Razer Imperator vs DeathAdder 

Choosing gaming mice sometimes spend a little hard time. The technology of gaming mice is always up to date from time to time. Considering the technology the suitable grip also has an important aspect to choose. Such as another company, Razer provides the best gaming mouse which suitable for your grip.

This time, we will compare the most popular product from Razer call as the Imperator and Deathadder. Both of them becomes the most favorable gaming mouse for gamer since it was released. Let’s take a look over them closely so we can decide which one has the best features for gaming use. 

Razer Imperator

The Razer Imperator is a gaming mouse that perfect for gaming or everyday use. Technically, it has a laser type of motion sensor which makes it perfect to get the point. The maximum polling rate of this mouse is about 1000 Hz/1ms. It has an operating resolution of up to 6400dpi with 50G acceleration. Read also: Razer Copperhead vs Deathadder.

The Razer Imperator has an ergonomic design that matches perfectly through your grip. It comes with a contoured design that matches with the ergonomic system perfectly. this makes it can reduce the strain during the extended gameplay. This feature is so special that another mouse doesn’t have it.

The 4G dual sensor system builts on the Razer Imperator. This means the mouse features perfect accuracy. The system is blistering the accurate tracking and customized the lift-off tracking distance. With the rubber improves on its, it makes this mouse have a sturdy grip.

For aggressive mousing movement, the Razer Imperator completes the maximum control and comfort for the gamer. The rubber grip in your thumb helps it to optimize the mouse during gameplay. It makes easier to use so that you can play the game fearlessly and ensure you win the game all the time. 

The Razer Imperator has an adjustable side button and 7 independently programmable with hyper response buttons. It has the Razer Synapse 2.0 features which make this mouse automatically syncing the gaming mouse. The system has a cutting edge, intuitive, and proprietary software that gives the best performance on its.

The Razer Synapse from the Razer Imperator has a specific feature where it can save your game automatically to a cloud server. You don’t need to put up your finger to save and set it. These features make easier to use and you will never set the new mouse again to every tournament.

The Razer Imperator has minimum system requirements for PC or Mac with the USB port. It needs the USB port beside the USB cables on its. The minimum OS requirements are suitable for Windows 8 or 7. While in Mac you need minimum OS X  with version 10.8 up to 10.11. And don’t forget that you should have at least 35 MB of hard disk space. 

The dimension of the Razer Imperator is about 4.85 x 2.76 x 1.69 inches and 0.31 lbs of weight. It is a very weighted lighter with a reasonable price starts from US$160 in Amazon. Comes with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment and zero-acoustic ultraslick mouse feet, makes this gaming mouse is worth it to buy.

Razer DeathAdder

The Razer DeathAdder has the best performing during the play games with the new features on its. It offers the most comfortable mouse to grip and perfectly snugs under your palm. It has the most comfortable claw-grip to boost your gaming. With this mouse, you will have a different experience during gameplay.

The Razer DeathAdder offers a Razer mechanical mouse switches. On the bottom left is a rubber grip for your thumb. The size fits perfectly to your thumb so that you will not bother the size. There are two programmable buttons appears on the surface of the mouse. It has customized features which so comfortable to use as back and forward default actions. 

The scrolling wheels on the Razer DeathAdder appear the Razer logo which illuminates you. It has a light which has a beautiful color and you can choose the color into whatever you like. The first time you plug it to the PC, the color choices will appear. It has more than 16.8 million of lighting colors. 

The mouse is designed with matte black color with a 1600 dpi 4G optical sensor and 15 G acceleration. These features make the Razer DeathAdder incredibly accurate for gaming play. Whether you moving fast or slow, the mouse will keep steady in line and not bother your gameplay with the accuracy. 

The dimension of the Razer DeathAdder is about 5 x 2.76 x 1.73 inches and 3.68 ounces of weight. The price comes with a reasonable price start from US$75.88 in Amazon. With all of these completes features, this gaming mouse is worth it to buy. It is perfect for playing an FPS game or even an RPG game. 

Razer Imperator vs DeathAdder 

- 4G Dual Sensor System
- Adjustable Side Buttons for Optimum Reach
- Ergonomic Right-Handed Form Factor with Contoured Thumb Grip
- The contoured thumb grip on the Razer Imperator has been rubberized to give added control, a must for low sensitivity gamers who need to lift and swipe their mouse for victory.
- High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor
- Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
- 7 Programmable Buttons
- Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy

Which One Do You Prefer?

Razer company provides the greatest gaming mouse in its class. Both of the Razer Imperator and DeathAdder are standing with their best features to give a maximum performance during gameplay. But, which one has the best features? So, after getting the review above we jump into the conclusion that the Razer Imperator is better than the Razer DeathAdder.

The Razer Imperator has an operating resolution up to 6400dpi while the Razer DeathAdder only has 1600 dpi. This means that the Imperator has more good resolution. Besides, the Imperator has a 50G acceleration while the Razer DeathAdder only has a 15G. This makes the Razer Imperator has more accurate during play than the DeathAdder.

The size of the Razer Imperator has a smaller size than the Razer DeathAdder. It makes the Imperator has more grip fit under your palm than the DeathAdder. There is no weight adjustment on the Razer DeathAdder while the Razer Imperator has these features to support the perfect grip for the gamer.

The Razer Imperator comes with 7 buttons choices while the Razer DeathAdder has only 5 buttons. This makes the Razer Imperator has more completes features rather than the Razer DeathAdder. That is why the Razer Imperator is worth it to buy.