Logitech G502 vs Corsair M65

Both Logitech G502 vs Corsair M65 are loved by many gamers. These gaming mice offer superior performance and useful features that can benefit any dedicated gamer for a wide range of genres. However, which is the gaming mouse that you better choose? Continue reading below to find out!

In this article, you can find out more about:
– The sensors used in Logitech G502 and Corsair M65,
– The distinctive features available on each mouse,
– The ergonomics and comfort of each mouse, and
– The overall performance of Logitech G502 vs Corsair M65.

Let us start from the design. You can easily see that these two mice have very different designs. In general, they both are suitable for all grip types. Logitech G502 can be held in many positions comfortably, thanks to the slim design and good ergonomics. Despite the apparently sharp edges, the surface feels smooth and comfortable. It looks really cool too. See also: Logitech G502 Proteus Core vs Spectrum.

On the other hand, Corsair M65 has a wider shape. If you have a large hand, you can hold it in any position. But if you have a small hand, it is best for a palm grip. The design looks classy, and the buttons are all placed properly for easy reach and comfort.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel
Both of these two mice come with programmable buttons. They each also have a sniper button, which is a thumb button designed for temporary DPI downshift for precision aiming. Some people think that Corsair M65’s sniper button is easier to use, due to the large size and placement.

Logitech G502 comes with a total of 11 programmable buttons. You can configure all of the buttons through the Logitech Gaming Software. These buttons are very useful if you love to play games with lots of commands, such as those of the RPG, RTS, and MOBA genres. Another plus point is that the software is quite easier to use – you can download the software on Logitech. However, if you rarely need to assign commands or macros to your mouse, the additional buttons won’t make any real use.

Logitech G502 comes with the HyperFast scroll wheel. This scroll wheel has two switchable modes; one for blazing scrolling speed which is useful for navigating long pages, and another for click-to-click precision. This scrolling feature is incredibly convenient.

On the other hand, Corsair M65 comes with 8 programmable buttons. These additional buttons are already useful for many games, but some hardcore gamers may want to have more. The mouse is customizable through the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. However, many people think that this software is relatively more difficult to use. Many buttons and features don’t have sufficient information about what they do, hence leaving you wondering what to adjust.

Sensor Type and Performance
Finally, these two mice are armed with different sensors. Logitech G502 comes with a high-grade optical sensor, Pixart PMW3366 DM, which is widely considered as the best sensor for gaming. The performance is truly impressive and satisfying. It is very accurate and precise. Additionally, Logitech G502 supports sensitivity levels from 200 – 12,000 DPI, so you can adjust it to suit your preference.

On the other hand, Corsair M65 works with a laser sensor. The performance is good. It is quick, responsive, and generally accurate. However, laser sensors are known to have hardware acceleration, which makes the pointer move further when you move the mouse more quickly. Some people don’t have any problem with this character, but some others prefer the more consistent character of optical sensors.

Logitech G502 vs Corsair M65

- Surface tuning calibration: Easily calibrate the optical sensor to get best tracking performance for your specific mouse pad surface
- Weight and balance tuning: Adjust the weight, center of balance and placement of weights for personalized feel and performance
- 11 programmable buttons: Set up one-button triggers to execute any command or macro at lightning speed
- On-the-fly DPI: Quickly switch through up to 5 DPI settings (200-12,000) or temporarily downshift DPI for sniping.
- Improved dual-mode hyperfast scroll wheel: Get enhanced click-to-click precision for gaming and blazing scrolling speeds for the web
- Surface calibration tuning utility: Optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface
- Optimized sniper button positioning: take advantage of on-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to gameplay demands
- Harness the Power of CUE: don't just configure your mouse - program it with double macros, custom RGB lighting, and more
- Eight strategically placed buttons: gain an advantage by customizing your button configuration and play your way
- High-capacity Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks: ensure reliable performance that holds up through even the longest campaigns.

Overall, Logitech G502 is more recommended. This mouse has a better design that can suit a wide range of gamers. It comes with more programmable buttons that may be handy, along with a better software and the HyperFast scrolling. It works with a high-quality optical sensor that offers consistent reliable performance.