Razer Abyssus vs Steelseries Rival 100

Are you looking for a decent yet affordable mouse for FPS games? There are two popular models from two famous brands that may attract you: Razer Abyssus and Steelseries Rival 100. These gaming mice are usually chosen by people who play at low DPI settings. Razer Abyssus is an ambidextrous mouse, whereas Steelseries Rival 100 offers superior accuracy and more programmable buttons. So, which is the gaming mouse that you better choose? See the comparisons between Razer Abyssus vs Steelseries Rival 100 below to help you decide!

Design and Comfort
The first difference between these two models is that Razer Abyssus is an ambidextrous mouse, whereas Steelseries Rival 100 is designed for the right hand. This is a factor to consider if you prefer to use your left hand. Left-handed people will feel more comfortable using Razer Abyssus. It has rubber side grips that enhance the handling and comfort. In addition, the mouse is not too large. It is suitable for most grip types. See the comparisons between Razer Abyssus vs Abyssus V2 here!

On the other hand, Steelseries Rival 100 is only for right-handed people. For a right-handed user, this model indeed feels more comfortable to use, thanks to the ergonomic curves. Compared to Razer Abyssus, Steelseries Rival 100 is much larger. The large size will make it more comfortable for people with large hands. It is great for palm-grippers.

Additional Buttons
Do you need additional buttons on your mouse? Some games can benefit greatly from additional mouse buttons. But some people have gotten used to keyboard controls for macros and quick commands. If you don’t really need additional buttons, Razer Abyssus is a viable choice. It does not have additional buttons. However, if you prefer to have additional buttons, you should choose Steelseries Rival 100, which comes with two side buttons that are easily accessible by the thumb.

The old version of Razer Abyssus only has a green backlight. The new version comes with a programmable backlighting system which can emit three colors. However, the customization options are more limited. On the other hand, Steelseries Rival 100 boasts the Prism RGB Illumination which supports over 16 million colors and can be programmed to respond to in-game events.

If we compare the performance of Razer Abyssus vs Steelseries Rival 100, the winner may not be apparent right away. But there are several things that we can consider. Although Razer Abyssus has a maximum sensitivity of 3500 DPI, the performance is somewhat less accurate and reliable than Steelseries Rival 100. The old version also has a bug in the z-axis which may make the mouse’s tracking spin out. The new version is less prone to this problem, though.

The performance of Steelseries Rival 100 is generally better, especially at the lower sensitivity levels. It is highly accurate and reliable under 1000 CPI. This model supports up to 4000 CPI, with 143 IPS and 20g acceleration.

- Highly tactile ergonomic buttons
- 3500dpi optical sensor
- Textured surface side grips
- Razer Synapse
- Personalized device settings anywhere
- Best in class sensor
- Six programmable buttons
- Customizable CPI up to 4000
- 30 million click switches
- 16.8 million color RGB illumination

In the end, Steelseries Rival 100 is the more recommended choice. This model has better performance and features. The tracking feels more accurate reliable, and the illumination is programmable. It also has two side buttons that can be very handy in some games. However, if you really prefer an ambidextrous mouse, RazerAbyssus can be your choice.