Razer Wildcat vs Xbox One Elite Controller

Does an expensive controller really make you a better player? The answer can be quite subjective. It all comes back to your skill, but a better controller can certainly improve a skilled player’s performance. Using a controller that feels nice in your hands makes you play more comfortably, allowing you to put your focus entirely on the game. As the primary input device, the controller is the core component that decides how we interact with the game.

For Xbox One, there are two premium options that may attract you: Razer Wildcat and Xbox One Elite. Razer is a renowned name in the gaming peripheral industry, so we certainly expect Razer Wildcat to be an excellent controller. But, is the controller really good? How does the controller compare against Xbox One Elite, which is made by Microsoft a.k.a. the maker of Xbox One itself? Below, we will see the comparisons between Razer Wildcat and Xbox One Elite to see which one that is actually worth the money.

Razer Wildcat vs. Xbox One Elite Controller: Connectivity

One cool thing about Xbox One Elite is that it can be used wirelessly as well as with a cable. Using it wirelessly is very neat and convenient, but the 9-ft cable is already more than long enough to allow comfortable gaming on the couch. On the other hand, Razer Wildcat is strictly a wired controller.

Razer Wildcat vs. Xbox One Elite Controller: Design and Build Quality

In short, the build quality of Razer Wildcat feels cheaper than Xbox One Elite. That is perhaps surprising, considering that Razer is quite a renowned brand in the market. However, that is true, and many people have expressed so. It is so lightweight, much more than Xbox One Elite, but being lightweight is not something that makes a controller feels great. The controller is made using lightweight plastics, and the face buttons may rattle when the vibration motors are working. The green thumbsticks look cool, but they feel cheap and are easy to wear off. There are green rubber grips that enhance the handling, but these pads are glued using cheap adhesive that won’t stick again once removed.

Xbox One Elite is quite heavier, but that feels just right for a premium controller. It has a soft coating, and the overall form fits better in the hands. The thumbsticks and d-pad feel nice and are of good quality. And the paddles on the back are actually easy to use.

Razer Wildcat vs. Xbox One Elite Controller: Customization

Both models come with one similar selling point, which is the ability to customize and remap the keys to suit personal needs and preferences. Razer Wildcat features two removable digital triggers under the controller and two extra bumpers on the shoulders of the pad. On the other hand, Xbox One Elite features four paddles that sit under the controller in addition to the swappable d-pads and analogue sticks. And both controllers feature hair trigger stops to shorten the travel ranges, allowing for faster operation and more immediate response.

These extra buttons and paddles are awesome. They are incredibly useful in various games, as they allow you to assign common functions such as changing gear, reloading, or drinking the Estus Flask. However, Xbox One Elite has a better edge than Razer Wildcat due to the better ergonomics. The paddles are ergonomically located to allow easy reach. Razer Wildcat only has two in the same position; the two additional buttons are deployed as shoulder buttons, thus are harder to reach.

In addition, Xbox One Elite also has a better edge in terms of customization because it allows total remapping. All of Xbox One Elite’s buttons can be remapped, and the sensitivity of the triggers and thumbsticks are adjustable via the Xbox Accessories app. This is a great customization feat.

On the other hand, Razer Wildcat only allows the M1, M2, M3, and M4 buttons to be remapped. Fortunately, the remapping is effortless and can be done on-the-fly anytime using the Quick Control Panel button. Additionally, you can set two custom button configurations and swap between them using the pad’s Profile Switch button.

Razer Wildcat vs. Xbox One Elite Controller: D-Pads and Add-Ons

It is worth nothing that Razer Wildcat has replaced the traditional circular d-pad with a four-directional d-pad. Such design is typically useful in FPS and RPG titles for switching weapons or spells, but is not very useful for other needs. For example, pulling off complex combos and fireball-type motions in Dead or Alive are literally out of its scope. The lack of a more sophisticated d-pad on a high-end controller with a premium price tag is definitely a turn-off.

The d-pad of the standard Xbox One controller is good, and the same d-pad is available on Xbox One Elite. The new circular attachment makes it perform even better. It feels like an arcade-style thumb pad. Even so, be careful not to over-abuse it, as firm pressures can make some part of the d-pad to detach from the controller. You may want to use the standard cross-shaped d-pad in heavy fighting game sessions.

Xbox One Elite comes with three sets of swappable thumbsticks, two d-pads, and four optional paddles. Of course, the 9-ft cable for wired gaming is also included, along with a nice carrying case. On the other hand, in addition to the grip support pads that you have to glue manually, Razer Wildcat includes the tools to screw-in the optional M3 and M4 triggers.

- Elite level controller can be used with Xbox One or PC
- 4 additional fully-programmable buttons to take your gaming to the next level
- Ergonomic shape and weight favored by top eSports athletes
- Quick control panel for easy profile and audio customization
- Forged with enhanced materials for complete reliability on the battlefield
- Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is The World’s Most Advanced Controller!
- Get pro-level precision, an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization with an easy-to-use app
- Achieve greater control with interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip
- Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S
- Customize your experience further with an easy-to-use app on the Xbox One Console


Of course, with the lightweight design and four-directional d-pad, Razer Wildcat would be a nice choice for marathon FPS gaming. However, the controller does not feel like a premium controller at all, despite the price tag. Xbox One Elite, on the other hand, feels much better. It has better overall build quality, and is more versatile. Considering that it is highly customizable – you can change the thumbsticks and pads as well as remap the entire keys – Xbox One Elite is the controller that anyone can adapt to suit personal needs and preferences.