Razer Huntsman Elite vs Apex Pro

When getting more serious into your game, we also need to upgrade the setup as well including the mouse, keyboard, headphone, or even microphone if you do stream. For those who want to feel a different experience of gaming, Razer Huntsman Elite Vs Apex Pro are two amazing options to replace your current keyboard. They are pretty expensive but also come with quality and high user satisfaction rate yet, see below about what they can offer first before going with one model.

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  • Razer Huntsman Elite Vs Apex Pro

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming is a very popular hobby nowadays with lots of new enthusiasts and casual players who want to fill their free time with something interesting. In the past we may start gaming through consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox but online games have been taking over the market as you can play them on almost any platforms or device available especially on smartphones and the most well-known PC. PC gaming can be very expensive however as we chase for the best specification but, their peripherals are also costly.

When getting more serious into the hobby, we usually start upgrading from the mouse first such as with Razer Naga Trinity Vs Razer Naga Chroma since they are often being the more affordable or if there is enough budget, we can also replace the keyboard to those made to enhance your gaming experience. If you are here then it means gaming keyboard is what you look for and if this is your first buy, see below to know what people usually consider when upgrading their gaming keyboard.

  1. Price often decides everything and especially for gaming purposes, many of its peripherals are costly including gaming keyboards. For those who shop for the first time, make sure to decide how much we can spend on this new gear to cut the selection. Up to $100 are affordable but we have to be satisfied with membrane soft keys, up to $150 is the middle point where you can find tons of amazing mechanical keyboards while above is the range of impressive, high-end market filled with mechanical and some analog keys.
  2. If this is your first time buying a keyboard, chances are you will become more familiar with mechanical and membrane keys which are two of the most popular technologies used for the gear. Membrane detects press by running an electrical current through two mushy plastic membranes while the latter is more similar to our old typewriters, with a mechanical switch underneath each keycap. Naturally it feels better, louder, while also traveling further than a typical membrane switch. The problem is that mechanical keyboards are available at quite a higher price point than its softer version.
  3. For a gaming keyboard, another factor you may want to consider is the feature itself since just like the mice, you can find tons of additional capabilities on the unit. For example the RGB lighting which is what most casual players want for its aesthetic, macros, and powerful software. Software can differ from one manufacturer to the others despite having similar functions and some are easier to understand for beginner or general users which adds into their ease of use.
 Razer Huntsman Elite Apex Pro
Product Dimensions9.22 x 17.64 x 1.42 inches
5.5 x 17.2 x 1.6 inches
Shipping Weight3.76 pounds

4.19 pounds
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About Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro

If your keyboard no longer works reliably for the type of application you are currently drawn into which is games, it is great to start looking out what the options are out there. Many keyboards are going to match your preference but the more we spend usually will also end up with a better product yet, if we choose carefully, even in a lower budget, there must be some good models to bring home. For those who don’t have any issue with the budget, Razer and SteelSeries are two brands to consider.

We personally prefer to stay with well-known manufacturers or names as they tend to be more reliable and have lots of models or versions to choose from just like these two. We are sure most are familiar with these brands as they are very popular but not only leading in the market share, they are also two best options when it comes to impressive new technology which can be the choice for those who are not afraid to spend more.

You can find affordable high-end models from their catalogues but if you are fine with anything above $150, Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro from SteelSeries will be two interesting keyboards to check out. These keyboards are fairly expensive judging from the rivals of other brands but what’s made them above many is also due to the distinct technology difference that set them apart from the competition. One thing that attracts many to own them is the switch itself as both are impressive.

Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro are coming with almost everything you want from a gaming keyboard; great switch, powerful software, sturdy frame, attractive appearance, while also feels nice to use as daily productive gear. Coming back into their switch, this is also what set them apart the most in our opinion and some of the additional features as well, making them competitors with different advantages.

Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro Design

From the built quality alone, these keyboards are very rugged and while they are not indestructible, the tops are made from metal with matte fashion. Both models are also packed with their own wrist rest but slightly different as the one we get from Razer is rather plush and thicker while on the other hand SteelSeries wrist rest is soft but not padded or plush. They are connected easily through pin and magnet respectively which also affect their certain feature we will talk about later.

As you can see, these are full-sized keyboards but side by side, Razer Huntsman will occupy more space in your desktop as it has wider frame and additional material all around the keyboard as well as slightly wider gap between the each sections. Another thing you will notice from the outside is that SteelSeries has this USB pass through on the keyboard while the former does not. Additionally, for the cable quality they are thick but unfortunately only Huntsman comes in braided.

Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro Switch

Moving further, the most important thing you may want to know is probably the switch itself and as it has been mentioned above, this is what set Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro apart the most in our opinion. This is because Razer comes with its purple Opto-mechanical switch which combines the two technologies and the latter is actually using an analog Omni point switch. Analog switch is very different from regular membrane and mechanical switch because it is pressure sensitive hence they are desired in gaming applications.

This technology allows users to put as little effort as they want and the key will still register e.g. even when you only wiggle the key a little bit, the command will still register. What’s more impressive is you can also adjust the “sensitivity” of Apex Pro through the software or physical control on the keyboard from 1-10 with 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest. Jumping back to Opto-mechanical, this technology registers key with the additional optical beam while the mechanism is fully mechanical.

Many feel that the purple switch is very similar to Razer green switch with 45 grams actuation force, 1.5 millimeters to actuate, and 3.5 millimeters travel distance. In comparison, the Apex Pro actuation point starts at 0.4 millimeters which is why it is not surprising to see people call it the fastest switch on the market.

Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro Performance

The next part we want to mention is how they perform in real-life and just like what you may already guessed, none of them will make you a highly experienced player or improve your skill and performance right after setting up the peripheral. If you move from regular office keyboards, the prominent experience will be how satisfying their keys will be but also how loud they are in case you don’t play while using speakers or headphones. What’s different is the actuation itself.

This is due to the adjustable sensitivity that you can set to a certain desired level and at the higher setting you can feel how fast Apex Pro is. After you get used to this one, another keyboard may feel slightly slower but it is prominent after a while. From the sound they produce, we can say that Razer Huntsman Elite retain what traditional mechanical switch sounds like with that high pitch click sound while in comparison Apex Pro sounds more dampened yet still loud compared to the average office keyboard.

Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional features and this is also quite interesting. As you may already know, both Razer Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro are coming with a dedicated function on the top right of the keyboard with the latter even having a small display built in the unit. These are programmable and while the former is focusing on multimedia type of functions, the SteelSeries offers these setups to ease users adjusting the key sensitivity.

Razer Huntsman Elite vs Apex Pro

Of course you can go with any of these keyboards as they are very impressive but consider some of these differences first. Razer is more clicky in comparison with traditional mechanical feeling but Apex Pro will be faster as it has very short actuation point and even adjustable from the unit or software. SteelSeries also offers a small display and multimedia button combined with a scroll wheel for adjustment on the fly but Razer has more buttons for each function which adds into its ease of use.

Performance wise they are amazing, there is no complaint about how they work with your games but preference matters and in comparison, Razer is probably the option for those used to high-pitched sound from their boards and on the opposite we have similarly noisy yet more prominent on the lower frequency Apex Pro.

- Quality, Aluminum Construction: Covered with a matte, aluminum top frame for increased structural integrity
- Ergonomic, Magnetic Wrist Rest: Made of plush leatherette to maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions (with built-in underglow lighting)
- Fully Programmable Macro Support: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
- Unrivalled Durability: Supports up to 100 million clicks with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, double the lifespan of most competitor keyboards
- Aircraft grade aluminum alloy built for a lifetime of durability and stability
- RGB illumination unmatched customization with 16.8 million colors per key
- Premium magnetic wrist rest provides full palm support and comfortable, ergonomic feel
- Premium magnetic wrist rest provides full palm support and comfortable, ergonomic feel


All in all it downs to which fits you better as these two are not bad options at all even for the fairly high budget. Personally we prefer mechanical switches due to its satisfying click and we almost forget to mention that Razer RGB is extended to its wrist rest, making it a more streamlined setup which adds to the reason why we choose this one.