Logitech G633 vs Astro A40

Should you choose Logitech G633 or Astro A40? In this article, we put the two popular gaming headsets against each other to see which one is actually better for dedicated gamers. Both headsets support virtual 7.1 surround sound, but there are many other distinctions that set Logitech G633 vs Astro A40 apart.

In this article, you can learn more about:
– The distinctive features of Logitech G633 and Astro A40
– The compatible platforms of Logitech G633 and Astro A40
– The sound quality of Logitech G633 and Astro A40
– The mic quality of Logitech G633 vs Astro A40
– Which gaming headset that gives the best value for the money

Design and Comfort
Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum somehow looks bulky, and it is indeed pretty heavy. However, it has a futuristic design with blue lines and a programmable RGB backlight. In short, it looks cool and stylish. It has a foldable noise-canceling mic, and most of the controls are put on the ear cups. See also: Logitech G633 vs HyperX Cloud 2.

Despite the apparent bulkiness, Logitech G633 is surprisingly comfortable to wear. The headband and ear cups are nicely padded with thick foam. The ear pads do not get too hot in an extended gaming session, so this is a great choice for competitive gaming.

On the other hand, Astro A40 comes with a sporty design. It has a very sturdy metallic frame. On the headband, there is a thick padding to keep the top of your head comfortable. The back covers of the ear cups are detachable and customizable with the separately sold mod kit. Also, the mic is detachable and swappable. However, the ear pads tend to become a little hot in an extended gaming session.

Features and Compatibility
Logitech G633 has two connection options, USB and 3.5 mm. You can actually use the two connection ports simultaneously to connect to two devices at the same time. Logitech G633 will mix the sound signals so that you can listen to music or answer a call without disturbing your game. There is a switch for changing the mic’s channel. Logitech G633 is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Logitech G633 also features three programmable G keys on the left ear cup. You can customize these buttons along with the backlighting and equalizer through the Logitech Gaming Software. These programmable buttons are probably too far to reach for important game commands, but they are still handy for some utility functions.

On the other hand, Astro A40 is available in two versions, one is for PS4 and the other is for Xbox One. Both versions are compatible with PC. However, Astro A40 comes with the MixAmp Pro TR, which is an external amplifier specially designed for the headset. The MixAmp for PS4 is not compatible with Xbox One, and vice versa.

Sound Quality
In general, both headsets have excellent sound quality. Both headsets can immerse you in your game with powerful directional sound effects. However, Logitech G633 is generally better. It has better clarity. The frequencies have better separation, so you can hear voices and dialogues clearly despite the explosions.

Astro A40 is actually great. The bass performance is awesome. The bass is full and solid. However, the clarity is not as impressive, as the bass sometimes muddles the mids and highs.

Logitech G633 vs Astro A40

- Exceptional audio performance
- Compatable on multiple platforms
- Multiple source audio mixing
- Fully customizable
- Foldaway noise-cancelling mic
- Pro Audio Quality
- Superior Fit & Finish
- Swappable Precision Microphone
- Mod Kit Ready
- Tuned for Gaming With ASTRO Audio

Both Logitech G633 and Astro A40 are great headsets, but Logitech G633 is the winner in the end. This headset has more comfortable ear pads, great features, and better sound quality.