Razer Cynosa vs Blackwidow

There are lots of good gaming keyboards out there but not all of us will be choosing the same variants. The most convenient way is probably shopping from your favorite brands such as Razer. This company has lots of gaming keyboards to consider such as Razer Cynosa Vs BlackWidow if you prefer a full-size type. These keyboards are not the same however on the inside so if you are interested, let’s see how they are different from each other here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Keyboard Size to Buy
  • What are Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow
  • How are the Design of Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow
  • What are the Switch in Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow
  • How are the Experience with Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow
  • What else Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow can offer
  • Razer Cynosa Vs BlackWidow

Keyboard Sizes

Just like how you love the mouse to be responsive and comfortable to handle, the keyboard needs to be the same as well. Whether you are typing or gaming on the computer, since we are interacting with the software or all the functions through the physical control on the device, it is necessary to consider what you will need from peripherals. For a gaming keyboard, typically you will have to choose from a few sizes first namely full-size, TKL, and 60%.

First is a full-size keyboard and this is the type that comes with 100+ keys on board, the largest but probably what many people are comfortable with. When it comes to keyboard size, the preference of the user is what matters the most and the perk of having this many keys is you can have more functions too. It is also useful if you will be inputting numerical data as it is faster to type with the numerical keys than having to reach for the upper row on the keyboard.

If you play MOBA or RTS games, these types of games usually have tons of functions that can be used in the application and to accommodate this amount of actions we may need the similarly rich keys on a full-size keyboard. The downside? It is space consuming and since it is wide, you will have to place the mouse a bit further to the right so the mouse and WASD keys will be quite far apart from each other and this may not be as comfortable for some people.

If this is an issue, we have the TKL or ten key less keyboard which as the name suggests, it is 10 key less than the full-size variant. It is about 80% in size and they achieve this by removing the numerical pad on the right side, making it a great choice for those who rarely do numerical input. This way we can save space to place the mouse but, as we lose the numerical pad, we also lose the multimedia keys which can be annoying if you listen to music a lot on the computer.

Lastly if a 80% keyboard is still too wide for the setup, we may have to reach into the 60% type or those with 61 keys such as the Razer Huntsman Mini Vs Ducky One 2 Mini. This type is often more suitable for the enthusiast because it removes all the unnecessary keys and leaves the core only, especially suitable in FPS games and action based RPG. This way our WASD and mouse will be closer and save space too on the table.

Razer CynosaBlackwidow
Product Dimensions‎18.24 x 6.07 x 1.22 inches
‎6.5 x 17.73 x 1.58 inches
Shipping Weight‎2.09 pounds
‎2.75 pounds
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About Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow

The choice is all yours because we are free to get any of these keyboards yet, it is also wise to get the one that seems to fit in your application or match the preference the most. If you are here then we assume that you prefer the full-size one and this also seems to be very popular among gamers for the amount of keys that they can access on the board. It is also versatile for regular or daily applications that require convenience.

Regardless of the size, gaming peripherals are often expensive and this is why many of us are looking for alternatives. Brands like Razer may be very popular with their expensive flagship gaming accessories including mouse and keyboards but they also have the essential line that we can count on to if the highest tech or all bells and whistles are not the focus in your shopping journey. They carry quite a lot to consider ranging from sizes and the type of switches available.

If you are also currently looking for a reliable but affordable option, Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow are two promising variants to consider. These keyboards are currently less than $50, compared to the flagships that can cost twice or more thus, we can save quite a lot here. These are also full-size keyboards so anyone who wants the convenience will love to see the complete setup. Being similarly affordable doesn’t make these keyboards identical however. 

These keyboards are very similar from the outside with the same amount of 104 keys on board. The BlackWidow here is the 2019 variant and we are also talking about the original Cynosa Chroma. The most prominent difference between the two will be for the switch as they come with different types of switch and this can be highly subjective but if you are used to mechanical keys then we will just recommend BlackWidow. 

Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow Design

However, it doesn’t make BlackWidow an absolute choice because it is not. From the outside, these keyboards are almost identical, very simple considering they are full-size but also to be expected from this price range. For example the build quality is plastic and while it is not flimsy, the keyboards don’t feel as solid as those twice the price too. Noticeably you will see flex when pressing the keys harder than typical typing. The fashion is the same too with Razer’s logo on the base and for the BlackWidow we also have another logo above the numerical pad.

The base is also the same because you don’t get a routing channel on both of them that should allow for some cable management. This can be useful to rearrange the cable to how you want it to be and, the dual height adjustment is also the same. This means there are two pairs of stands at different heights to adjust the angle of the board. What’s different is that since the Cynosa is spill resistant, there are several holes here to channel water out and prevent it from harming the components.

Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow Switch

Moving further, let’s see what the Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow can offer here and as it has been mentioned above, the main difference between the two is their switch. BlackWidow, just like the higher variant, is coming with the Razer green switch which is similar to the Cherry MX blue while the Cynosa is using membrane keys. It is not the traditional membrane however and is different from hybrid too which gives the keys a different kind of experience to press.

Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow Experience 

Besides the difference, these keys are very robust meaning there is no noticeable wobble on the keys as you press them which is great because when you type faster the keys on some keyboards can move slightly and cause mess but it is not an issue with these two. The actuation of BlackWidow green switch is 50 grams and actuation point of 1.9 mm with a total travel distance to 4 mm. 

In experience, you can notice how clicky the BlackWidow is because this is a mechanical switch and in comparison it is also quite noisy, typical to mechanical switches. On the other hand, the Cynosa membrane is a bit firm to press but soft landing. It is not flimsy and still gives you feedback when pressing the switch but it is cushioned making the feel quite different from BlackWidow. It is also pretty quiet or rather dampened in general and there is still noise coming out of it when you type quickly.

Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow Features

Next let’s see the features that you can get from Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow which are also similar. Unlike the high-end keyboards, none of them come with dedicated macro keys so it can be a downside for some people. However, they are ready to use with Synapse 3 and this software will give you freedom to customize the keyboard as you want it whether it is for the RGB lighting or for the macros because they come with Hypershift too. 

Hypershift is accessed from your software and this means we can assign every key and keypress combinations to do the complex commands. As expected there are also dedicated keys for multimedia on board but these are secondary functions. Additionally, both keyboards are RGB capable and they are very bright as well while the best thing is we can customize it from the software.

Razer Cynosa vs Blackwidow

Both Razer Cynosa and BlackWidow are good keyboards but probably for different users. Just like with games, our preference matters the most to decide which will fit best on the application and between these keyboards, the overall quality is identical. Mechanical switches are snappier based on the mechanism while membrane is softer and not as loud. It is very subjective because both feel great to type with. However, on the additional feature the membrane switch Cynosa is spill resistant so it may be better for those who bring food and beverage to the setup.

- All-Around Gaming Performance: Able to execute up to ten commands at the same time with built-in key rollover anti-ghosting
- Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 168 million colors on individually backlit keys
- Spill-Resistant Design: Built to withstand most accidental liquid splashes
- Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
- The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Keyboards, Mice, PC Headset/Pc Microphone, Gaming Designed, based on dollar sales, 2017-2021
- Signature Mechanical Switch for Gaming: Razer Green switch technology provides a satisfying click sound with 50 G of actuation force, ideal for typing and gaming requiring the highest accuracy
- Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys
- Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations be remapped to execute complex commands


The choice is all yours, there is no bad option here and both are amazing keyboards in the price point. But, we will recommend the BlackWidow if you are used to mechanical keys since it is probably the more comfortable for you but if not, we do like the cheaper Cynosa better for its additional spill resistant and lower price point.