Logitech G403 vs G703

The mouse is a hardware that is connected to the computer either wire or wireless (without cable). Perhaps naming the mouse because its like a rat. In addition, the cable is connected with the mouse connected to the computer’s shape is like the tail of a rat. Mouse cursor sliding activity to facilitate everyday activities on the laptop, while in the game, now also provides facilities for the creation of special discretion mouse while playing a game. For a variety of options exist, Logitech is one of them. If you are looking for recommendations, here we provide Logitech G403 vs. G703.

Logitech G403
You can look forward through Logitech G403 vs Razer Deathadder before go for this. Logitech Wired Gaming Mouse G403 Prodigy is a gaming mouse with a grip made of rubber at the side of the left and right in order to provide additional control power. G403 Prodigy designed according the shape of the hands that you always feel comfortable during play. With the design of the mouse body is light and ergonomic, G403 presents comfort, quality, and durability. With G403 Prodigy, games will be fun and so are Your gaming moments. Prodigy is designed for speed, accuracy, and durability the maximum gaming. With the report rate 1ms, G403 8 x faster than a standard mouse, which means when the mouse is moved or clicked, response’s level was almost instant. When unboxing, gamers can instantly find unit G403, wireless wireless extension connector, connector, cables, and a burden with weights 10 gram placed on MICA blue. In addition, there are paper instructions for operation of the mouse. This mouse impressed expensive because it comes with a combination of ingredients that overlays it with black plastic material, whereas on the left side and the right side is coated with a very comfortable doff gripped. When turned on, it will display the RGB backlight G403 which glowed through the logo G on the back side of the mouse and on the scroll wheel.

Logitech G703
Do not be confused on this Logitech G903 vs G703, because it seems look alike but different to read. Logine of its first mice to support the company’s Powerplay mouse padtech G703. Logitech G703 is rather pedestrian and shaped like well a mouse. It is supported with some features such as a mid-profile curve that is sloped upwards toward the left, comfortably fitting a right-handed grip. A pair of large thumb buttons with satisfying click action adorn the left side. While, the shape of G703 will work in a claw grip for those with large hands, or a palm grip for those with smaller hands. On the other hand, the rubbery wheel comes in form of a comfortable rubbery coating and knurling, with scrolling action that has soft detents. The main left and right buttons have shallow travel and a nice audible click with quick return. It’s well-suited to plenty of fast clicking. Around the front you’ll find the micro-USB charge port, with the same custom shape. This design makes it easy to get the plug in and out quickly and keeps it secure even during heated gaming sessions. The bottom is adorned with a simple on or off switch and the circular coin-shaped dock for the Powercore module. If you don’t there’s just a simple plastic cover and an optional 10 grams of weight. The G logo on the back and a stripe along the middle of the mouse wheel will glow to any color you set it to, or can be set to a pulsing “breathing effect” pattern or to cycle through colors.

- Logitech G403 mouse for advanced gaming-grade accuracy and performance
- Ergonomic, lightweight design with rubber side grips and a removable 10 gram weight for supremely comfortable grip and control
- Logitech’s most advanced optical sensor delivers unbeatable fps mouse accuracy and more
- Customize lighting from a palette of 16.8 million colors to match your style and gaming gear
- Six programmable buttons and onboard memory make it easy to setup and store custom commands for your favorite games
- LIGHTSPEED Wireless Technology: In high-pressure moments, latency can be the difference between winning it all or losing
- Ergonomically Designed Body: With a lightweight (107g), ergonomically designed body, G703 was made to mold to your hand for long-lasting comfort during gameplay
- Wired or Wireless: Plug in the data and charging cable to seamlessly switch between wireless and wired modes without interrupting your game
- Customizable Brilliant RGB: Choose from a palette of up to 16.8 million colors and brightness levels to match your favorite team, personal style, system or environment
- 6 Programmable Buttons: Use Logitech Gaming Software to configure the 6 programmable buttons to sequences of clicks and keystrokes to simplify in-game actions and quickly execute complex tasks

It is easy to find the difference on the how they work each other, for example, Logitech G6403 is not wireless, while G703 ha already featured with wireless features. But, if you want to compare between Logitech G403 vs G703’s design, it will be harder because they look alike! Just in certain case, logitech G403 can be found together with the cables on the top of mouse.