Logitech G502 vs G900

When comparing Logitech G502 vs G900, we know the question will be asked is only one that is “What is the best gaming mouse among two of them?” To find the answer but without buying or trying the real mouse, you must looking for other options such as reading the specifications and review completely to remove the doubt on your mind about 2 confused-options. This article saves them all!

Logitech G502
Why does Logitech G9x vs G502 can be you reference? Read it first. Logitech G502 also known as Proteus Core. Unlike Proteus Core bring in blue only in lighting, Proteus Spectrum has 16.8 million colors which can be arranged according to the wishes and needs of its users. With this feature, the Proteus Spectrum naturally deserves a revival to supplement the collections of other Logitech device is also equipped with RGB. For other technical specifications, the mouse still has the same component with his twin brother. Equipped with optical sensor technology PMW3366 that has a density of between 200 to 12000DPI, G502 is claimed to be able to produce maximum performance. Not to mention there are features of the other settings and ranging from 11 key adjustable function, calibration feature sensors to read the properties of the surface underneath, to the existence of five weights that can be placed in certain positions according to the wishes and needs. Logitech G502 also provides one button in the center that allows you to access the scroll wheel in two different formats: Click to Click or Hyper Fast. Click to click not functioning will look the mouse scroll wheel in General, while Hyper Fast change this wheel becomes freeway at all, allowing you to play them in super high speed. But of all the features it can offer, the ability of the software had been one of the main strengths of this mouse. With the user-interface is very simple, you can perform various functions of tuning you need to conquer every genre of game you are playing.

Logitech G900
Logitech G903 vs G900 can be read by your before every page you turn. Logitech install G900 Chaos Spectrum with optical sensor MW3366, which so far the tracking is the best in class performance. This gaming mouse has a DPI range from 200 to 12,000 DPI with smoothing as good as zero report rate is only 1 millisecond even in wireless mode. Another USB adaptors are small and standard 2.4 GHz. G900 Chaos Spectrum has a super cool design and detachable keypad. Adjustable DPI sensitivity, accompanied by LED lights that indicate which dpi level in use. His grip mouse accommodate all of your preferences making it suitable for gamers of all types of video games. With a weight of 107 grams, the G900 more lightly than its competitors. The mouse lightly means the mouse is more responsive and more comfortable when used for hours. The scroll wheel of the spoked-metal. Like other Logitech gaming products, mouse gaming G900 has its own custom software so that gamers can adjust the color of the LED light, save profiles for different games, change the button uses, check the battery’s performance and features others.

- Surface tuning calibration: Easily calibrate the optical sensor to get best tracking performance for your specific mouse pad surface
- Weight and balance tuning: Adjust the weight, center of balance and placement of weights for personalized feel and performance
- 11 programmable buttons: Set up one-button triggers to execute any command or macro at lightning speed
- On-the-fly DPI: Quickly switch through up to 5 DPI settings (200-12,000) or temporarily downshift DPI for sniping
- Improved dual-mode hyperfast scroll wheel: Get enhanced click-to-click precision for gaming and blazing scrolling speeds for the web
- Professional-grade Logitech G gaming mouse with ultra-fast lag-free wired or wireless connection trusted by professional eSports gamers
- Wireless rechargeable mouse with reliable battery life up to 30 hours on a single charge and exclusive battery-saving Clock Tuning Technology for the longest-lasting wireless gaming mouse under 110 grams
- PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor delivers exceptional tracking accuracy, widely accepted by pro gamers as the best gaming mouse sensor
- Adjustable 200-12,000 DPI range with zero smoothing or filtering for consistent responsiveness and control at any speed
- Customizable physical button layout and comfortable ambidextrous design for left or right hand and any mouse grip style

You might find a bad fact about Logitech G502 because, it encourages you since the size and surface area can rest your had on the mouse itself. Differently, Logitech G900, once you got it on your hand, you will not rest your whole hand on the mouse, so you will like it better. So, have you decided yours on Logitech G502 vs G900?