Redragon K552 VS Tecware Phantom

Gaming peripherals are very attractive because they look great and many are also very useful or helpful in the setup depending on which seems to fit in your application. However, many of them are also quite expensive which makes options such as Redragon K552 Vs Tecware Phantom can be the attractive choices. These keyboards are both affordable and easy to use but they are not the same so before deciding the options, let’s see what they can offer to choose.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose for a Gaming Keyboard
  • What are Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom
  • How are the Design of Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom
  • What are the Switch of Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom
  • How are the Experience with Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom
  • What else Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom can offer
  • Redragon K552 Vs Tecware Phantom

Gaming Keyboards

When it comes to gaming peripherals, we have more than plenty to choose from and not all of them will be similar or fit in your application because we also have different games to play and different preferences to consider. For those who are currently looking for a method to improve their gaming experience, the keyboard can be the first equipment to consider. They will affect the experience both on performance and how the setup will look.

Just like when buying most products, we have to consider the pricing first and this is why you will need to allocate some budget. In general, you can spend less than $50 or even four times as expensive. The price will affect how the product will be and what they can offer. If you are looking for something like a mechanical switch, we have to spend more but if you are fine with membrane keys, we can spend much less yet they are also typically made of cheaper plastic.

Next is the size of the keyboard because not all of us are going to use a full-size one or the smallest options such as Anne Pro 2 Vs GK61 that are more compact. To know which size will fit you the most, see the space on your table or which seems the most comfortable to you.     We can also adjust it to the application such as whether you will need the built-in macro keys or want to have the numerical pad for productivity or other purposes.

Another thing you want to consider is the features in the keyboard because they are also very useful for the application. There can be some useful and interesting features on your keyboard such as the built-in macros or some buttons to adjust the volume and multimedia control panel. When it comes to gaming keyboards, we can have the RGB lighting too that usually can be programmed to deliver the type of fashion that fits you the most.

Gaming keyboard is not a must-have and if you have a useful and well-functioning keyboard, we can still rely on them. However, if you are also looking for a way to improve the experience as well as improving the look of the setup, we can add the gaming keyboard. They don’t have to be expensive either because not all of us can spend the same amount of budget and in addition, not all of us will be playing the same type of game or have the same preference.

 Redragon K552Tecware Phantom
Product Dimensions1.46 x 13.94 x 4.86 inches
14.23 x 5.26 x 1.58 inches
Shipping Weight2.31 pounds
2.61 pounds
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About Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom

Now when you are firm enough to buy a new keyboard, it is the time to see what the market has to offer. If you can spend quite a lot, we can choose from favorite brands like Razer and SteeSeries or Logitech because they carry some of the most interesting and advanced gaming peripherals in the market but for those who are going shop in a budget, we can see what the options from the entry-level choices since they are reliable too.

We actually have plenty of options in the entry-level market and some of them are Redragon and Techware. These brands may not be as pronounced as the other big names in the industry but they are very famous for their collection of amazing and affordable gaming peripherals. They carry a huge amount of collection from the keyboard and other gaming accessories like headset but in comparison it seems Redragon is the one carrying more diverse gaming-related products in the catalog.

If you are here then it means you are also looking for a keyboard but they must be very compact and still have the adequate amount of keys to press and to work with. The Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom are two promising options to consider. These keyboards are very similar and also not at the same time. These two are TKL or ten key less meaning there is a lack of numerical key-pad on the right which makes it much more compact.

Both of them are very ideal for those with less space on the table and being compact means our mouse will get closer to the WASD keys too which significantly improves the comfort. They have similar switches and they are also mechanical type so if you love the response and the satisfying sound of mechanical keyboards then the Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom will be equally good options. The difference is that the specific switches of the keyboards are not the same.

Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom Design

Before getting into what they can offer, first let’s see the unit because they are also similar here. From the material, as you can guess they are made of plastic and this is not cheap plastic as they are very robust, with almost no flex when you try to twist them from both sides. The build quality is impressive and they feel very solid too. We love that there is almost no flex when you type quickly on these keyboards.

The layout is very similar, and as with TKL keyboards, the most noticeable is probably the Redragon logo located on the right side which some people may like or dislike depending on the aesthetic taste. The keyboard panel is not completely flat so they are already at an angle and in addition there is a pair of foldable feet too at the bottom. For the connectivity, the Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom are wired only so they are not as versatile for people who use different devices.

Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom Switch

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what these two can offer and first thing let’s see the switches. Just like most keyboards, the Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom can be paired with different switches depending on which variant that you choose. We recommend getting the one that you like better, used to, or the equivalent. The K555 here is available with Outemu red switch, the equivalent for Cherry MX Red switches with actuation from 0.6 to 2.0mm.

On the other hand, the Tecware Phantom can be paired with Outemu Blue or Brown so they are going to feel different to the Red switch and it seems the Brown or Blue are heavier in general compared to the Red which is the lightest in the collection.

Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom Experience

Next is for the experience with the keyboards and since they have different switches, the feeling or experience will also be quite different. From the build quality, the Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom are very good so there is no wobble and the keys are very robust as well. They are not PBT however because they are only made of ABS and if needed we can invest more by getting different keycaps too as needed; we do recommend this update.

In addition, the keys are not the same but the sound is kind of similar. What we love from the Red switch is because they are linear and if you choose the Brown switch on Phantom, this keyboard feels more tactile while if you choose Blue, the keyboard will have this prominent click sound.

Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom Features

Lastly we want to talk about the additional features that you can find on the Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom. First we want to talk about the RGB lighting on the keyboard and both have the function that is also adjustable to fit in your aesthetic the most. Personally, having an RGB for us is to give freedom over what the backlighting is in terms of color but some people may want the blazing colors they can offer.

Another interesting feature and this is on both keyboards because they are hotswappable meaning that the switch can be easily removed from the board and changed into different switches such as Cherry MX or any compatible switch that you want, giving it a freedom for users to upgrade the keyboard to match with their own preference.


Not all of us will be using the keyboard in the same manner and for the Redragon K552 and Tecware Phantom, they are identical as well with different switches and fashions. Depending on which switch that seems to fit you the most, we can choose any of the two but fashion wise the K552 looks simpler and personally we like the design of the lettering on this keyboard better.

- Tenkeyless compact mechanical gaming keyboard
- Redragon k552 tkl small compact with dust proof mechanical switches cherry mx red equivalent Linear switches quiet click sound fast action with minimal resistance without a tactile bump feel
- Rainbow LED RGB backlit mechanical USB gaming keyboard 19 different lighting effects and game modes 2 user defined modes 6 colors multiple brightness level breathing speed precision engineered keycaps offering crystal clear uniform backlighting
- Ergonomic designed steel series mechanical game keyboards high-quality durable metal-abs construction with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up even during the most testing marathon gaming sessions
- Anti ghosting all 87 keys are conflict free nkey rollover featuring 12 multimedia keyboard keys and a non-slip ergonomic, splash-proof design comes with gold-plated high-speed corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection
- RGB BACKLIGHTING - Enhance your gaming experience with 18 pre-set configurations on the mechanical keyboard, or create a unique one to match your setup
- OUTEMU SWITCHES - The gaming mechanical keyboard comes with Outemu mechanical switches for precise gaming and comfortable typing. Spare switches + keycap & switch remover tools are provided for easy replacement
- FIBERGLASS PCB - Built with SMD LEDs and FR-4 fiberglass printed circuit board, this Tecware mechanical keyboard is able to withstand extended periods of intensive and hardcore gaming sessions
- DOUBLE-SHOT KEYCAPS – Featuring an all-new font, the keycaps on this mechanical keyboard are double-shot ABS (dual-injection molding process) which guarantee high resistance against surface wear; markings that cannot be worn off as they are physically part of the keycaps


You can choose any of the two based on which seems to fit you the most. Personally we recommend the Phantom for the aesthetic but you can go amazing with the K552 as well because they have the same capabilities, moreover, it is also cheaper.