Logitech G502 vs G403

Logitech G502 vs G403 are two popular gaming mice loved by many gamers. Below, we will see the detailed comparisons between these two great gaming mice. Both are available with programmable RGB lighting. Note that they have very different designs and features, so they may be suitable for different types of gamers.

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– The design and comfort comparison of the two gaming mice,
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– Their performance comparison, and
– Which model that is more recommended for gaming.

Design and Dimensions
As mentioned above, these two gaming mice are very different. On one hand, Logitech G502 is much bigger and quite heavier. It has a very sporty design, with sharp corners and edges. No worries, it is still comfortable to hold. See also: Logitech G502 Proteus Core vs Spectrum.

If you like an eye-catching design, this mouse is great. It is suitable for all grip types. However, the crevices on the design may make it somewhat difficult to clean. It is only available in a wired version.

Logitech G403 is much simpler. Some may say that it is more elegant. The shape is almost like a typical mouse, except that it has been ergonomically designed and comes with additional buttons and lighting. The scroll wheel has a backlight, which looks very nice. Compared to its sibling here, Logitech G403 is a little smaller and lighter. This model is available in wired and wireless versions.

Logitech says that the G502 comes with a unique feature, which is the weight/balance tuning. If you open the bottom cover, you can find several holes for inserting additional weight plates. You can insert additional weight plates to adjust the weight and balance to your personal preference. This is a great customization feature.

Furthermore, Logitech G502 has a total of 11 programmable buttons. They are especially handy for RTS and RPG games which require quick commands and macros. There is also a sniper button available for temporary DPI downshift, which is useful when sniping. Logitech G502 comes with the dual-mode scroll wheel; the HyperFast scrolling is very convenient to use when scrolling through long pages, yet you can switch to a tactile click-to-click precision mode.

Logitech G403 comes with six programmable buttons. They are good enough for gaming, and they are nice for people who don’t really use additional mouse buttons. It also has thumb buttons. You can program one to act as a sniper button for temporary DPI downshift. However, Logitech G403 does not have the HyperFast scrolling.

As a matter of fact, both Logitech G502 and Logitech G403 have impressive performance. They apparently use the same high-grade optical sensor. They have the same maximum sensitivity level which is 12,000 DPI. They offer excellent tracking accuracy and precision that you will love very much for gaming.

Logitech G502 vs G403

- Surface tuning calibration: Easily calibrate the optical sensor to get best tracking performance for your specific mouse pad surface
- Weight and balance tuning: Adjust the weight, center of balance and placement of weights for personalized feel and performance
- 11 programmable buttons: Set up one-button triggers to execute any command or macro at lightning speed
- On-the-fly DPI: Quickly switch through up to 5 DPI settings (200-12,000) or temporarily downshift DPI for sniping.
- Improved dual-mode hyperfast scroll wheel: Get enhanced click-to-click precision for gaming and blazing scrolling speeds for the web
- Logitech G403 mouse for advanced gaming-grade accuracy and performance
- Ergonomic, lightweight design with rubber side grips and a removable 10 gram weight for supremely comfortable grip and control
- Logitech’s most advanced optical sensor delivers unbeatable fps mouse accuracy and more
- Customize lighting from a palette of 16.8 million colors to match your style and gaming gear
- Six programmable buttons and onboard memory make it easy to setup and store custom commands for your favorite games

Between Logitech G502 vs G403, we recommend you to choose Logitech G502. This gaming mouse comes with more features that can benefit any gamer. It has a tunable weight/balance system for the best personalized performance. It comes with more programmable buttons and the HyperFast scrolling.