Logitech G903 vs G703

Logitech G903 vs G703 are featured with PMW3366 optical sensors, considered by professional esports and gaming enthusiasts of the best gaming mouse sensors in the market. Not only those, there many other similarities and difference on both gaming mouse which are becoming the two most favorite mouse among gamers out there. Since we all have to choose only one, which one is better? The answer will be appeared on this article.

Thanks to years of innovation, PMW3366 has zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000 DPI). The resulting experience is outstanding tracking accuracy and consistently responsive, even at speeds of over 400 IPS. Advanced mechanical Tensioning buttons: Metal precisely-tensioned springs and exclusive mechanical pivot hinges on the G903 keeping the main left and right mouse buttons ready to trigger. This technology gives the feel of very clean and fresh buttons, response and consistency. Logitech G increases in design and increases keypad’s ability of keys up to 2.5 x with 50 million click switch. (Read also : Logitech G903 vs G900)

Highest comfort and quality: the second rat provides durable comfort. Features Logitech G903 buttons can be configured layout and ambidextrous design that allows for left or right hand that use and work with almost any style grip mouse, including palm, claw and finger grip. Logitech G703 has a lightweight, ergonomically designed body that is made to mold into your hands. Rubber grip on left and right side offers added controls. You can use out-of-the-box direct mice, or you can program buttons with custom game commands using Logitech Gaming software (LGS).

Lightspeed and Power Play
Lightspeed delivers responsive levels of competition at faster speeds than many competitive Rat Game mice. Decades of wireless engineering experience means LIGHTSPEED has a wireless signal strength of up to 16x (12dB) higher than the competition and a unique mechanism of agility frequency that automatically avoids troublesome interruptions, smooth and consistent performance. Lightspeed supports both Powerplay wireless charging system and G903 and G703 Game rats, meaning this device can pair directly with Powerplay integrated Lightspeed Wireless receiver for optimal signal strength and charging and data comfort through one USB cable.

Powerplay reinvents the possibility of wireless charging. Departure from existing standard wireless charging, which requires charging device to sit still in one special area to fill, Powerplay designed from ground to give uninterrupted charging over mousing surface even when mouse in play. The wireless charging system uses an innovative application of electromagnetic resonance that creates an energy field above Powerplay’s 275 x 320mm surface to provide wireless power without interfering with precise tracking and high performance mouse game transmission data. The energy field of Powerplay is captured and transformed into charging current by Powercore module, which is magnetically attached to wireless compatible Game Mice, Logitech G903 vs G703.

- LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS: latency can be the difference between winning it all or losing
- ADVANCED PMW3366 SENSOR: equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor—zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000DPI) at speeds over 400 IPS
- ADVANCED MECHANICAL BUTTON TENSIONING: delivers an exceptionally clean and crisp button feel, response, and consistency
- POWERPLAY Wireless Charging-Compatible: the world's first and only wireless gaming mouse charging system, to keep G903 (and G703) charged while at play and at rest
- CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: configurable button layout and ambidextrous design allow for left- or right-handed use that works with nearly any mouse grip style, including palm, claw and fingertip grips
- LIGHTSPEED Wireless Technology: In high-pressure moments, latency can be the difference between winning it all or losing. With millions on the line, esports professionals around the world depend on LIGHTSPEED wireless technology
- PMW3366 Gaming Optical Sensor: Widely regarded by esports professionals and gaming enthusiasts as the best gaming mouse sensor on the market, PMW3366 has zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000DPI)
- Ergonomically Designed Body: With a lightweight (107g), ergonomically designed body, G703 was made to mold to your hand for long-lasting comfort during gameplay. Rubber grips on the left and right sides give you added control
- Works with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System: Add POWERPLAY, the world’s first and only wireless gaming mouse charging system, to keep G703 (and G903) charged while at play and at rest
- Advanced Button Tensioning: Advanced button tensioning uses metal springs to help keep the left and right mouse buttons primed to click, reducing the force needed to click and delivering exceptional click feel, response, and consistency

Both of Logitech G903 vs G703 are a good idea to go with. But, if you want to have more affordable price because you tight on your budget, then you can choose Logitech G703. But, if you already fallen in love to the pretty Logitech G903, there is no doubt anymore to not choose it as soon as possible.