Razer Abyssus vs Abyssus V2

Razer Abyssus has become one of the most popular gaming mice from the brand. Many people love the ambidextrous design, which is surprisingly very comfortable on both the right hand and the left hand. However, it has a bug which may make it lose tracking and spin out during usage. While not all users have experienced this problem, Razer has updated their line-up with Razer Abyssus V2. Is the new model better than the original? Below, we will see the comparisons between Razer Abyssus vs Abyssus V2 on several aspects.

Design and Features
You can see that Razer Abyssus and Razer Abyssus V2 are close siblings. They have a lot of similarities regarding the designs. The ambidextrous shape is obviously unchanged on the new model, as this is what builds the character of the mouse. The overall dimensions are also identical. There are side rubber grips, too. Both mice feel very nice and comfortable.

However, the original Razer Abyssus comes with a dotted tactile scroll wheel. Some people say that this model has the better scroll wheel, which feels smoother and quieter. On the bad side, the original does not have the DPI button, so you have to use the software to adjust the DPI setting. Also, the mouse only has a green lighting.

The lighting of Razer Abyssus V2 definitely looks better. The scroll wheel and the brand logo are both backlit. You can program the lighting to have blue, cyan, or green hues. There are three lighting modes: static, breathing, and three-color breathing. The static mode will light up the mouse constantly, whereas the breathing mode will make the lighting fade-in and fade-out on an interval. The three-color breathing mode is similar except that it will cycle the color between blue, cyan, and green.

Unfortunately, the scroll wheel is a little bit noisy. But the new model has a very nice feature, which is the DPI switch under the scroll wheel. You can change the DPI setting on-the-fly by pressing on this button.

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Sensor and Performance
The most important difference between Razer Abyssus vs Abyssus V2 is the sensor. The original Razer Abyssus comes with a pretty good 3500 DPI optical sensor. The overall performance is actually very good. It has good tracking accuracy, making it a popular choice for FPS games. However, as mentioned in the beginning, this model has a bug on the z-axis which sometimes causes the pointer to lose tracking and spin out.

The new Razer Abyssus V2 comes with a new optical sensor with 5000 DPI sensitivity. It is not only about the improved sensitivity. This new sensor has eliminated the bug, so it does not have the problem of the original model. For sure, the tracking performance is much better.

- Highly tactile ergonomic buttons
- 3500dpi optical sensor
- Textured surface side grips
- Personalized device settings anywhere
- 5,000 DPI optical sensor
- Rubberized grips along the sides
- With three colors
- Responsiveness to enhance your gaming performance

The new Razer Abyssus V2 is indeed worth the money. It comes with a DPI button, which is very useful for changing the sensitivity setting on-the-fly to adapt to different games and conditions. But the most important thing is that it comes with a better sensor that does not spin out.