Logitech G500s vs G502

Who is the true gamers? Yup, the true gamers certainly requires a sophisticated gaming equipment and up-to-date. The tools required are a enthusiast of games desktop PC is not only superb mouse laptop or even speeding. The equipment can be the true gamers-equipment or accessories that support the activities you can play, either the keyboard or the mouse. The existence of a gaming keyboard and mouse support, you experience air-gaming will be more fantastic. Anyone here who are confused between 2 options facing mouse Logitech G500s vs. G502? Yes of course we know the reason you are now on the page this time. Just go ahead, check out his review below.

Logitech G500s
On the Logitech gaming mouse G500s series contained cartridge that can be filled with ballast. In the cartridge, there are 6 slots that can be filled with ballast. There are 6 rounds with weights 1.7 grams and 6 weights with a weight of 4.5 grams. With the weight of it, gamers can combine weight is added to the mouse. There is also a connector from the mouse to the PC is USB slots, so gamers don’t have to worry if there are no PS2 slots gaming notebook. It is because there are some sophisticated notebooks nowadays are no longer providing slots PS2 so that the weight of the device being lighter and minimalistic. In addition, there are 2 key macros that are provided on a gaming mouse, which is lying there on the left side of the left click button. Where the 2 buttons with symbol plus (+) and the min (-) by default function to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the mouse (DPI). The section on the mouse is of concern KotGa crew was on the scroll mouse made of metal which is quite heavy compared to the burden of the scroll mouse in General. On top of that, there is a mouse scroll buttons can adjust the mouse scroll control. On the left side of the mouse there are also indicator light for knowing the DPI that is being run on the mouse.

Logitech G502
Starting from design, Logitech G502 have oval-shape with a little extra thumb rest on the right side is indeed showed that the design is built with a focus to offer comfort. Like most current gaming mouse, Logitech G502 Proteus series Core also pinned so many extra buttons in addition to the three main functions of the keypad which of course must be owned by a mouse, gaming or not. On the left side, it comes with 5 different buttons each of it certainly offers the functions that differ from each other. Two buttons as shortcuts for the access forwards back and function, and other extra keys to set the sensitivity. LED lights are also injected excessive not to offer cosmetic, with one side at the logo and the other as an indicator of the level of sensivity which you use. In the Middle also contained one button to change the properties of the scroll wheel into two different modes. For a gaming mouse, Logitech G502 –Proteus Core is not then simply offer the functions without offering convenience for the revival. For gamers who make their right hand as the main hand, mouse this one offers the comfort you need to get a stronger grip. Rubber materials used on both sides of the case warrants, as well as minimize the motion errors that may appear due to excess sweat. (Read also : Razer Naga Chroma vs Logitech G502)

- Weight and balance tuning adjust to unique play styles, including overall weight, center of gravity, and placement of weights
- Advanced surface materials include hydrophobic coating of palm area, dry-grip sides and fingerprint resistant coating of primary buttons
- In-game sensitivity switching with multiple DPI settings up to 8200 DP
- Onboard memory profile for game-specific setup, 2 meter braided USB cable
- Advanced optical gaming sensor (PMW3366): Logitech's most accurate and responsive optical sensor precisely translates hand movements onscreen
- Tunable weight and balance: Repositionable 3.6G weights for superior fit and feel
- RGB customizable lighting: Match your style and environment with up to 16.8 million colors
- Easy-to-program Logitech Gaming Software: Customize lighting, surface tuning, button macros and more

When comparing Logitech G500s vs G502, we recommend you with Logitech G502, why? There is a certain reason which knowing the fact that Logitech G502 reached the first ranked for the best gaming mouse especially in Logitech models. The Logitech G502 gaming mouse has 11 programmable buttons, support for macros and profiles, adjustable weight and center of balance, two scroll wheel modes, and a plethora of settings to customize. They are all making this mice is worth to purchase better than the competitor Logitech G500S.