Logitech G700S vs Razer Ouroboros

There might be a reason why you are here reading this review. The first one is because you stuck on 2 options that is Logitech G700S vs Razer Ouroboros. The last one will be about your curiosity in knowing the review or the specifications on both gaming mouse. So, by reading this article, you will hope that your question is answered soon by us. Well, this would not be perfect one, but we will try our best to give you this: Logitech G700S vs Razer Ouroboros.

Logitech G700S
Logitech G700s claimed to have a very high performance and durability. Logitech G700s Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse is also claimed to stand more than 250 hours continuously without any interruption or lag. As for the about resilience, G700s has already conducted trials on left/right click buttons to 20 million clicks. Durability and high performance that this mouse is owned by the new standards presented by Logitech to meet market needs, especially in the world of gaming. Logitech G700s advantage compared to other models is a wireless gaming mouse which uses Laser sensors can be worked as well as a charger to recharge the battery type rechargeable through a standard microUSB connector cable already provided. Logitech G700s also claimed to have a report of a consistent rate, be it via wireless connection 2, 4 GHz as well as USB, as well as eight times faster than ordinary USB mouse. In addition, the gaming mouse from Logitech uses the Nano Wireless Receiver that controls the mouse from a distance of 10 meters. So for a hobby gamers play games with wide-screen, no need to worry about the screen. Plus, this mouse using hydrophobic material that is in the area of the Palm. The use of these materials is allegedly capable to prevent the mouse from sticky, as well as the grip feels comfortable at the side revive grip.

Razer Ouroboros
Razer Ourobors is more similar to transformers because of its shape can we change-change in accordance with to inginan us, this mouse also has wireless and wired mode so we can tailor the mode we use (wireless or wired mode). With functions like transformers we can arrange long and tall mouse, so that it can adjust the need we want while wearing it. Mouse Razer Ouroboros has 11 buttons of which there is a button double click, numlock or even key functions we already own modifications such as entering username and password so that, it all could’ve been set past the drivers provided by Razer. We can also arrange for the magnitude of this mouse DPI until you reach 8200dpi. Razer Ourobors also been equipped by 4 g dual sensor system features that use optical sensors and lasers simultaneously could make you more precision when we use the mouse while playing. As for the weight, this mouse has a weight of about 135 grams and has the elegant design though the famous rigid gaming mouse. Plus it also has features of razer synapse which let us to save data settings of the mouse without having to Flash points wherever.

- Full-speed USB performance whether wireless or wired
- 13 programmable controls
- Quick-connect USB recharging/data cable
- Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomics
- 8200dpi 4G Laser Sensor
- 1ms Gaming Grade Wireless Connectivity

Actually, if you must face the options between Logitech G700s vs Razer Ourobors, Logitech G700s wins because, it is wireless, so that there is no lag versus all wired or cable mice out there. It also has a great fit on your hand even your hand is big enough to hold the mouse for playing game. However, to get all the benefits, you have to save a few bucks for purchasing Logitech G700s.