Logitech F710 VS MSI GC30

Many people own a console but more people own a computer. For those who want to game like in a console with a computer, Logitech F710 Vs MSI GC30 are good solutions on the ergonomic. These controllers are mimicking the popular consoles functions and working really well or designed for PC users. They are very affordable too if you need more than one controller but, let’s see below about what you can expect before deciding the option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Use Gamepad in Computer
  • What are Logitech F710 and MSI GC30
  • How are the Design of Logitech F710 and MSI GC30
  • How are the Buttons in Logitech F710 and MSI GC30
  • What are the Features in Logitech F710 and MSI GC30
  • How are the Performance of Logitech F710 and MSI GC30
  • Logitech F710 Vs MSI GC30

Gamepad for Computers

Playing video games is fun and they can be great entertainment for many of us. To game you can choose many smart devices such as the console, computer, a handheld console, or from a smartphone and other similar devices. Gaming on a console is probably the best in terms of experience because they are usually connected to a larger screen and controlled using the gamepad. PC gaming tends to be more complex but also highly popular so it is all about preferences.

For those who want the style of console gaming but only have a PC or laptop, we can play many console games from the computer as well and just by adding a controller, we are good to go. Controllers once come only from the console manufacturer because they are designed for the specific system including some exclusives they have. But, you can find many third-party controllers as well that can be connected to a computer and mostly at a cheaper price too.

Depending on the controller you have, we can connect them to the computer with ease or with some more effort. PS4 owners with DualShock controllers can plug the controller through USB or wirelessly and you can play games like Watch Dogs 2 or Final Fantasy XIV natively with the controller. Users need to configure it on Steam however so it can be compatible with more games. Once it is all set up, we can tweak finer settings such as sensitivity of the stick to the color of its light bar.

If you have an Xbox One or the 360 controllers, it is even easier to connect them to the PC because they come from the same company, Microsoft. You can just plug the controller into the computer and wait for it to download the driver. To connect wirelessly we can use the adapter or choose the one with Bluetooth connectivity instead. After discovering the controller, you can start using it. Some newer computers may already have the Xbox wireless support for an even seamless pairing.

For the third party gamepad or controller, most of them are very similar to the Xbox controller and in general simpler than PlayStation controllers. There may be some installation needed depending on how your machine recognizes the controller and in case they are not working properly, we can try using X360 software for example that will trick your computer to think that the controller is an Xbox 360 pad. This way we can map the buttons individually to follow Microsoft’s controller features.

Logitech F710MSI GC30
Product Dimensions6.61 x 3.11 x 7.87 inches
‎6.14 x 4.13 x 2.46 inches
Shipping Weight10.2 ounces
9.9 ounces
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About Logitech F710 and MSI GC30

Whether you are going with named brands or third-party controllers, we will need to do some setup to make sure they work properly in the games that you play. The main differences between expensive and more affordable options are usually the build quality and also features. Any controller can work well but the experience may vary. The popular options are safe choices because they are proven to work and can be paired with most machines.

Some of the manufacturers that make controllers or gamepads for computers are Logitech and MSI. We do think none of them are strangers anymore in the specialized gaming peripheral because both are very well-known for their gaming products; Logitech with their expanding collection of gaming peripherals and MSI with both the machines and accessories dedicated for video game enthusiasts. They make controllers as well for computers and are selling it cheaper than the PlayStation or Xbox gamepads.

The Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 are two favorite options in the affordable range with their complete features. Controllers are simple in general and they have the same functions as the controller from a dedicated console. The main difference between options is usually the layout or styling because the F710 here is based on the PlayStation or DualShock controller while the GC30 is similar to the Xbox controller. It is highly subjective to what system you are more familiar with but the two are very similar to the original model.

In comparison they are working really well in terms of performance and also easy to pair with computers. The difference in layout is subjective to what console you are used to before but for new users any of the arrangements will be fine. The other difference in our opinion is the compatibility side because MSI GC30 is working with more devices so if you are going to game on the smartphone, this controller is going to be more convenient. Price wise they are about the same.

Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 Design

Before checking what these controllers can offer, let’s take a look at the unit first. As you can see, the F710 is mimicking the styling of DualShock gamepad while GC30 is arranged like an Xbox controller. The details are quite different when you see the unit. For example the GC30 has a different ergonomic and not as curved as the F710. The GC30 has a flatter height and there is textured surface on the handle. The shoulder buttons and triggers are also different with GC30 featuring a serrated surface.

Just like DualShock, the D-pad is located at the top while joysticks are located in the same line. There are more buttons for functionalities on F710 but you can find the same main controls on both gamepads. The two are wirelessly connected to the computer. They are powered by a battery but GC30 is rechargeable while for F710 you will need two AA batteries to make it work; many use the rechargeable variant. Both come with a dongle too for wireless connectivity. Read also: Logitech F710 Vs PS4 Controller.

Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 Buttons

Now let’s see what the controllers can offer starting from the buttons first. There are the same amount of main controls on both Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 but they have different layouts. The joysticks for example are solid and very easy to maneuver; they are not stiff but also not too loose and there is enough feedback from the two. Since we are personally more used to DualShock, F710 feels right at home but the same can be said if you have used the Xbox controller before.

The Xbox asymmetrical layout is probably more ideal if you are playing shooting, adventure, or action games instead of racing or similar games. The rest of the buttons are working fine yet some also introduce issues such as the F710 shoulder and triggers that can be too stiff for some and the trigger length of GC30 when pulled. These issues may last for the rest of the product age but users usually can get used to them after spending some time playing the games.

Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 Features

Next for the features side, as expected both Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 are providing the vibration or rumble feature for some immersion or elevated experience. The vibration is pretty weak however on both controllers compared to PlayStation or Xbox gamepad. The two are wireless using a dongle but MSI GC30 is also a wired solution using the USB port, just like the DualShock 4 or Xbox One controllers; it is an ideal option if you are worried about the lag or any connectivity issue.

In addition MSI GC30 is also coming with several modes to select with default, android, analog, and digital depending on what you pair the controller with. The default is for computers and Android is for your Android smartphone since this variant can be connected and used for smartphone games too. As for the F710, it has macros with the Logitech Gaming Software in DirectInput mode which are missing from GC30.

Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 Performance 

Lastly for the performance, both Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 are good as a budget alternatives to the DualShock or Xbox controllers. The buttons may not be as good as on the expensive controllers but they register just fine. The connectivity issue is more prominent on F710 which is probably why they give you a dongle extender. The accuracy is slightly better on the F710 however since it is pretty accurate while many have reported that GC30 is a little bit off so you will need time to get familiar with how it aims.

Logitech F710 Vs MSI GC30

There are no bad options here and for the price point both Logitech F710 and MSI GC30 are very well performing. The main difference in our opinion besides the layout is about features and accuracy. We actually like the features on MSI GC30 since it can run on wired mode, ideal layout for the shooting and action game, as well as also compatible with Android operating systems. But, the buttons, especially triggers, are a bit longer to register and its aim curve is different.

- 2.4 ghz wireless connectivity
- Customizable controls with profiler software (requires software installation)
- Dual vibration motors support vibration feedback games
- Works with windows xp, vista, windows 7 and windows 8
- WIDE COMPARABILITY: Use your GC30 gamepad with all Windows 10/8.1/7 Computers / Laptops, Android Tablets / Phones and PlayStation 4.
- HIGH ACCURACY: With advanced analog sticks, the Force GC series controllers provide flawless smooth movement. Two different D-pad covers with magnetic design allows you to switch for your preferred game type.
- DUAL VIBRATION MOTORS: Equipped with dual vibration motors, the GC30 controller is able to use haptic feedback to enhance the gaming experience and provide an additional dimension of sensory input.
- DUAL MODES TO CONNECT: The Force GC30 provides both wireless and wired functionality to connect with your devices. You can switch seamlessly between wired and wireless usage so you can keep on gaming uninterrupted.


The decision is all yours based on which seems to match with the preference. We recommend F710 for those who are familiar or like the layout better and since it has a better accuracy as well. But, we recommend GC30 for those who like this layout better or want to use the gamepad on a smartphone.