PlayStation is a very popular console with a huge amount of fans from varying age ranges. You can play their games from a computer as well today, just add a compatible controller such as PS3 DualShock Vs Sixaxis and an account. It makes video games more accessible for many more people and for those considering these controllers, here is what you may want to know about the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Third-Party Controller
  • What are PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis
  • How are the Design of PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis
  • How are the Buttons in PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis
  • What are the Features in PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis
  • How are the Performance of PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis
  • PS3 DualShock Vs Sixaxis

Third-Party Game Controller

Video games are fun and in modern days you can play them from various devices, not only consoles. In fact, it seems that PC gaming and online mobile games are getting much more popular and someday maybe they can dethrone the console system unless we get more advantages from playing the PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. Even today you can play for example PlayStation games without the console through PlayStation Now app and their Network account. Overall it is pretty simple and convenient for more people.

For those who choose to play their favorite games on a computer, what you need is the account to the streaming service and also a compatible controller. The controller is necessary since this is the method we are going to interact with the system and there are so many of them to choose from so it can be quite confusing. The controller is an ideal input to navigate the system and control the character so they need to be reliable and comfortable on hand.

If you already have a console such as DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller, they will connect to the computer too and you can stream the games on the PC as long as there is constant internet connection. But, for those who don’t have a console or don’t plan on buying one, the console gamepad or third-party gamepad can be a good option as well. They are made by other companies such as Logitech or MSI and depending on the system, some are compatible with the console as well.

There are factors you may want to consider if choosing a third-party option because they are not always identical. One of the most important is the styling because in general PlayStation and Xbox style are two of the very popular designs. The layout is different but typically third-party consoles are following the buttons of Xbox because they are made to mimic how the console is seamlessly integrated with another Microsoft machine. It is highly subjective to what you are more familiar with.

We can always get used to the layout after some time but using the controller that we are already familiar with will feel better. Usually controllers including the third-party options are not fixed in terms or button functions meaning they are customizable and we highly recommend to choose the one that you can adjust because it is great for versatility as you can choose the settings. For example the sensitivity of the triggers to match the gamepad to the type of games you are currently playing.

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About PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis

In many cases the third-party gamepads or controllers are more affordable compared to the brand name or those PlayStation and Xbox gamepads but they are behaving in a similar way. Depending on your preference, buying a third-party can save the budget but if budget is not an issue we do think spending on the original controller will be much more convenient. Just make sure that it is compatible with your system, well made, and performing properly with your games and machines.

For those with an older PlayStation in their home or prefer older games, we can still find many DualShock 3 for the PlayStation 3 and their similar alternatives in the market. While now we are already all about the PlayStation 5 and a brand new controller, not everyone has the fortune to spend and many of us are still enjoying their older console but probably need a new gamepad because the controller often wears out faster than their machine.

Some of the most popular options to consider are PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis controllers which came with PS3 back then. The price for this older DualShock is apparently not as affordable as we thought it would be since it is only $10 cheaper than the DualSense, the newest gamepad accompanying PS5. It is easy to see why Sexaxis becomes a very interesting option as it is much cheaper and for a gamepad that works really well with the console, it is a great choice to save the budget.

These controllers are also very popular among the fans of retro games when they build their own system because price wise they are more affordable than many other new and powerful gamepads. However, the PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis are not identical to each other and as a higher model this DualShock is coming with more features compared to the Sixaxis but if you don’t need the features, we do think any of the two will be a great choice, especially if you are liking the styling and ergonomic of previous DualShock.

PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis Design

Before checking what these controllers can offer, let’s see the unit first and as you can see, they are pretty similar to each other in terms of ergonomics. Sixaxis was made by Sony to replace DualShock 3 for a while so they have an identical styling and ergonomics. The material seems to be the same as well and this older PS gamepad is rather slim on hand. They are wireless and this is a good thing because many of us struggle to have a cable long enough from the monitor to the couch.

Another thing to note is they use built-in batteries which means the gamepad is charging through the USB cable and this means you can use them in wired mode as well if you have a long enough USB cable or want to eliminate any Bluetooth issue. The unfortunate thing is that none of them are packed with the charging cable so you will need to buy it separately or use the available compatible USB we already have; they use USB 2.0 Type A to Mini B.

PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis Buttons 

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis can offer starting from the buttons. The original DualShock 3 was much similar to the Sixaxis as the latter is actually launched first compared to the gamepad that we know today so if you buy PS3 in 2006, chances are you have the Sixaxis controller instead. The two are identical in feel, with two sticks at the same level and feel identical both on texture and movement.

On the left side we get the D-pad and on the other side we get the standard triangle, circle, cross, and square buttons as opposed to the Xbox style controller. There is a PS button in the middle of the sticks, accompanied with a select and start button above it. At the top or shoulder we have a pair of shoulder buttons and triggers. Read also: Logitech F710 Vs Xbox 360 Controller here.

PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis Features

Next for the features, we do think this is what separate PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis the most because when Sony settle their legal issue with the company who developed Immersion, the console begin to ship with their new DualShock 3 controller and this variant that you can still buy today is coming with the rumble feature. This may not be an issue for everyone who will be using the gamepad but DualShock is very familiar with the feature so not having them, like in Sixaxis will be a disadvantage.

As quite the old system both of them are simpler and don’t come with extensive features except for the wireless and wired mode. We don’t find headphone jack or other ports to expand the features on both controllers.

PS3 DualShock Vs Sixaxis

On the performance side, the PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis are made for the PlayStation 3 and they are seamlessly working with the console but, you will need to work more when installing them on a computer and we need an emulator to make the machine recognize them like the Xbox controller. Many also use them for their retro games whether it is by enthusiasts of older games or players on a budget. We have heard some issues with Bluetooth when connecting to Raspberry Pi so in case this happens you may want to use the cable instead.

PS3 DualShock Vs Sixaxis

Both PS3 DualShock and Sixaxis are made to be like each other but since the Sixaxis was shipped earlier for the PS3, this controller also lacks the vibration that everyone is familiar with in a DualShock controller. After the legal issue is resolved Sony pairs the PS3 with DualShock that has this rumble feature and making it an overall better gamepad for higher immersion. The rest of functions and compatibilities are pretty much the same for both controller yet Sixaxis is much more affordable now.

- The only Bluetooth controller for the PS3 system;
- Hours of comfortable game play with ergonomically designed grips;
- Feel every hit, crash, and explosion with hand-vibrating DUALSHOCK response
- Play wirelessly with up to seven friends;
- Official Controller For Ps3
- Game like never before with the motion-sensing SIXAXIS wireless controller
- Utilizes Bluetooth Technology For Wireless Gameplay
- Easy To Set Up & Compatible With Monitors & Tvs


There is no bad option here as you can choose any of them based on which seems to match the preference and budget. We recommend Sixaxis if you are on a budget or will be using it with a retro gaming system because it behaves just like DualShock 3 minus the vibration.