Logitech G9x vs G502

Gaming mouse into an object that should not be missed when you guys computer assemble a computer gaming, although using a regular mouse, you guys can still play a game on the computer, but with a gaming mouse we can get the performance play games that are better and more exciting. Many novice gamers who even bought mouse gaming with the select, actually gaming mouse is an awful lot of its kind with different features. We will make review 2 products from Logitech mouse products with either the public or gaming mouse. Who are they? They are Logitech G9X vs. G502.

Logitech G9X
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse is a rich featured, comfortable to wear, and most importantly, very easy to use even by users who are not yet familiar with the gaming mouse though. Highlighted features it has seemed appropriate, ranging from the grip that can be replaced, the sensor with high resolution, two scrolling modes, up to the storage profile settings in the on-board memory that does not need drivers. Everything is really feels useful, not simply a gimmick featured solely. Excellence at once into the features of the Logitech G9X consists of 2 types of grip is suitable for various purposes that are different. It is also equipped with a high resolution sensor of 5700 dpi plus On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment. If you are going to activate the profile, you do not have to painstakingly install drivers. There is an extra Button 4 and 5 left hand is easy to reach by the thumb, whereas the DPI button switch is inexplicably left-handed right given under the left button. Given ballast type 2, 4.5 g and 7 g. Please tune to taste weighing which ones are considered comfortable. Driver interface is not logitech if not user-friendly. Very easy we understand the function that is displayed by the logitech profiler. Dpi settings, macros, angle snapping, profile in an instant we know the function and its use without the need to read the manual.

Logitech G502
Logitech G500s vs G502 is including a must-read page if you want to know more of G502. Logitech G502 Proteus Core which is equipped with RGB lighting that is customizable, it became the best-selling gaming mouse is getting better and the color. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum retaining the world’s best DPI sensor, Advanced Surfaces and Weight Tuning (load mouse Enhancer), and now gives you more features to enhance your gaming experience. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum features the PMW3366 as an optical sensor to produce accurate and robust performance and maximum tracking accuracy with optical sensor technology Logitech G Delta Zero which can improve the accuracy of the target objectives. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum also features a range of between 200 DPI up to 12,000 with accurate acceleration levels. The texture of the rubber grip and a comfortable keypad display provides maximum performance and experience when first impressions using the mouse. In addition, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum have individual left and right buttons that can provide a stable platform, resulting in a level of precision and endurance which satisfy at the time of use. The mechanism of micro-switch under each key can increase the level of speed and accuracy. And, the dual-mode scroll wheel hyper-fast presents experience click-to-click scrolling that precision and super fast while exploring the web.

- Interchangeable grips let you choose a fit and feel that's best for your playing style (includes Wide Load and Precision grips)
- Next-generation gaming laser gives you game-changing precision at any hand speed
- Onboard memory lets you program up to five ready-to-play profiles (for keyboard macros, dpi settings, and LED colors).* * Requires additional software installation
- Weight-tuning system gives you up to 28 g of extra weight for personalized feel and control
- Custom-color LEDs let you match your mouse to your PC, your game, your style
-Surface tuning calibration: Easily calibrate the optical sensor to get best tracking performance for your specific mouse pad surface
- Weight and balance tuning: Adjust the weight, center of balance and placement of weights for personalized feel and performance
- 11 programmable buttons: Set up one-button triggers to execute any command or macro at lightning speed
- On-the-fly DPI: Quickly switch through up to 5 DPI settings (200-12,000) or temporarily downshift DPI for sniping.
- Improved dual-mode hyperfast scroll wheel: Get enhanced click-to-click precision for gaming and blazing scrolling speeds for the web

There are 3 important reasons you must consider, design, comfort, and lightweight. And all of the reasons you can find on Logitech G9x and there is no doubt if G9x got many good reviews everytime they replace the older gaming mouse with the new one which is G9x. According to price, it might be a bit over priced but totally and clearly worth it until you are hard to find the replacement.