PXN V9 VS Thrustmaster T80

There are plenty of video games to play and for those who prefer to race, it will be great to have a racing wheel like PXN V9 Vs Thrustmaster T80 installed in your setup. These wheels are perfect for those who want to enjoy a better experience yet, they only come with the necessaries and are affordable for a wide range of players. If you wonder which of them will be the ideal buy, let’s see which seems to fit you most here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why You Need a Racing Wheel
  • What are PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80
  • How are the Unit of PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80
  • How are the Wheels of PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80
  • How are the Pedals of PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80
  • How are the Shifter of PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80
  • PXN V9 Vs Thrustmaster T80

Installing Racing Wheel

Some people play games to kill the time while some may be more enthusiastic about what they can achieve in the game itself. People may have different purposes when gaming but it is undoubtedly fun for the most part and sometimes we want this to be even better on the experience. Unfortunately, many of our basic equipment is not going to produce the best experience, especially if you play some specialty games that require a different type of control to naturally simulate the play.

Racing games are probably not as popular as FPS or RPGs we can play from our smartphones for example but it is also very fun once you try them. Many seem to get hooked on racing games because it gives you the adrenaline of controlling a vehicle and finishing as fast as you can. Racing in real life is expensive and quite a dangerous activity so for those who have an interest in this hobby may choose a racing game.

Depending on the system that you already have, we can control the vehicle with just a keyboard and mouse or controller and there is no one who will stop you from doing so in your own setup but, it is not very ideal. Different types of games or genres will be best with different types of controllers as well such as racing games that will feel better combined with a racing wheel. You are racing in the game and it is just logical to have something we can turn like a wheel.

Not only sounds fun, but a racing wheel can actually improve your experience. It gets you more immersed into the game and since we are playing something not real, getting a true experience is a huge deal just like how sound and vibration are going to elevate your experience while playing a game on the PlayStation or Computer. For racing games the wheel, pedal, and shifter are simulating the real experience of driving a real vehicle.

Many people also feel their playing has improved after getting used to the new rig. Whether it is because of elevated comfort or a better immersion, players usually can notice they can perform higher when using a wheel compared to playing with a controller or keyboard and mouse for example. However, depending on the rig you have, some do have a higher level of mechanism that mimic the real vehicle while some can feel like children’s toys; usually you can set them apart based on the price point.

PXN V9Thrustmaster T80
Product Dimensions11.02 x 13.39 x 11.22 inches
7.48 x 5.31 x 1.18 inches
Shipping Weight13.35 Pounds
7.15 Pounds
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About PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80

There are plenty to choose from based on which seems to fit you the most or how much you want to spend on the new rig. There are some factors to consider too such as the setup where you will play the game. Most of us probably just use a PC or a console with a TV and when it comes to racing wheels you can choose the option to mount them directly to the table or buy a dedicated frame, especially when the wheel is larger or more powerful.

For the starter, we do think trying some of the more affordable options will be more ideal, just to see whether you like how they work and maybe you can invest on something more high performance in the future. It is also great if you are not sure yet whether to stick with racing games later once you discover new titles to play. On the budget range, there are PXN and Thrustmaster to consider with their good and reliable options.

There are several models to choose from their collection and usually people choose Thrustmater for the high-end options like the T300 but surpassingly this brand is also carrying some of the most affordable wheels like the T80. On the other hand PXN is already well-known for being a budget choice such as with PXN V9 Vs V900 and for what they can offer in a very affordable price point package. Both PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 are affordable solutions for more fun racing.

Before deciding on a wheel, make sure they are compatible with your system and V9 is probably one of the few that can work on almost every systems whether it is PC or consoles while T80 is a PlayStation and PC model so if you have Xbox, Thrustmaster do have TMX and TX series for the perfect compatibility. In comparison, the PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 are very similar and as a basic model there are not that many features yet adequate.

PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 Unit

The PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 are simple setup and meant to be installed on a table so it is easy to mount and arrange but make sure there is still plenty of space in the front of the table and distance to the monitor. They come with this clamp to attach and secure the main wheel on your table while most of the unit is made of plastic. Side by side they are pretty much the same however based on the aesthetic.

The wheel size is 11 inches which is noticeably smaller than your actual wheel on a vehicle. They are not clumsy however and there is this weight when you try to turn the wheel so the feeling is not like a children’s toy. The two come with pedals and as you can see, the T80 is only featuring both gas and brake while a three pedal system is what you get from V9. Additionally, the V9 gives you a dedicated gear shifter too.

PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 Wheels

Moving further, let’s see what the PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 can offer starting from the wheel and we do think they are pretty similar on the hand. The size is the same and material is decent too with some padding on the left and right side of the wheel while the rest is hard plastic. The 4 PlayStation buttons are available on both wheels along with the arrow pads or buttons. The buttons are programmable too but if you have PlayStation, it seems the T80 is more native to the system.

The difference is when you rotate the wheel and while they are not completely loose with some resistance to it, none of these wheels are featured with force feedback which means the wheel won’t be able to mimic the weight of the car in the game. It makes them easier to control however with a reduced realness to it. Additionally the PXN V9 is both 270 and 900-degree if you play something like Euro Truck as the T80 is only 270-degree.

PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 Pedals

Next is for the pedals and as you can see, the V9 is coming with a three pedal system with a clutch included while the T80 only has the gas and brake pedal. It may affect the experience or not depending on how you would like to play but we do think any of the two are fine with V9 being slightly more realistic if you are used to the driving style in the real world. The other difference is about the height of these pedals because T80 feels too high out of the box.

Thankfully you can adjust the inclination and with brushed metal finish, they do feel good below your feet. The overall experience is great and we do think they are very easy to get used with as long as you don’t chase for the most natural experience like in a real car.

PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 Shifter

The last is their shifter and sadly the dedicated shifter only comes with PXN V9. If you have heard about the Logitech G29 shifter, this model is very similar to the competitor and is working mostly great too. We do think the value of V9 is in this shifter too because not every setup in this price range comes with one and it is a great thing that PXN gives the equipment in a very affordable price point. However, the T80 also works well with the paddle shifter.

PXN V9 Vs Thrustmaster T80

Both PXN V9 and Thrustmaster T80 are good options in the sub $200 for what they can offer. The difference in experience is minor because both work well on the compatible systems. The V9 gives more however in the low price point by including a shifter and three pedal systems. The build quality is about the same and the overall experience is fun as long as you don’t aim for the most realistic setup.

- Multi-platform Steering Wheel: Cross-platform steering driving wheel for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, Xbox one/Xbox series s&x, Nintendo Switch. Built-in double adjustable vibration motors.
- PC Racing Wheel with Clutch and Shifter: Six-speed manual shifter gearbox for better driving experience.The gear lever is suitable for truck games, because racing games generally default to automatic transmission, so it is not recommended to use the gear lever when playing racing games.
- 270 & 900 DEGREE GAMING STEERING WHEEL: Physical button to shift 270 degree & 900 degree, operate easily. 900 degree fit for driver games, like Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator, 270 degree fit for competing racing games, like Need for Speed, Forza Horizon.
- Steering Wheel and Pedals with Clutch : Pressure-sensitive pedals simulated real racing car, rubber feet and a retractable carpet grip system keep your pedals right where you put them.
- PS4 / PS3 sliding switch (for full compatibility of the USB Racing Wheel on PS3)
- Wheel grip with rubber texture coating
- 2 On-wheel sequential digital gear shift paddles
- Large optimized pedal set - Adjustable angle of inclination for each pedal & Brake pedal featuring progressive resistance


The decision is all yours because there is no bad option here and if we are to recommend one, the V9 is a very promising setup at a very affordable price tag. It works satisfying too and fun for almost every system or setup you have.