Logitech G300S vs Steelseries Rival 100

Today, in this article, we will find one of the best FPS gaming mice on the town. Be sure to choose the best and right one to improve your gaming performance in daily. By the way, we have not mentioned the brand yet, it is bout Logitech and the other well-known company, Steelseries. How about if we compare on their each model such as Logitech G300S vs Steelseries Rival 100? If you are agree then, you must continue your reading until the end of this page which is conclusion that will determine your actual decision.

Logitech G300S
When using the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s you guys will find a ready to use button 9 to add variations you guys in game play, from the button G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8 and G9 button is last. There is also a feature of the 3 on-Board Game Profiles Logitech G300s can save the profile settings, so you can enable a wide profile for different games. Logitech G300s has a dpi between 250-2500, for some casual gaming mouse is already more than enough, around 8 times faster than a standard Mouse. This mouse also features an LED on the side of the mouse. And the right and left there are rough texture that makes G300s more comfortable gripped so as not to slip when used. G300s equipped the lighting system that can be set by the gamer can adjust to select one of the seven colors of light that is available. This mouse also claimed trial pass click to 10 million times. G300s Logitech Gaming Mouse offers the features and quality that is attractive to most gamers. This is evident with his the gaming mouse on the market. Now, we refine it with a more modern look and durability that is higher than the earlier series. Not only that, this mouse is also designed for left-handed hound users so that they can be able to feel that same comfort with other users.

Steelseries Rival 100
Just like other gaming mouse, Steelseries Rivals 100 provides 6 standard keys, and each function can be set via the SteelSeries Engine. One drawback is disturbing fair next button and previous positions are too narrow. In addition to the availability of key design, quality accuracy 100 Rivals who qualified. This mouse is able to run up to a maximum of 4000 in the CPI, with a difference in a setting that is fairly accurate through the application. There is an LED in the Central logo mouse steelseries logo and the line into the scroll in front of the mouse. This is a unique product from Steelseries because we are free to arrange the colours up to 16.8 million colors!. With the LED, the appearance of Rival Steelseries impressed simple but still elegant. The material used in the mouse this 100 highly qualified Rivals. Its surface is very smooth and comfortable. On the left side and right side of the mouse there is grip made of plastic. The cable from the mouse gaming Rivals 100 high quality and also very strong. This mouse also has a lot of colors are black, purple, red, yellow and gold.

- Nine programmable controls
- Symmetrical compact shape
- Gaming-grade optical sensor
- Three onboard memory profiles
- Easy configuration software
- Best in class sensor
- Six programmable buttons
- Customizable CPI up to 4000
- 30 million click switches
- 16.8 million color RGB illumination

To be honest, this is one of the hardest gaming mouse review we have ever made. Not without a reason, because they are nearly even mostly similar whether it is for the features and performances as well. Something that make Logitech G300s vs Steelseries Rival 100 is taken on the design they made actually. Rival 100 is lighter and slimmer than Logitech G300s, and we think that is all.