Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55

In this article, we will help you choose between two popular keyboards for gaming: Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55. Both keyboards are available in RGB variants, and both are programmable. However, there are key distinctions that set them apart. Redragon K552 is mechanical and significantly more compact, while Corsair K55 feels a bit like mechanical and comes with more buttons.

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One of the first things to consider when choosing between these two keyboards is whether a compact, space-friendly design is very important for you or not. If your gaming station doesn’t have much free space, you probably want something that can fit easily. Otherwise, a large and wide keyboard won’t be an issue.

As mentioned in our previous discussion about Redragon K552 vs K561, Redragon K552 is a tenkeyless keyboard. It does not have a dedicated numeric pad on the right side. Such design is preferred when you need to be efficient in space usage. This keyboard is streamlined and very compact.

Redragon K552 measures 10.03 inches wide and 4.72 inches deep. The thickness is only about 1.37 inches. This keyboard has a very thin border, and there is no extended or protruded part outside the keys. As a result, this keyboard can be a great choice if you need a compact model that can fit easily into the available space on your desk.

Meanwhile, Corsair K55 is very different. It is a full-size keyboard with a numeric pad on the right side. Not only that; it even comes with several additional buttons and a pretty wide border. So, this keyboard is much larger and requires more space.

Corsair K55 measures 18.9 inches x 6.54 inches x 1.37 inches. It is almost twice wider than Redragon K552. You may choose Corsair K55 if the keyboard size is not something that you need to worry about. Additionally, an optional wrist rest is included. You may use the wrist rest if you still have some free space available below the keyboard.

Number of Keys
As briefly mentioned above, Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55 have different numbers of keys. Redragon K552 comes with the standard alphanumeric keys without any additional gimmick, in favor of a compact and space-friendly design. Corsair K55 offers a numeric pad, multimedia buttons, and macro buttons.

Redragon K552 has a total of 87 keys. All of them are anti-ghosted and conflict-free. Although it doesn’t have dedicated multimedia buttons, there are several multimedia functions that you can access via the Fn key.

The lack of a numeric pad means that you need to rely on the top row of the alphanumeric keyboard for entering numbers. It may be inconvenient for some jobs, such as programming and accounting. Not to mention that there are fewer keys that you can assign quick commands or macros to.

Corsair K55 has a 110-key matrix. The numeric pad on the right can be very handy for programming and accounting, and you can also use them for quick commands or macros in some games.

You can find several dedicated multimedia buttons on the top of the keyboard, so you won’t need to fumble with the Fn key to access them. In addition, on the left end of the keyboard, there are six dedicated macro buttons which can be very useful in games with complex controls.

Mechanical or Membrane?
One crucial consideration when choosing between Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55 is whether you prefer a true mechanical keyboard or you are fine with a membrane keyboard. As a rule of thumb, mechanical keyboards are generally considered superior in terms of feel and performance.

Redragon K552 is a mechanical keyboard. It uses a custom Oetemu Blue switch, which is a Cherry MX Blue clone. The actuation force is about 50g, and the keystroke travel is 2.0 mm. There are several great advantages of using a mechanical keyboard.

Firstly and most importantly, it is conflict-free, meaning that you can press multiple keys simultaneously and all of them will register. Secondly, it is suitable for a wide range of typing styles; you don’t need to press the keys fully in order to make them register. Thirdly, many people love the tactile and precise feel of the keys.

However, Redragon K552 is quite noisy. The keys generate very audible clicks when pressed. The noise may bother the people around you if you are not gaming in a private room. Also, people with weak fingers may find the keys difficult to press.

Corsair K55, on the other hand, is a membrane keyboard. Some people say that it feels like Cherry MX Brown keyboards to some degree, but it is still a membrane keyboard. There are two advantages of using a membrane keyboard. First, the keys are softer and easier to press, suitable for people with weak fingers. Second, the keys are much more silent; they don’t make loud clicks when pressed.

However, unlike mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards may fail to register inputs when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously due to conflicting signals. This is a major problem for games that require rapid commands or simultaneous key presses. Key-rollover will allow a number of keys to be pressed and registered at the same time. Corsair K55 supports 8-key rollover, so it can handle up to eight simultaneous key presses without a problem.

Build Quality and Comfort
The next notable difference between Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55 is the build quality. Redragon K552 generally feels better because it has a mixture of metal and plastic in its construction. Corsair K55 is almost entirely plastic.

The frame of Redragon K552 is made from lightweight yet durable aluminum as well as ABS plastic. Despite the thin border, the keyboard still feels quite solid and durable. The plastic keycaps are not as impressive as the metallic frame, but they are not bad at all. In fact, the keys feel precise and durable, and have been tested for 50 million keystrokes.

While Redragon K552 is not fully waterproof, it should be able to survive the average liquid spills. If you accidentally pour your coffee or energy drink on the keyboard, you can detach the keycaps and clean it with a clean cloth.

The build quality of Corsair K55 is pretty good, but not impressive. The frame and keycaps are plastic. It can last for a few million keystrokes, but it won’t last as long as a mechanical keyboard. When the membrane has been worn out, the keys will start to lose feedback. Also, the keycaps are not removable, so it will be more difficult to clean.

To be fair, Corsair K55 can offer a very comfortable experience. The keys are soft and easy to press. Your wrists won’t get sore during an extended gaming session, thanks to the wrist rest. The wrist rest is soft and really comfy. So, you can consider this keyboard as a viable choice if you need enhanced comfort for your fingers and wrists.

Backlight and Customization
Redragon K552 is available in Red and RGB. You may choose the Red variant if you don’t think a programmable backlight as necessary. You can still adjust the brightness of the red backlight to suit your preference. However, the RGB variant offers 6 color themes that each has 3 different modes.

Note that Redragon K552 doesn’t come with any software. It is pretty much a simple plug-and-play keyboard. In order to adjust the backlight, you need to use the Fn key with some other keys.

Corsair K55 is only available in RGB, but you can adjust the backlight with any color if you don’t want to be too colorful. There are 10+ preconfigured backlight modes to choose from. The keyboard itself has three dynamic RGB zones which you can customize through the software.

Corsair K55 works with the same software used by higher-end models from the company – Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) 2.0. You can perform extensive backlight customization and assign macros to the keys through the software.

Redragon K552 doesn’t come with any warranty by default. However, you can get the optional 2-year warranty if you add a few bucks when purchasing the keyboard. Getting the warranty is highly recommended to ensure that you can get a replacement if your keyboard happens to be defective and fails within a few months.

Corsair K55 does come with a 2-year warranty by default. The company is known for their good warranty service as well as customer support. Note that the warranty is non-transferable and won’t cover damage from abuse or improper use.

Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55

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In general, Redragon K552 is more recommended. It is a true mechanical keyboard, and it offers better overall performance. The keys are fully conflict-free. They feel solid, precise, and durable. In addition, Redragon K552 has a more compact, space-friendly design.