Logitech G510 vs G510S

You cannot say that gaming a really bad thing as you haven’t noticed how the markets have been able to invent so many fantastic things in this futuristic era. You can find the fantastic keyboard which is glimmering like a light even in the dark place or a very durable keyboard which is hardly broken even if you punch it many times. This time you will witness the legendary stature among the gamers which is the LCD-equipped gaming keyboard from the Logitech. In this case, we have two series which have a little difference one to the other. The first one is Logitech G510 and the second one is the Logitech G510S. G510S is the upgraded product from the previous one which is the G510. It is quite confusing for some people to see such minimal changes between two series. But for the gamers, these changes will affect their overall gameplay greatly to the efficiency and flexibility. So if you are interested in learning more, let’s see the explanation below.

There are a lot of features with the Logitech G510 and G510S. G510 offers the GamePanel LCD which allows the access in-game stats, VoIP data media player information, and more information about the game without leaving the game. You also get the custom-color backlighting which will Personalize backlighting in many varieties of colors to match the rest of your gear. It is also helping a lot in case you need to locate the keys in the darkness. There are also other features like the integrated USB audio, 18 programmable G-keys, and full speed USB. The G510S itself has the similar features like G510 with some changes like the better audio ports, multiple keys input, or the custom color RGB backlighting which will assign a unique color to each of your profile, profile mode, and mode style.

There are some key changing left and right, but there is little to offer as the company is changing a minor feature rather than changing their prominent feature. Some noticeable upgrade is the audio ports, multi-key input, or the custom color which is made with even more unique color. The changes itself are targeting the minor features, and it seems lacking impact in its performance as the product is already a great product which is easily bought by the gamers as it has so much easiness when using it.

- GamePanel LCD: Access in-game stats, VoIP data media player information and more-without leaving the game
- Custom-color backlighting: Personalize backlighting in a variety of backlit colors to match the rest of your gear, and easily locate keys in the dark
- Integrated USB Audio: Strategize in clear digital audio Separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons let you use any analog headset with 35 mm plugs as a USB audio device
- 18 Programmable G-keys: Simplify actions. Configure up to 54 unique functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts* (*Requires software installation)
- 3.5mm audio ports: Quickly plug in your headset, plus independently control game audio output and your headset mic
- Multi-key input: Press up to six keys at once to perform multiple complex moves without interference or ghosting

Logitech G510 vs G510S
In overall Logitech G510 and G510S are pretty amazing and refreshing. It is very refreshing because of the company once again able to deliver some newly packed thing into an amazing product. This technology hasn’t been known by many people, but it is slowly climbing to the top to take the old version place. So we recommend you to buy the G510S as some upgraded parts are affecting its performance, it is little, but you won’t need to worry about its ability to make you feel your own gaming world.