Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless

In this article, you can learn more about the comparison and differences between two wireless gaming mice from Logitech, which are Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless. The two products are standing in the same price range, but they have very different designs and features. So, make sure that the one you choose is indeed the most suitable for you!

Our discussion below will cover everything about:
– The design and appearance of each mouse
– The dimensions of each mouse and who will find them comfortable
– The features of Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless
– The performance comparison between the two mice
– The battery life of each wireless mouse
– Which Logitech mouse that gives the best value for the money

Both Logitech G903 and Logitech G Pro Wireless are gaming mice, but they have radically different looks. On one hand, you have the sporty G903 with sharp edges and multiple lighting zones. On the other hand, there is the elegant and streamlined G Pro Wireless without unnecessary clutters. See also: Logitech G703 vs G603.

Logitech G903 is indeed an ambidextrous mouse. It has a symmetrical design with identical features on the left side and right side. The click buttons are separated from the lower half of the mouse. You can see visible lines between the upper and lower parts, as well as textured lines surrounding the sides of the mouse, which create an impression that the mouse is a peripheral of a robotic machinery.

There are two programmable RGB lighting zones. The first one is on the center of the mouse, in the form of three small stripes, just under the additional buttons under the scroll wheel. The second one is the “G” logo on the lower part of the mouse. Logitech G903 is suitable for gamers who like sporty, eye-catching mice that have unconventional looks.

Logitech G Pro Wireless is also an ambidextrous mouse, featuring a symmetrical design with similar parts on both sides. However, this mouse appears much more streamlined and somewhat conventional. It has a traditional mouse shape without unnecessary protruding parts.

There are just three light dots on the center and the backlit “G” logo to add a decorative touch onto the mouse. It only has a single RGB lighting zone, which is indeed adjustable. Logitech G Pro Wireless can be a decent choice if you prefer a simple and discreet-looking gaming mouse.

In terms of comfort, Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless feel quite different. There are also slight differences in their dimensions. Depending on your typical grip style, you may find one mouse more comfortable than the other.

Logitech G903 is slightly larger and wider. It measures 130.3 mm long, 66.5 mm wide, and 40.4 mm thick. The weight of the mouse alone is about 110 grams. However, there is an optional removable 10g weight included in the box. You can add this piece into the slot at the bottom of the mouse if you prefer a weighty mouse for gaming. The covers for hiding the side buttons that you don’t use are included.

If you have a fairly large hand, you will find Logitech G903 to be more comfortable to use. It is particularly great for palm grippers, as the width provides plenty of space for the palm. All the buttons are within easy reach of the fingers. Thanks to the ambidextrous design, both left-handed and right-handed users can use this mouse to its full potency.

Logitech G Pro Wireless is a little bit smaller, and is noticeably lighter. It measures 125 mm long, 63.5 mm wide, and 40 mm thick. The weight is about 80 grams. Unlike G903, G Pro Wireless doesn’t have an adjustable weight. People who prefer lightweight mice will enjoy using this mouse.

Actually, the traditional shape of Logitech G Pro Wireless makes it suitable for pretty much all grip styles. However, if you have relatively small hands, this mouse will be really great for you. Both left-handed and right-handed users can use this mouse without any difficulty. The side buttons use magnetic caps and are easily removable; the covers for the buttons that you don’t use are also included.

Scroll Wheel
A notable difference between Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless is the scroll wheel. Logitech G903 has an adjustable scroll wheel, which is really cool and convenient to use. Meanwhile, the scroll wheel on Logitech G Pro Wireless is a fairly standard one.

Logitech G903 comes with a scroll wheel that can tilt left and right. By default, the left and right tilts are for horizontal scrolling, but of course you can customize the functions via the software. Under the scroll wheel, there is a button for switching between the “notched” mode for precision scrolling and the “free-wheeling” mode for fast, unlimited scrolling, useful for navigating through long pages.

Logitech G Pro Wireless only has a standard scroll wheel, which is more similar to the notched mode of G903’s. It can also tilt left and right for horizontal scrolling, and you can change the functions of the left and right tilts as well. However, G Pro Wireless’s scroll wheel won’t allow you to run through long pages quickly.

Other Features
Both Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless are programmable via the Logitech G Hub software. You can create different profiles with different backlighting, button mapping, and sensitivity. Each mouse here has on-board memory that can store up to five profiles.

Logitech G903 has two additional buttons on the left and two more on the right. Of course, it is possible to use all of these buttons, but most people usually only use the buttons on one side. You can use the side buttons for assigning commands in various games. If the game doesn’t have the option to customize the control layout, you can map the keys by yourself on the Logitech software.

Under the scroll wheel, there are three additional buttons. As mentioned above, one of them is for switching between the scroll modes. The other two buttons are for swapping DPI profiles. With these DPI buttons, you can quickly change the setting profile of your mouse to suit the game that you are going to play, without having to go through different screens.

Logitech G Pro Wireless also has two side buttons on the left and two on the right. This mouse uses the same Logitech G Hub software for customization, so the entire customization process is pretty much similar.

However, there is no DPI switch on the top of the mouse. Instead, the DPI switch is located at the bottom. This means that you need to flip the mouse over in order to change the setting profile. Still pretty convenient for swapping profiles before playing a game, but it won’t allow you to change the DPI level on the fly.

So, how is the performance of Logitech G903 and Logitech G Pro Wireless? Both gaming mice boast the Lightspeed wireless technology, which is said to provide near-zero latency for unrivaled speed and accuracy. In use, both gaming mice indeed are responsive and accurate, without any sign of delay or lag.

Both mice also have mechanical buttons with advanced tensioning for solid and precise clicks. However, they use different sensors. In general, Logitech G903 is better than Logitech G Pro Wireless.

Logitech G903 comes with the trusted and renowned Pixart PMW3366 sensor. It is highly regarded by professional players because of good reasons. This sensor is incredibly precise and accurate. It has zero filtering, smoothing, or hardware acceleration. As the effect, the performance is always consistent and reliable in any situation at any sensitivity level.

Logitech G Pro Wireless is armed with the Hero 16K sensor. According to the company, this sensor also has zero filtering, smoothing, and hardware acceleration. However, many users find that the G Pro Wireless mouse doesn’t feel as precise as G903. It is not as smooth, and tends to be more jerky. As the effect, it doesn’t feel nice to use in games that require high accuracy and precision.

Battery Life
Each wireless mouse here runs with a built-in battery, which is charged via a USB cable. You can use either mouse wired with the USB cable while charging, so you won’t need to stop playing even if your mouse runs out of power. Additionally, both Logitech G903 and Logitech G Pro Wireless are compatible with Logitech PowerPlay mouse pads, which can charge these mice wirelessly while they are in use.

Logitech G903 has a relatively shorter battery life. With the backlighting on, the maximum battery life is about 24 hours. With the backlighting off, it is increased to about 32 hours. Well, this is still fairly good.

Logitech G Pro Wireless has a notably longer battery life. It can last for up to 48 hours with the backlighting turned on. Without any backlighting, the battery life is about 60 hours. It is quite convenient for portable use and travel.

Logitech G903 vs G Pro Wireless

- LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS: latency can be the difference between winning it all or losing.
- LIGHTSPEED wireless technology features a 1 ms report rate for competition-level twitch targeting
- ADVANCED PMW3366 SENSOR: equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor—zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000DPI) at speeds over 400 IPS
- ADVANCED MECHANICAL BUTTON TENSIONING: delivers an exceptionally clean and crisp button feel, response, and consistency. Battery Life: Default lighting: 24 hours, No lighting: 32 hours
- Made with and for Pro Gamers: G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is the result of two years of work with professional esports gamers, combing advanced technologies in an ultra-lightweight design
- LIGHTSPEED Wireless: Pro-grade performance overcomes the traditional limitations of wireless latency, connectivity and power to deliver a rock-solid, super-fast 1 millisecond report rate connection
- HERO 16K Sensor: Logitech's most accurate sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPI and 10X the power efficiency of previous generation for the ultimate in wireless gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness
- Ultra Lightweight: Innovative endoskeleton design creates a super thin yet incredibly strong outer shell, enabling the body to weigh in at a remarkably light and maneuverable 80 grams

Between these two models, Logitech G903 is more recommended. It is overall a better gaming mouse. It is ambidextrous, customizable, and comfortable to use. It has fast scrolling and on-the-fly DPI switch buttons. More importantly, the sensor offers better performance. It is smoother and more accurate.