Logitech G13 VS Razer Orbweaver

Gaming peripherals are very popular along with the increasing popularity of video games, especially PC gaming. There are so many accessories we can try such as a gaming pad like Logitech G13 Vs Razer Orbweaver which are designed to improve comfort and may also help the gaming performance. These equipment are mimicking our natural hand layout and perfect for enthusiasts who need to elevate their experience. If you are also wondering which of them will be the better choice, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Gaming Keypad
  • What are Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver
  • How are the Design of Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver
  • How are the Comfort of Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver
  • How are the Keys in Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver
  • What else Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver can offer
  • Logitech G13 Vs Razer Orbweaver

Gaming Keypad

Video games are increasingly popular and it is easy to see why because they are fun to play and for many of us, this is a great time for enjoying entertainment. Depending on the system you have, video games can be played on almost any smart device nowadays whether it is your standard laptop or compact smartphone. Of course each system has its pros and cons but it is highly dependent on our personal taste as well because we are individual with our own preference.

What makes a game more fun is not only the story and graphics but also everything that we are using while playing it. A good monitor will deliver a significantly better image quality and a good keyboard will make the action even more impactful. Lately there is a gaming keypad as well which seems to attract quite the attention, especially among avid gamers who are not satisfied with how their keyboard feels below their fingertips. Gaming keypad is like a smaller version of a keyboard.

Something like Anne Pro 2 Vs RK61 are already very compact but they are still using the standard keyboard layout and used like any other keyboards. A gaming keypad is different because as the name suggest, it is a set of buttons or keys on a pad and in traditional term it is to call a secondary keyboard that is separated from the main one but, they are much smaller and have a more distinct or dedicated function needed in the type of application we are working with.

Since we are talking about gaming, the keys or buttons you will find in a gaming keypad will be W, A, S, D, F keys, Esc, volume control, etc. The arrangement of the gaming keypad is also more natural or not just square and boxy like the traditional keyboard. They are even shaped like your palm and these buttons are spread out above the pad to improve comfort; unlike a linear keyboard. The equipment is also connected to the computer directly instead of to the keyboard.

Besides the more natural way of arrangement, the keys on a gaming keypad can be designed according to what features they want to offer. You may notice some of them coming with plenty of keys along the sides or top and they can be programmed to whatever function you want to have. The common reason why people want a gaming keypad is to improve comfort and their reaction while reducing fatigue. It seems the more ergonomic shape of the keypad will allow you to play longer with less strain.

 Logitech G13Razer Orbweaver
Product Dimensions11.2 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches
‎7.95 x 6.06 x 2.17 inches
Shipping Weight1.43 pounds
10.6 ounces
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About Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver

When it comes to gaming peripherals, there are so many good options to consider based on which seems to fit you the most and not everyone will have the same opinion about what the equipment must offer. Gaming keypad is not a must just like a gaming specific keyboard is not a must as long as you have a functional keyboard already but, for those who want to have an improved experience, the peripheral can be a great addition to your setup.

Gaming specific brands are showing up here and there with the increasing demand of the products. There are plenty to choose from based on which seems to work best in your application but companies like Logitech and Razer seem to have been at the top of the game along with several others in the category. They are known to always carry some of the most interesting offering and technologically advanced products into the market to improve the gaming experience of enthusiasts.

They have lots of gaming keyboards and surprisingly also several models of gaming keypads such as Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver. These keypads are very similar in terms of design and function but as you can see, the G13 is richer here because this model comes with a dedicated display which may add some improvement over the experience. While the layout is very similar, they are not exactly the same in action and it is related to the comfort level.

It can be highly subjective but the users have different opinions on which they like better and in our opinion the Orbweaver’s design is more ideal if your main issue with the keyboard or comfort concern is because the palm of the hand has to sustain itself because, Orbweaver is taller in the middle. On the other hand G13 is probably better for users who prefer to have lots of keys on the pad and prefer different key shapes for muscle memory.

Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver Design

As you can see, the design and shape of Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver are different and the way your hand is placed on top of them will be different as well. The key shapes on Orbweaver are almost identical, they are all square and about the same size. The rest of the controls are also placed on your left along with the thumb stick while on the G13 there is a whole collection of buttons at the top below their main display.

The G13 is also slightly longer but as it has been mentioned above, the palm rest is not as tall as the Orbweaver and thus some people may find it less comfy compared to the Razer’s keypad. In addition, the wrist rest is wider on the G13 and this subjectively can improve the comfort too. The keypads are backlit and they seem bright enough for most people and regardless of the fashion, we can read the numbers or keys properly even in a dim room.

Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver Comfort

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver can offer starting from the comfort because this is the most important part in our opinion and also highly subjective. Personally we prefer the Orbweaver’s design because our palm is higher and the fingers can reach these buttons or keys without resting too much weight on top of them. With G13, we have to sustain the palm shape since the support is lower than how our palm is curved when pressing the keys.

However, the material and key feels very good and as expected Razer is mechanical as well which means the presses are light and responsive; the G13 is membrane but it is still very comfy to press. We actually like the wrist rest of G13 because it is slightly longer and lower but we had hoped that it would also curve a bit higher at the top.

Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver Keys

Moving further, we want to talk about the keys next and it is undoubted that G13 can offer more with this set of keys both on the main pad and on the top or side of the unit. For Orbweaver we can find the rest of keys or functions near the thumb stick. Talking about thumbsticks personally, we prefer the G13 better because it is stiffer and can lock the position. The stick shape also makes it easy for the thumb to navigate it compared to the round button on Orbveaver.

In comparison both Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver are equally responsive but the drawback with this thumb button on Razer is that the click is very light which makes a tiny pressure activating something and oftentimes, the button register left when we are pressing right, down instead of up, and vice versa; it requires greater control on strength and muscle memory to accurately executing a function.

Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver Features

On the additional features, the Logitech G13 and Razer Orbweaver are not lacking at all since you can program these keypads as needed using their respective software. However, with the addition of a small screen and more keys or buttons, the G13 is offering a bit more and this is about the function that we can use on the keypad such as the profile selected and even things like computer temperature. The Orbweaver we have today is the standard variant but if you love bright RGB there is a Chroma variant too.

Logitech G13 Vs Razer Orbweaver

Both keypads are amazing and they are probably made for different users due to the different design. In comparison, comfort is highly subjective but we do like the shape and simplicity of Orbweaver yet, the thumb button is a bit annoying at times. The G13 also has different key shapes for muscle memory and more keys or buttons with different functionalities too. They are reliable, responsive, and well made too but currently G13 is still quite expensive compared to similar keypads.

- Naturally contoured design follows the natural shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort during long sessions
- Onboard memory lets you program up to 5 ready-to-play profiles, so you can take your personal preferences with you
- Customizable backlighting lets you choose your colors and easily locate the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play
- 25 programmable keys allow you to assign keyboard functions to suit your style of play and create macros on the fly
- Mechanical key infrastructure
- 20 fully programmable keys and 8-way thumb-pad
- Adjustable hand, thumb, and palm-rest modules
- Instantaneous switching between 8 key maps


There are so many good options to choose from based on which seems to fit you the most but personally we recommend Orbwever if you want to try how the keypad will improve the experience since it is very comfortable and much more affordable.