Logitech G5 vs MX518

Are you wondering what the best gaming mouse you should pick? Logitech is well known for its competitive product completes with a lot of features on them. This time we have the G5 and the MX518 to review then compare them. After that, we can choose wisely which one has the best gaming mouse from Logitech.

Logitech G5

Release in 2010, the G5 is the latest gaming mouse from Logitech that claims have the new technology built on it. the Logitech G5 provides the super sensitive LED to reach the staggering up to 1,600dpi. It also uses the laser to get the higher sensitivity that can reach up to 2,000dpi. The sensitivity can be managed with the Setpoint utility, this will make easier to configure the sensitivity setting. Read also: Logitech MX510 vs MX518

The pointer in the Logitech G5 comes with the five pre-set sensitivities which can adjust manually. With these features, we can simply change the weapon into a different setting during gameplay. It is so helpful to save the gameplay faster than another gaming mouse in the market.

The G5 from Logitech features a laser optic inside and one thumb button. It is so handy using whether to switch on or off the game. This mouse is perfectly suitable for gamers. The major application by the G5 is excellent, such as the sensitivity changing is appeared both behind the wheel. This feature is easier to access without any doubt from it.

The indicator light from the Logitech G5 has appeared right on the top of the body. The light indicates us to the faster gameplay we play. Not only has an indicator light, but also it provides the slot of battery. It located at the bottom of the body and the battery is rechargeable. This feature is so great to complete with the eject button and there is no need to insert a battery pack. 

There is a slot hold in the Logitech G5 that can hold the weight cartridge. Its shape in an orange receptacle and claims can hold the eight weights in different positions. This feature allows us to adjust the weight as we want. It comes with two steel box that holds the eight weight. They are eight 1.7g and an eight 4.5 of weight, so we can easily mix and match them to find the perfect balance that suitable for us.

The price comes at about US$329 sell on Amazon is so worth it to buy. The completes features work perfectly on it. Besides, the weight is so weighted lighter with only 36 grams. The USB full speed can reach the blazing speed up to 1000 reports/second. This mouse is suitable to control the games you play.

Logitech MX518

Logitech MX518 is a kind of optical gaming mouse that suitable for PC or Mac. Its launch in 2005 and becomes the gamer’s favorite. The features of this mouse are upgrading for the oldest one that similar to the original Logitech mouse. The belove design comes from the Logitech and becomes the remarkable design in the gaming mouse class.

The Logitech MX518 provides the hero sensor because it is 100% accurate on the sensor. With the capture rate that can reach up to 17,000 frames per second make this mouse is amazing for gamers. It easier to use during the gameplay with the faster sensor on it.

Another great feature from the Logitech MX518 is about the IPS. It can reach the IPS up to 400 + IPS across the entire range. It also can reach up to 16,000 dpi range with zero smoothings, filtering, or some acceleration. These features are helpful to play the game faster as we need to change the weapon.

The Logitech MX518 is suitable for a 32-Bit arm processor on Windows. It comes with the on-board memory and one ms report on it. On-board memory can save up the file after play the game. It will work on any PC and can easily use by everyone without installing an additional application or software need.

The Logitech MX518 comes with eight programmable buttons that can use easily to give every command we need. These features can give the power to our fingertips as we play the game and move it to any point we want. Combines with the hero sensor makes this feature perfectly fit to click the point on the game.

The dimension of the Logitech MX518 is about 2.8 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches and 7 ounces at the weight. This site is perfectly fit to our hand and so weight lighter than any other gaming mouse in the market. The price from the Logitech MX518 comes with a reasonable price of about US$56 on Amazon. It is so worth it to buy with the completes features appear on it. 

Logitech G5 vs MX518

- Logitech G5 USB Laser Gaming Mouse General Features:
- Full speed USB interface - up to 6.5-foot cable length (approximate) 2000 dpi Laser Engine
- Right-handed comfort grip Certified for Windows Vista Polytetrafluoroethylene feet Controls:
- Tilt wheel: Push wheel to either side to scroll horizontally + in game dpi increase
- HERO Sensor: Our most accurate sensor with pixel-precise tracking at up to 400+ IPS max speed
- 32-bit ARM Processor
- Onboard Memory: MX518 comes fully loaded
- On-the-Fly DPI

Which one do you prefer?

As the gaming mouse of a new model from the Logitech, the G5 is every bit as good as the MX518. But if we take a look deeper in both of them, the G5 gives more high-performance gaming stakes than MX518. The G5 gives more accuracy points than the MX518 which helps us a lot to enhance our gaming experiences.

The ability to set differing sensitivity from the G5 is on another level. It can be able to move faster with this sensitivity level than the MX518. To change the level of its sensitivity also easier than the MX518 with only the need to tilt up and down. We can select into the perfect balance of the sensitivity by the G5 while we can’t do this in MX518.

The G5 from Logitech has more accuracy with the focus weapon than the MX518. It means that the focused level of the G5 is higher than the MX518, so it is perfect to give a better experience during the play game. 

The G5 gives a “less is more” of technology to approach the high speed of handling a game with the mouse. It is more suitable for a new game than to play an odd game to fire up gameplay. That is why the  Logitech G5 is a better gaming mouse to choose than the Logitech MX518.