PXN V9 VS Logitech G29

We love video games and it is easy to see why because they are fun. For those who want to improve their experience, a racing wheel will feel much better than using a console and there are plenty to choose from such as PXN V9 Vs Logitech G29. These racing wheels are going to mimic the navigation of your simulation games and probably may even elevate your performance. If you are also considering the two, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Investing on Racing Wheel
  • What are PXN V9 and Logitech G29
  • How are the Setup of PXN V9 and Logitech G29
  • How are the Wheel on PXN V9 and Logitech G29
  • How are the Pedal in PXN V9 and Logitech G29
  • How are the Overall Experience with PXN V9 and Logitech G29
  • PXN V9 Vs Logitech G29

Racing Wheel

Video games are getting popular and it is going in a promising direction where people can play from various different settings or devices as long as they have the game file running or internet connection if it is an online game. As you can see there are also a growing number of gaming peripherals especially for PC gaming because they are more convenient. such as with a variety of gaming keyboards, gamepad, mouse, headset, controller, etc. Different people may want and need different types of equipment.

This is highly based on the game we play for example as not everyone will need a mouse with 9 side buttons to press and similarly not everyone will want to install a racing wheel in their setup. If you are here then we assume a racing wheel will end up in the front of your monitor. Racing wheel as the name suggests is specifically made for racing games, in order to mimic the natural way of driving which may not feel as great when played through a keyboard or controller.

If you installed a racing wheel, what to expect is a higher immersion of the game we play as we embrace the cockpit camera view and it will allow you to feel the similar experience of driving something instead of playing a game. One of the major differences in terms of features is that they can provide a force feedback. This is a feature built-in to the unit that will give a force through the steering wheel in order to replicate the effect of controlling a real vehicle.

You can expect it to feel like vibration or changes in strength dynamically depending on the movement or event happening on your screen. It is also great to hold onto a real wheel and feels the texture of the road affecting the vibration of your steering wheel as well. On the drawback side, the first thing to note is that they will need a dedicated mount to place or at least a space. The system is bulky and players may want to build a dedicated setup to place both the wheel and pedals.

Most people will add a racing chair as well, making it into a solid system that will deliver a higher experience. Additionally, depending on your main system, the cost of a racing wheel can be quite expensive too. This is usually bought and installed by players who play only racing games or play it the most often. The setup with seat and wheel is also less versatile if you want to be more relaxed because with a controller we can play while laying down or in a much more comfortable position.

PXN V9Logitech G29
Product Dimensions11.02 x 13.39 x 11.22 inches
10.24 x 10.94 x 10.63 inches
Shipping Weight13.35 Pounds
4.96 pounds
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About PXN V9 and Logitech G29

The decision is all yours depending on what level of experience and how you will play using the equipment. Simulation racing is undeniably will be much better with a racing wheel and if you are interested in this type of video game then investing in one sounds like a wise idea. There are more than plenty to choose from however so it can be a bit confusing and they can vary based on price as well as features and compatibility.

Spending in an amount we are comfortable with is preferred, moreover if you can get all the necessary features ready to use.  When it comes to racing wheels, you can find several options currently being talked about a lot in the last few years and some of the most popular brands to go for are Logitech and PXN. They are almost like a high-end brand with its alternative based on the price point. They have several options to consider too, depending on what seems more interesting.

On the affordable option we have PXN V9 and on the pricier side we have G29 from Logitech. These racing wheels are loved by many and it is easy to understand why because they really deliver a greater experience. All features that you can hope to see in the setup are all available but with a much lower price PXN also puts a shifter in the box while for G29 you have to buy it separately, adding more to the cost.

Another thing we like from PXN is that this wheel is already compatible with various setups whether it is PC, PS, or Xbox while for G29, it is compatible for both PC and PlayStation only. There is an Xbox variant called the G920 if you have the other console. Overall, the PXN V9 and Logitech G29 are pretty similar with all important features like shifter and vibration along with good performance in experience. Read also: Logitech G13 Vs Razer Orbweaver here.

PXN V9 and Logitech G29 Setup

Before moving further, let’s talk about the setup first and one thing missing is an H-pattern shifter for G29. To connect everything together is very easy since you just need to plug the cable for every equipment to the wheel and from wheel to the console or PC. For installation we like Logitech with its convenient clamp because it locks onto the table and secured properly with a push button. On PXN the clamps are larger but they are separated from the main unit.

From the build quality they are good and should last with proper care yet Logitech feels better on the hand, probably because of the addition of plush foam on the wheel. They are at the same size however or 11-inches in diameter. As for the pedal, they have this brushed metal finish but Logitech feels stiffer in comparison and you will notice the brake is the stiffer among them; it is based on the distance traveled as a potentiometer type instead of pressure sensitive like the V9.

PXN V9 and Logitech G29 Wheel

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the PXN V9 and Logitech G29 can offer starting from the wheel. They have the same size or 11-inches in diameter but they are clearly made with different levels of quality as the G29 has some leather on it which improves the comfort and just overall experience while you hold and navigate the wheel. The buttons also feel less sturdy and don’t give this satisfying feedback that we often have on typical controllers for example.

The paddle shifter is plasticky on V9 and somehow loud which can be quite annoying if you don’t wear something like headphones. Talking about being loud, the vibration is also producing noise when you remove the hand which is not an issue with many other wheels including G29. Of course we will have our hand on the wheel for most of the time but this is still an important issue to expect. The most important is probably the lack of force feedback on V9.

PXN V9 and Logitech G29 Pedal

Moving to the pedal, as opposed we actually like V9 better here because they are more similar to how a car set of pedals feel like. The only issue is that there is too much plastic there and the three of them have the same resistance. On the G29 since it is based on the distance traveled, the brake is heavier but this is not what real pedals are so both are not the best here yet, personally we like the V9 slightly more.

PXN V9 and Logitech G29 Experience 

Lastly for the overall experience, the PXN V9 and Logitech G29 are perfect for starters, children, or young adults. The two are far from the top of the selection but price is the one deciding their quality and it is understandable. The steering itself is better for G29 with feedback but it is also not the smoothest to have. Some people have to spend much time setting up V9 and making it work for their computer but this is probably because it is made to fit both PCs and consoles.

The V9 also offers shifters in the package which is a great deal when you consider that G29 shifters cost quite some too and for the braking, none of them are realistic but from the shape and pressure we do prefer V9 slightly better. We also want to mention that the 11-inch wheel is small so if you have a big hand it can be uncomfortable to navigate it.

PXN V9 Vs Logitech G29

The PXN V9 and Logitech G29 are good choices for a lot of people but they are more on the entry level. Based on the wheel only G29 is better but we like V9 pedals more and this model also includes a shifter in the box and being much cheaper already it is hard to complain about the quality. The experience is not perfect with any of the two but G29 has a slightly better quality while V9 is noticeably cheaper and gives you more.

- Multi-platform Steering Wheel: Cross-platform steering driving wheel for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, Xbox one/Xbox series s&x, Nintendo Switch. Built-in double adjustable vibration motors.
- PC Racing Wheel with Clutch and Shifter: Six-speed manual shifter gearbox for better driving experience.The gear lever is suitable for truck games, because racing games generally default to automatic transmission, so it is not recommended to use the gear lever when playing racing games.
- 270 & 900 DEGREE GAMING STEERING WHEEL: Physical button to shift 270 degree & 900 degree, operate easily. 900 degree fit for driver games, like Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator, 270 degree fit for competing racing games, like Need for Speed, Forza Horizon.
- Steering Wheel and Pedals with Clutch : Pressure-sensitive pedals simulated real racing car, rubber feet and a retractable carpet grip system keep your pedals right where you put them.
- The definitive sim racing wheel for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3: Realistic steering and pedal action for the latest racing titles
- Built to last: Durable solid steel ball bearings, stainless steel shifter and pedals and hand stitched leather wheel grip
- Dual motor force feedback: Realistically simulates the racing experience with smooth, quiet helical gearing. Hall-effect steering sensor
- Easy access game controls: On wheel D pad, console buttons, paddle shifters and LED indicator lights


There is no bad choice between the two and personally we recommend getting the V9 if this is meant for children or younger players. It is hard to beat at the current price range which is less than $200 and with a shifter comes in the box, PXN knows what they are doing with V9.