Quantum Dot, which is a new method used by Samsung for increasing availability of color gamut. With this technology, you can get about 90% of DCI-P3 Gamut, which means better overall color and texture display.

However, this monitor is also not perfect. It’s about the pixel resolution. Yes, it has overpowered features that anyone possibly wants in their monitor, but its resolution may cause a set back for many users. The monitor has a pretty widescreen, more than enough to cover your whole wall. But, the maximum height of it is only 1080P, which is equal to the basic Full HD Monitors. It’s not-usual width will cause bigger pixelated graphics due to the minimum pixels per inch.

Samsung CJ890

Samsung also offers another choice of ultra wide monitor, CJ890. Just like G90, this monitor also has the same 49” display. This monitor also has the Picture-by-picture, allowing you to create up to three different screens in one monitor. Rearranging requires some patience and effort though, make sure you have them.

It has all the basic features from generic like basic yet significant ports such as HDMi, Display, and three USB 3.0 ports. Of course it has speakers, even two of them with 5w. And to be honest, the sound quality is not the thing that makes it shine. It’s loud, really loud even, but not able to deliver those crunchy sounds. So, stay either at normal level volume or get a nice set of speakers.

The monitor is able to display 18,7 million colors, yet lacks support for sRGB or DCI colors. Plus, HDR can’t be found here. What a bummer. But at least you can get a decent monitor for a great price. Even though not that fast, 120Hz is good enough for playing games. The lag input may be slightly higher than competitors with its 5ms response time.

Also, there’s a mode or feature called Easy Setting Box. This feature can be helpful for arranging programs into different areas. So you can set back and watch this feature rearranging the programs locations on the screen. Even though it’s good, it is not perfect. Sometimes, some programs won’t listen to this, for example Google Chrome. Google Chrome won’t move unless it is your hand that touches it. There are several other programs that need manual arrangement as well.

Samsung CHG90 vs Samsung CJ890

- 49 INCH SUPER ULTRAWIDE 32:9 CURVED GAMING MONITOR with dual 27 inch screen side by side
- QUANTUM DOT (QLED) TECHNOLOGY, HDR support and factory calibration provides stunningly realistic and accurate color and contrast
- 144HZ HIGH REFRESH RATE and 1ms ultra fast response time work to eliminate motion blur, ghosting, and reduce input lag
- ENHANCED ERGONOMICS with an adjustable stand and VESA compatibility.Brightness:350cd/m2 (Typ.), 250cd/m2 (Min.)
- At 43" diagonal screen size and 32:10 aspect ratio, the CJ89 is equvilent to 24" monitors put together
- Picture-by-Picture lets you display input from two PCs simultaneously for effortless collaboration with colleagues or clients
- The rapid 120 Hz screen refresh rate provides flawlessly smooth scenes and can be adjustable to 60 Hz for optimized monitor performance
- When two devices are connected to the CJ89, its built-in KVM switch lets you control them both using just one keyboard and mouse


So, from above general specifications of the two products, it’s pretty clear that the winner is Samsung ChG90. It’s a more superior ultra wide monitor for basically any type of consumer out there. Gamers can do gaming happily on this monitor. It’s 144Hz refresh rate that combined with FreeSync2 is a must get feature. It’s better for overall gaming experience. Less lag, better quality display with HDR and plus there’s Quantum Dot as well. Making it possibly one of the best ultra wide monitors from Samsung that you can get.

Even though it seems to be a perfect one, you need to compromise for the resolution. Some parts of the display may look a bit pixelated. But with the amazing picture quality and overall performance, we think it’s not that big of a deal. You can still get a really great monitor for your gaming and entertainment experience.

The Samsung CJ890 in the other hand, is not the best for both gaming or photography purposes. Instead, it can be suitable for business purposes, like trading for example. The multi display screens are always usable for stock trading or financial statements assessing.