Redragon K552 vs K551

For the best gaming experience, you need a good mechanical keyboard. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 are great gaming keyboards that are really budget-friendly. Read the differences between Redragon K552 vs K551 below to find out which one that is the best for you.

The following discussion will provide more information about:
– The number of keys available on each keyboard
– The comparison of their dimensions
– The build quality and special features of each keyboard
– The performance of Redragon K552 vs K551
– The available variants of Redragon K552 and Redragon K551
– Which gaming keyboard that is generally more recommended

Key Layout
At first, Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 may appear to be very similar. They both are gaming keyboards equipped with Cherry MX Blue equivalent mechanical switches. That said, you can easily see that these keyboards have different numbers of keys. Redragon K552 is a tenkeyless keyboard, whereas Redragon K551 is a full-size keyboard. See also: Redragon K552 vs K553.

Redragon K552 is a tenkeyless keyboard, which means that it does not have a numeric keypad. Typically, you can find a numeric keypad on the right side of a full-size keyboard. By removing the numeric keypad, Redragon K552 can be more compact and more streamlined. It eats less space on your desk. In total, this keyboard has 87 conflict-free keys and 12 multimedia keys.

You may want to choose Redragon K552 if you rarely need to use a numeric keypad. However, if your job requires using one and you are planning to use the same keyboard for both work and gaming, it is recommended that you get a full-size keyboard instead. Yes, there are still numeric keys on the top of the alphanumeric part, but they send different signals than a numeric keypad, which can be a problem for certain jobs.

Redragon K551  is a full-size keyboard which features a numeric keypad on the right side. Due to having this thing, Redragon K551 indeed comes with larger dimensions. But, if you really need the numeric keypad, the increased dimensions shouldn’t be a problem. The keyboard has 104 conflict-free keys and 12 multimedia keys in total.

You want to choose Redragon K551 if you are planning to use this keyboard for work as well as gaming, and your job needs a numeric keypad. Some jobs like accounting and programming typically need it. Not to mention that there are some games that can also benefit from a numeric keypad for mapping quick commands.

As mentioned above, Redragon K552 vs K551 have different dimensions because one doesn’t have a numeric keypad while the other has. Let’s see their actual dimensions so that you can determine if these keyboards will fit on your desk or not.

Redragon K552 is the smaller of the two. This keyboard measures 35.5cm x 12.0cm x 3.5cm (10.03″ x 4.72″ x 1.37″). It is obvious that this keyboard has been designed to be as compact and space-friendly as possible. The borders that surround the keyboard are very thin. This is a fine choice if you need a keyboard that can fit easily into a cramped gaming station.

Redragon K551 is larger. It measures 43.4cm x 12.1cm x 3.8cm (17.08″ x 4.76″ x 1.49″). However, this keyboard also comes with very thin borders, just like its sibling. Compared to some other full-size keyboards, it is still relatively more space-friendly. You probably won’t find any problem to fit this keyboard into your gaming station as well.

Build Quality
In terms of build quality, Redragon K552 vs K551 are quite similar. Interestingly, despite their budget-friendly nature, these keyboards come with very good build quality. Both keyboards have lightweight yet tough aluminum frames with some ABS plastic parts. Both keyboards are really sturdy and durable. On the back of each keyboard, there are kickstand feet that are solid with decent grip.

Well, the keycaps of Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 are made of plastic. The keys don’t feel really great, but they are also not bad. Each key is equipped with a mechanical switch and a pair of stabilizers, which helps to reduce any flimsiness.

Each keyboard here comes with a gold-plated USB connector, which is highly resistant to rust. The non-removable cable may be a little bit annoying when bringing the keyboard in travel. The cable has a ferrite core to reduce electrical interference that may affect the keyboard’s performance during use.

Both Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 are splash-proof. They can withstand average liquid spills just fine, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally spill some coffee or coke on them. The keycaps are removable. You can wipe them clean by using a cloth. That said, these keyboards are not fully waterproof, so you should not expose them to excessive amounts of liquid.

Other Features
Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 come with custom mechanical switches, Oetemu Blue, which is equivalent to Cherry MX Blue. The total travel distance is about 4mm, and the actuation point is about 2mm. The actuation force is about 50±5gf. All of their keys have anti-ghosting.

The rest of the features are mostly similar. Redragon K552 vs K551 don’t come with any software for customization. However, you can lock the Windows key and the FN key for gaming. Simply press the Windows/FN key together with the lock key, which is also located on the left side of the keyboard. This feature is really useful for preventing accidental windows key presses.

Depending on the model that you choose, the keyboard may come with RGB backlighting. You can change how the backlighting works, but the process is not intuitive due to the lack of software. It involves multiple key presses.

In order to change the backlighting, you need to hold the FN key then press the INS, DEL, HOME, END, PGUP, or PGDOWN key. There are six keys for six color schemes, and each key can be pressed three times for three different modes. Meanwhile, the arrow keys can be used to change the direction of the light and increase/decrease the brightness.

Performance-wise, Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 feel similar, and they both are great gaming keyboards. The similarity is not surprising because they do come with the same switches. The keys feel fairly solid and well-built, without having ridiculous flimsiness, so that your key presses are precise and confident.

Their keys indeed feel really similar to Cherry MX Blue switches. If you have never used blue switches or mechanical keyboards before, there are a few characteristics of these keyboards that you need to know.

In general, mechanical keyboards indeed feel more tactile and precise than membrane or semi-membrane keyboards. However, blue switches in particular are very tactile and loud. Your key presses must be certain and confident. People with weak key presses may dislike blue switches and prefer softer keyboards. But, if tactile and precise keys are your preference, Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 can be great choices.

One more thing that you need to consider about Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 is the sound. Blue switches are known to be loud, and this is also the case with these keyboards. The key presses generate very audible clicks. It can be a problem if you are living together with another person, as the loud noise may bother them. However, if you are living alone or you have your own room for gaming, this won’t be a problem.

When tested, all of the keys of Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 are truly conflict-free. The anti-ghosting is real and true. Even with so many simultaneous pressed keys, all key presses are detected and registered properly. Hence, these keyboards are suitable for games that require intensive commands and quick key presses.

Both Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 are suitable for a wide range of games, including RTS, MOBA, and FPS games. However, these keyboards only come with standard keys. They don’t have additional keys for macro. This shouldn’t be a problem because there are already so many keys that you can assign commands to. If you really want dedicated macro keys, you need to look elsewhere and potentially spend more money.

Available Variants
Both Redragon K552 and Redragon K551 are available in two variants. The first variant has a red backlight. The second variant is the one with the RGB backlight.

You can adjust the brightness level of the red-backlit keyboard. You can also turn off the backlight completely by pressing the FN key and the down arrow key multiple times. You just can’t change the backlight color or make it rippling.

Meanwhile, the RGB-backlit keyboard has more options. As mentioned above, there are six color schemes, each with three different modes. In addition to the “steady on” backlight mode, there are 19 selectable backlight options in total.

Redragon K552 vs K551

- Custom mechanical switches (Cherry Blue equivalent) for ultimate gaming performance
- Red LED adjustable lighting and double-shot injection molded keycaps for crystal clear backlighting
- Metal and ABS Construction, mechanical keys, and gold Plated USB connector stand up to hardcore gaming
- MECHANICAL KEYBOARD; K551 Redragon Keyboard, LED backlit mechanical gaming keyboard, the Red Led illuminated keyboard comes with Double-shot injection molded keycaps offering crystal clear uniform backlighting and lettering that doesn't scratch off.
- ALUMINUM / ABS CONSTRUCTION; The PC Gaming keyboard is constructed of Aluminium and ABS with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switchesthat stand up to tough gaming conditions.
- PC GAMING KEYBOARD COMPATIBILTY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support

The main difference between these two keyboards is the numeric keypad. In general, Redragon K551 is more recommended because it comes with a numeric keypad. You need a numeric keypad for certain jobs, not to mention that the keys can be handy for assigning quick commands in some games.