Logitech F710 VS Xbox 360 Controller 

There are so many good controllers out there that you can try when playing games on a PC. The Logitech F710 Vs Xbox 360 controller are some of the best options to consider for their price point and performance. These controllers are easy on hand, comfortable, and easy to work with especially for Windows computers. If you wonder which of them to go for, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Interested in Computer Gaming
  • What are Logitech F710 and Xbox 360
  • How are the Design of Logitech F710 and Xbox 360
  • How to Setup the Logitech F710 and Xbox 360
  • What are the Features in Logitech F710 and Xbox 360
  • How are the Experience with Logitech F710 and Xbox 360
  • Logitech F710 Vs Xbox 360

Gaming on Computers

Video games are fun and it is easy to see why. We often forget what’s happening around us when getting too immersed in the story and graphics. There are more than plenty of games to play based on genre and platform that you may like better. In the past, consoles were necessary when you were more serious about entertainment but today you can play games from almost any typical smart device we use on a daily basis such as laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Consoles are getting better after each release as well and since people are waiting for years for a new model to come out, they are also packing much more in each new iteration. They are now connected to your internet and can stream or act like smart TV. Players can access online games and play together with other people or friends and download new games with just a press of a button. We can even stream games to Mac or Windows computers.

Some people may still consider getting a console and you do get a different experience from them, especially on the exclusives but the computer itself is very powerful for tons of games in case you don’t want to spend on buying a new console. For example you can play PS4 even without the controller because they launched PlayStation Now that can be used on a computer with the collection of games you can play on demand. What you need is their account and subscription as well as a controller.

Xbox on the other hand have Xbox Play Anywhere from the Xbox Store or Play Store which allow players to download certain games and play it on their computer or we can also stream the Xbox games on computer as long as we have constant internet connection. Another popular option is the Steam games which is easily available for computers and is compatible with either Windows or Mac computers; the only thing to note is the spec is adequate to run the game.

What you need to do is create a Steam account for free on their website by providing name and email address, as well as the country where you live because the price for each game can be different depending on where you live. Next you will install Steam on the computer based on the operating system and then we can start purchasing the games. You will have a library where the downloaded game is shown or you can see the list of promising titles to consider too.

Logitech F710Xbox 360 Controller
Product Dimensions6.61 x 3.11 x 7.87 inches
17.8 x 8.5 x 18.39 inches
Shipping Weight10.2 ounces
12 Ounces
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About Logitech F710 and Xbox 360

With the advances in technology and how our computers are powerful enough to play heavy games, it is between preference whether you like the console or the PC. Everyone has their own preference and we can have more than one so you can try different platforms and how to interact with the game. If you are here then we assume that computers are more convenient and since more people have computers, gaming on this platform is more accessible to a wider range of players.

But, not only a capable machine, you will also need the controller because computers are not paired with controllers. Most modern controllers today can be connected to a computer, depending on what operating system is supported by the hardware. If you plan to buy a controller for PC gaming, the Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 are two promising options to go for. These controllers are designed for Windows computers so if you are using this operating system, they will be almost like plug and play.

Price wise many are attracted to the F710 and it is understandable because the controller is very affordable but the latter is not expensive either. We do think they are an ideal choice based on what they can offer. The most noticeable difference will be what type of layout that you like the most. As you can see, the F710 is a gamepad designed to work like an Xbox controller but arranged to have the DualShock ergonomic and styling based on its button placement.

Those who like the arrangement of Xbox will love this Xbox 360 Controller since it is still one of the best options from the collection. Both Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 are wireless controllers and very easy to connect with but while the latter can be used on an Xbox if you have one, the F710 sadly is not compatible with any console but we can use them with Android TV. In terms of performance, they are fun and easy on the hand.

Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 Design

Next for the build quality, both Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 are very sturdy and not flimsy at all. The Logitech is chunky however, probably because it uses removable two AA batteries to power the unit but the other is also using the same batteries. You can choose to use rechargeable batteries to prevent spending more for each battery and overall to make them more environmentally friendly. The controllers come in this single shade and we do like black the most for controllers.

The ergonomics of these controllers are slightly different because we feel like the F710 is too curvy. You can find the battery compartment located at the bottom on both models, secured with a removable lid. In the box you only get the controller when choosing Xbox 360 and a disc containing driver or software. It is designed for the console so you don’t get any dongle in the box while on the other hand F710 provides the dongle and USB extender. Read also: Logitech F710 Vs 8BitDo here.

Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 Setup

Next for the setup, since this Xbox 360 Controller is not sold as a computer package, you will need to buy the compatible dongle first. The dongle is necessary when you need to connect the controller to a computer and usually the machine will recognize the device right away and provide the installation wizard. We can download the driver too if somehow they don’t install automatically because some computers are not recognizing the input. Overall the installation process is very easy, especially for Windows 10.

Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 Features

Next for the features, both Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 are very similar too. You get to use these controllers with computers but for Xbox this is also compatible with the console. The F710 however gives you the dongle while on the other hand we need to buy it separately for the Xbox 360 controller. Both have this vibration feature that can be adjusted or turned-off if you don’t like it. In F710 there is a switch located at the front to select between X-input and D-input.

X-input is to let the controller to run like an Xbox controller because the buttons are actually more similar to Xbox than PlayStation while the ergonomic is more similar to the Sony’s controller. On the Xbox 360 Controller, there is a headphone jack or the 3.5mm port. Sadly, while this controller is very capable, it is not made to work in wired mode since there is no USB port to connect the unit physically.

Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 Experience 

Lastly for the experience, we do think the Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 are very similar too. The handling is not going to be identical and the F710 feels a bit thicker. Its base is coated with some type of material and it feels great when new but we guess it will get sticky once worn out. The weight is about the same for both controllers and they have all of the basic buttons too. What we notice is that some of them in F710 are stiff when brand new.

The shoulder buttons and triggers are a bit stiff but they probably will soften as you are used to the controller. There is also resistance on the trigger so F710 will be ideal for racing games too. Xbox 360 is an almost perfect controller and best if you are liking the layout and we are liking how each button is very comfortable to press while the shape itself is also great on hand.

Logitech F710 Vs Xbox 360

Both Logitech F710 and Xbox 360 are very good options if you want to game on PC. They are mostly easy to install and configure on the machine. The main difference in our opinion is the layout because F710 is using the DualShock layout while the latter is native to Xbox. The experience is great for both controllers but the buttons of Xbox 360 are better and it also feels slightly better on the ergonomic. You can pair the Xbox 360 with the console while F710 is mostly for computers and Android TV only.

- 2.4 ghz wireless connectivity
- Customizable controls with profiler software (requires software installation)
- Dual vibration motors support vibration feedback games
- Works with windows xp, vista, windows 7 and windows 8
- 2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range
- Use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console,Requires 2 AA Batteries
- Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
- Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE play


There is no bad option here, based on which seems to work best in your application. We will recommend F710 if you are on a budget. This controller is ready to use on the computer, comes with the dongle, and feels good on hand.