Logitech G27 vs Thrustmaster T300RS

The gaming concept brings a lot of possibilities for the company to bring further advancement and more innovation into the game itself. There are many examples of how a game can change one life into a more fun and relaxed one or a competitive one. That’s why there are many companies which bring more advancement into their products as the more advanced product is, the better it is. In this case, we have the Logitech G27 and Thrustmaster T300RS. Logitech G27 is the evolved version of G25 which is released back then in 2006. This product has come to the market and tested by the racing simulation community before being sold. The result itself is pretty promising; it provides a solid build quality, and the array of the new features and very durable materials. On the opposite, the Thrustmaster also brings the wheel and pedal set for the best racing game experience. Thrustmaster T300RS offers the high-end to the midrange steering wheel feeling for its users. It gets the idea from the Gran Turismo Sports car which is then transferred into this new invention for the gamer’s sake. So if you want to learn more about both products, let’s see the comparison below.

There are many features in the Logitech G27 as it has been tested gradually from time to time. The first one is its powerful, dual-motor force feedback mechanism with the helical gearing which will bring a smooth and accurate simulation of the traction loss. Then you also get the six-speed shifter with the push-down reverse gear which makes you easily notice which gear is the right one. After that, there is also the RPM indicator which has the LED integrated with it. The wheel itself is pretty standard which is the 11-inch wheel with the leather-wrapped rim to provide more comfort and racing experience. There are also steel gas, brake, clutch pedals, and other minor features. On the opposite, Thrustmaster T300RS brings the same steel gas, brake and clutch pedals like Logitech G27. The T300RS version offers you the three pedals set which are very comfortable when used. The set also has the ability to rotate for 1080 degree and the product has the same indicator LED and the standard wheel and gear.

There are many things that make G27 becomes one of the rising stars in the market. The first one is about its button. There is more button on the wheel which is affecting the program and bring ten programmable buttons on its wheel. Then you can see that the RPM LED indicator is working perfectly for the user. You can also see the new paddle shifter and the pedal geometry changes for the better racing experience. The durability itself is pretty fantastic, and the overall design is very acceptable. On the other hand, Thrustmaster T300RS has some nice little touch like its pedals and rotating ability, but it fails to deliver great impact features which can bring a difference in the comparison. Instead of a new and fresh product, T300RS look more gloomy and old compared to other new and upgraded version set.

- The powerful, dual-motor force feedback mechanism with helical gearing smoothly and accurately simulates traction loss
- Six-speed shifter with push-down reverse gear allows you to quickly choose exactly the right gear
- RPM/shift indicator LEDs integrate with racing game software to indicate when the user should shift gears
- Realistic 11-Inch wheel with leather-wrapped rim provides a more comfortable, true-to-life racing experience for hours on end
- Steel gas, brake, and clutch pedals deliver precise throttle, braking, and shifting control for heightened realism
- Official Licensed PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 High-End Racing Simulator; 1080 degree Force Feedback base featuring an industrial-class brushless motor; Detachable Racing GT Style Wheel
- Official licensed PS4 / PS3 with automatic recognition by the PS4 system; Official PlayStation 4 buttons included (PS, SHARE, OPTIONS); Internal memory and upgradeable firmware
- Robust and versatile attachment system; Compatible with all mounts (desks/tables/cockpits/etc.); Realistic: 11" diameter racing wheel featuring a brushed metal central spokes
- Rotation angle adjustable from 270 to 1080 degrees; Fully adjustable metal pedals included; Pedals fully adjustable in height and spacing for 6 possible positions for each pedal; The brake pedal also features progressive resistance
- Compatible with all currently available Thrustmaster detachable racing wheels: Ferrari F1 Add-on, Ferrari GTE Add-on, T500 RS GT Wheel, Base-Fixed Paddle Shifters kit; Compatible with T3PA & T500 RS pedal sets; Compatible with TH8A & TH8RS gearboxes

Logitech G27 vs Thrustmaster T300RS
In overall, Logitech G27 is slightly better than T300RS. The important aspect that differs both products is its comfortable pedals and wheel which in this case G27 has the upper hand. T300RS looks very standard in its features and not innovative enough which is why it is not worth your money to buy it as there are still many promising products especially like Logitech G27.