Nintendo Switch vs Wii U

Nintendo is the oldest video game company in the world. Company origin Japan there has been since the years 1889 and started a business selling traditional card game. Along with the development of technology, the company did not want to miss. Not only traditional toys that they try to get into the game, however digital electronic they are trying to develop, until finally making Nintendo became one of the largest video game company in the world. With a variety of console game that has been known to have rendered, Nintendo Switch vs Wii U as a Switch console from Nintendo that types are often compared to each other. Nintendo Wii U itself came up with the unexpected.

Nintendo had indeed struggled to follow the mainstream market, by trying to attract third party developers are more massive. No longer just focus on those games with the family theme, Nintendo had a dream to make the Wii U as a console that is more universal, making it have appeal among core gamers who want games with more mature themes. But unfortunately, this dream began to lose, slowly and surely. So, what to do with the Nintendo Switch? The following are the actual review.

Games on each Nintendo Switch vs Wii U are currently existed nine titles are certainly present in the Nintendo switches. As revealed by IGN, nine titles are: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Untitled Mario games, Mario Kart Splatoon Switch, Switch, Just Dance, Holiday 2017 2017 Sonic Game, Dragon Quest X and XI, and also Streamworld Heist. Nintendo Switches supported by more than 40 Developer Games. Nintendo has released one of its flagship game title that is Super Mario 3D World. For fans of Mario, this game is arguably the game could sell Wii U to them because it is high quality. Then, the game appears again is a system seller, and the game is Mario Kart 8. The same as Super Mario 3D World which has a very positive review, game this one get the value of a good review evenly, and gameplay with fun Mario Kart 8, casual gamers might have been controlled by the Candy Crush Saga they could forget the game that briefly in order to enjoy Mario Kart 8. A variety of unique and exciting game is announced, and amazingly the whole game again is extremely varied. Various games shown showcased gameplay looks fun and unique graphics. All that they show off exactly with the intention to sell the Wii U to audiences. See how well the gameplay from Splatoon, how beautiful and promising the latest Zelda, how cool open-world JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as how the excitement of Super Smash Bros gameplay trailer.

Specifications and Pros for Nintendo Switch
How do the specifications from Nintendo switches? You can read also Nintendo Switch vs PS4. On the side of the processor, Nintendo switches provided with Nvidia Tegra x 1. For performance, Nvidia claims that the Tegra processors are X 1-art they have ever made. For the screen, Nintendo switches have screens of 6.2 inches with a resolution of 720 p. Though not yet full HD, but the resulting screen on Nintendo switch is enough to satisfy the eye. Nintendo switches using a controller that is named “Joy-con”. Joy-con on Nintendo switches removable plug. There is also Joy-con grip. Nintendo has a battery capacity switch 4310mAh. From author search results in Google, Use the switch on the Nintendo battery can last for 6 hours in a single charge. For memory switch on the Nintendo has a size of 32 GB. And the memory is expandable with Micro SDHC or SDXC 2 TB up to Micro.

Some advantages of Nintendo Switches are Portable. True to its name, Nintendo said on the introducing video “Now you can switch and play”. You can play with the dock and then connect with tv. Or connect a Joy-con with Joy-con grip. And lastly you can play Nintendo switch by combining both Joy-con on the Nintendo switch. Then in the Region Locking as well. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS and Wii u. When percentage implemented Nintendo switch on event “Nintendo Switches presentation”. They say that Nintendo will not use the region lock on a Nintendo console switches. As a result, you can buy games from any region. While the Parental control function to set the time and see what games are being played on Nintendo’s witch, and so on.

Specifications and Pros Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Wii U have the most unique GamePad from all types of console, on the GamePad is screen 6.2 inches which serves as the second screen, so it can be used as portable gaming in General. On a GamePad there are buttons such as the joystick there is usually only a few extras like the HOME button, Power, and the button to control the TV. Motion sensors on the GamePad is controlled by the geomagnetic, gyroscope, accelerometer, and plus the front camera, stereo speakers, mic, the vibrating sensor, stylus, and equipped with the (NFC) Near Field Communication. Gamepad should also use batteries, and this makes the total weight of about 500 grams of the GamePad. The Nintendo Wii can U use 2 to 4 GamePad at the same time, and even supports the Wii controller such as Wii Remote, Wii Controller, Wii U Pro Balance board, the Classic Controller, and the Nunchuk. Images of the Nintendo Wii U resolution 480 p, 480i, 720 p, 1080i, and 1080 p, HDMI, Component Video, D-Terminal, Wii Wii RGB 5, AV, and Wii Wii S-Video Stereo AV. and here’s a picture of the game Zelda HD version. The processor that is used is the IBM multi-core AMD Radeon, GPU, and RAM memory, 2 GB for data storage available from 8 GB to 32 GB. This console can be directly connected to the internet by LAN cable or WiFi 802.

- Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and Two Joy-Con strap accessories
- One Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter
- Discover a world where you don't play video games, you live them where your friends, movies, TV shows and the Web all collide
- Take entertainment into your own hands and eliminate the barriers between you and the gaming world with the Nintendo Wii U Console

It is hard to do a comparison between Nintendo Switch vs Wii U, But if we have to answer the question of whether you should invest in a Nintendo Switch vs Wii U in the coming chances, the answer is: The Switch isn’t even that expensive as you think. And while it doesn’t have anywhere near the games support now, more developers and publishers are on board this time around to ensure that there will be an amount of titles to come. Mario is one of them, of course. We also think the Switch is better suited for your families than its immediate predecessor. The motion gaming aspects of the Joy-Cons means that children, young and old, will engage with it in a way that the Wii U never captured.