Razer Tartarus vs Orbweaver

Some people need to use a gaming keypad. There can be several reasons to this. Some games have many commands that need to be quickly accessed, and using the wide regular keyboard can be inconvenient because a single hand wouldn’t be able to reach all the keys quickly. Some people have their own personal key setups that require them to re-assign the keys nonetheless. With a gaming keypad, you can plan and customize your key mapping more precisely and more comfortably. Razer, as one of the world’s most well-known manufacturers of gaming peripherals, has released two gaming keypads that may appear quite similar to each other: Razer Tartarus and Razer Orbweaver. Which is the better choice for you?

Membrane or Mechanical?
The very first thing that you need to ask yourself when choosing between Razer Tartarus and Razer Orbweaver is whether you prefer a membrane or mechanical gaming keypad. There is a common belief that a mechanical keyboard is better than a membrane keyboard. It can be true, but not always. Different people have different preferences. While a mechanical keyboard is usually much more accurate than a membrane keyboard, the same doesn’t go with keypads. This is because, unlike membrane keyboards, membrane keypads do have their keys individually wired. So, a membrane keypad like Razer Tartarus is just as accurate as a mechanical keypad like Razer Orbweaver.

The difference is the feel. The mechanical Razer Orbweaver keypad is more tactile, clickier, and has a more audible sound. The membrane Razer Tartarus keypad is softer, easier to hit, and quieter.

Number of Keys
The next difference that you should consider is how many keys that you actually need. Razer Tartarus comes with 25 fully programmable membrane keys and an 8-way thumbpad. There are 15 buttons in the main panel, spread into three lines. On the other hand, Razer Orbweaver comes with 30 fully programmable buttons and an 8-way thumbpad. 20 buttons are located in the main panel, distributed across four lines. The lowermost line of keys can be pretty hard to reach if your hand is small. But people usually assign the least used commands in these keys, so they rarely have to reach down.

Each of the two models comes with an adjustable wrist rest module. This is a very nice feature that will prevent your wrists from getting sore after some time playing.

- 25 fully programmable membrane keys including an 8-way thumb-pad
- Adjustable wrist-rest module
- Chroma backlighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
- Approximate size: 54.8 mm / 2.16 in (Depth) x 153 mm / 6.03 in (Width) x 186 mm / 6.03 in (Height)
- All new Razer Mechanical Switches - Designed for Gaming
- 30 fully programmable keys and 8-way thumb-pad
- Chroma backlighting with 16.8 million customizable options
- Approximate size: 55 mm / 2.17 in (Depth) x 154 mm / 6.06 in (Width) x 202 mm / 7.95 in (Height)

Razer Tartarus vs Orbweaver
If you prefer a mechanical keypad or if you need the extra line of keys, Razer Orbweaver is the way to go. If you prefer soft and silent keys, a membrane keypad like Razer Tartarus will suit you better.