Logitech G510S vs G710+

Logitech G-series keyboards are nearly legendary in their stature among gamers and enthusiasts. The early products within the lineup are still regarded as some of the best peripherals ever released due to their amazing ability to adapt to nearly every situation. Here will be reviewed on two types of Logitech G series keyboards, namely Logitech G510S vs G710+ for you the games addict.

Logitech G510S
Logitech has a gaming LCD keyboard product under the name Logitech G510s. The sophisticated keyboard for playing games has many features that will help you in playing games. The advantage of this keyboard compared with other gaming keyboard is there is LCD which can integrated with games that are played. Logitech G510s gaming keyboard is a must-have for every gamer. If you are looking for speed, precision, reliability and comfort in one device, this is the perfect device for you. The G510s’ keys are non-mechanical and use standard rubber-dome switches, which to many gamers is a complete letdown considering the direction of most gaming keyboards. Nevertheless this is a feature packed keyboard that boasts a slight makeover . instead of packing in more functionality.

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Logitech has a long history of building great gaming keyboards. Its G710+ is a behemoth that’s loaded with features. The G710+ is backlit with white LEDs, and that lighting is divided into two independently controlled zones. One button manages the brightness of the WASD and Arrow keys, while the other button controls the rest of the keyboard. Each zone can be set to any of five brightness levels, including off. At lower levels, some of the larger keys (namely Shift, Tab, and Enter) are lit a bit unevenly, but that’s a minor quibble. The G710+ has a column of six macro keys stacked on its left side. You can store three different macros in each of these and switch between them on the fly by pressing a companion button, much as you would change stations on your car radio. Unfortunately, the key you press to switch between the three collections of macros isn’t backlit, which makes it hard to locate in the dark (when you’ll need it most).

- Game Panel LCD screen: Stay informed with real-time game stats, VoIP communication data and more without interrupting game play
- Custom-color RGB backlighting: Assign a unique color to each profile, profile mode and mode style to easily locate any key in the dark
- 3.5mm audio ports: Quickly plug in your headset, plus independently control game audio output and your headset mic
- 18 Programmable G-keys: Simplify actions. Configure up to 54 unique functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts* (*Requires software installation)
- Multi-key input: Press up to six keys at once to perform multiple complex moves without interference or ghosting
- Tactile, high-speed keys: Quiet mechanical keys deliver gaming-grade responsiveness and superior tactile feedback without noise distractions
- Adjustable dual-zone backlighting: Adjust the brightness of WASD/arrow keys independently from the rest of the keyboard so you can easily find any key?even in low light
- 6 programmable G-keys: Configure up to 18 unique functions per game, including single keypresses, complex macros or intricate Lua scripts
- High-performance gaming keys: 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26-key rollover help you make the right moves with flawless precision; one-touch media keys let you instantly control volume, mute and media playback
- Compatibility: Requires 2 USB ports. Works with Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating systems; Mac OS X 10.6.8 - 10.9.x

Logitech G510S vs G710+
Logitech’s higher end keyboards have been very well received by the gaming community due to a great many reasons. Programmable buttons alongside easily understandable software are the key’s to any gaming peripherals’ success and the G-series accomplishes both with impressive poise. Meanwhile, the versatility of an LCD screen is somewhat useful during gaming but more importantly gives gamers bragging rights when their friends came over. Overall, If you want mechanical, get the G710+, if you want a ton of macro keys get the G510s. If you have to choose only between the two, you would better go with the G710+ without a second thought, only for the fact that it’s mechanical, once you go mechanical it’s hard to get back to membrane.