Logitech F710 VS 8BitDo

Gaming on a console is fun but not everyone has a console yet many of us have a PC instead. You can play console games using a computer and a controller such as the Logitech F710 Vs 8BitDo. These controllers are affordable and working really well, while easy to connect with the machine. However, they are not identical so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.


In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Connect a Controller to a PC
  • What are Logitech F710 and 8BitDo
  • How are the Design of Logitech F710 and 8BitDo
  • How are the Buttons in Logitech F710 and 8BitDo
  • How are the Performance of Logitech F710 and 8BitDo
  • What else Logitech F710 and 8BitDo can offer
  • Logitech F710 Vs 8BitDo

Connecting Controller to a PC

There are so many fun video games and you can play them through various devices such as the console, computer, or smartphone. The type of games you can play may vary and it is often about the game itself because many are also not compatible with just any device. For those that are more versatile and can be played through different platforms, players can choose to use what system they like better. For example many console games are available on PC too.

To achieve the similar experience from a console to a computer, we can adjust the monitor size and add a console instead of gaming with a keyboard. Console games are best to play with a controller of your choice and there are many to choose from based on which seems to meet the preference the most. The controller can be from your favorite console or the available console at home and can be bought from a third-party manufacturer too, such as Logitech and MSI.

Many companies are making gaming controllers which are usually designed to mimic a certain system, either Xbox or PlayStation because these are the most popular controllers in the market. You can find these controllers easily as they are sold separately too and we do think they are great choices if you want to experience the game as close as possible to how they are played on a console. The third-party alternatives however are often more affordable and sometimes even better whether you need a wireless or cabled one.

If you don’t have an issue with the budget we highly recommend getting an Xbox controller instead because it is the most convenient for PC gaming since they are developed by the same company. The Bluetooth version is very easy and fast to pair with your Windows machine. Just make sure the device is turned on and the Bluetooth discovery is enabled. Hold the Sync button until the Guide button flashes and your computer shows the option to add new Bluetooth or other device.

With PS controllers such as DualShock 4, the wired mode will work instantly without software for Steam games. Just right-click the Steam icon in the system tray and choose Big Picture then find the Settings and Controller Settings. Make sure the PS4 Configuration Support is on. But, for wireless and for other games not available on Steam, users with PlayStation controllers will need to install DS4 Software so the machine can recognize our hardware as a controller. The computer may need to be restarted after initial installation too.

Logitech F710 8BitDo
Product Dimensions6.61 x 3.11 x 7.87 inches
6.06 x 2.56 x 3.98 inches
Shipping Weight10.2 ounces
8 Ounces
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About Logitech F710 and 8BitDo

Now for the most important part, what controller you want to have. Each person may have different preferences not only for the game they play but also the method on which they can interact with the game. Controllers in general are made for console games so they are perfect with each other. Depending on what the players are more familiar with as well, some of us probably already used to a certain layout or like the ergonomics of a controller, just like how it is with a mouse or keyboard.

For those who are more familiar or liking the way PlayStation and Nintendo make their controllers, the Logitech F710 and 8BitDo can be great choices. These controllers are compatible with your computer and are the perfect solution for those who want to game on a different platform. The main difference between these two besides that 8BitDo is a common alternative for Switch is that this controller is also compatible with the console while F710 is a PC only and not made to replace a DualShock and Xbox controller.

Both Logitech F710 and 8BitDo are currently more affordable than DualShock 4, DualSense, or the Switch Pro controller and they are compatible with your Windows machines. These two have similar styling as well and instead of copying the Switch Pro, this 8bitDo Pro 2 is more similar to the PlayStation controller layout thus, for people who are used to the DualShock styling or playing with the console for quite some time before these two can be a great options.

Because they are made mostly for computers, the installation is a breeze and while you may need to download a software to map the buttons, we do think they are working really well, especially for Steam games. The unit itself is very solid but if you are liking the ergonomic and layout or button placement of an Xbox which is usually more preferred, other alternatives such as GC30 like in our Logitech F710 Vs MSI GC30 can be a good choice as well.

Logitech F710 and 8BitDo Design

As you can see the Logitech F710 and 8BitDo are using the same layout but the actual shape and ergonomics are not identical. The F710 is a bit thicker on the handle and more rounded where the two upper buttons; triggers and shoulder buttons are more protruding due to the design. The material seems to be just okay being made of plastic and for some reasons F710 is heavier at around 400 grams while 8BitDo Pro 2 is about 230 grams only.

The layout of these controllers are probably going to be familiar with many people such as players of classic games and if you have the DualShock 4, this Pro 2 is actually going to be very similar both in shape, angle, as well as weight that is almost identical for both controllers. These are their wireless model so in the box you get a dongle and an extender with F710 or a USB cable only for the 8BitDo, it has no Bluetooth dongle for the controller is the receiver itself.

Logitech F710 and 8BitDo Buttons

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Logitech F710 and 8BitDo can offer starting from the buttons. As you can see they are coming with the same set of buttons, at least for the main layout with two sticks on a level with each other. They also have a plus-shaped direction pad located on the left and an Xbox style button or ABXY on the opposite side. In the middle there are a few buttons such as the Start and Select for 8BitDo and Start, Mode, Vibration, as well as Back for the F710.

The most noticeable difference is probably the additional two back buttons on the 8BitDo Pro 2 labeled as P1 and P2 which are dedicated macro buttons that can be programmed on the controller. The F710 doesn’t have dedicated macro buttons but still has the ability to be programmed as needed.

Logitech F710 and 8BitDo Performance 

Next for the performance, these Logitech F710 and 8BitDo are working really well with Windows computers. The connectivity seems to be reliable as well at moderate distance but F710 is not as robust when you move a bit further from the receiver so the extender can be helpful here. The buttons are easy to press but the shoulder buttons and trigger of F710 can be a bit stiff compared to 8BitDo. The ergonomics are fine and we like how these controllers feel on the hand.

The 8BitDo Pro 2 may feel stiffer but it is more on the buttons on the face of the controller such as the D-pad yet overall we can get used to them after some gaming sessions. While installing the two are typically straightforward, we may still have to use other software to make them more versatile, especially for computers.

Logitech F710 and 8BitDo Features

Lastly is for the features in Logitech F710 and 8BitDo. Since F710 needs a dongle to work, it is not as versatile for connectivity type; it is only compatible with computers and Android TVs. The 8BitDo Pro 2 is compatible with more devices including Switch so if you have the console, we can use this third-party option with the system. You can map their buttons and they are great for Steam games. The F710 uses AA batteries while the latter is rechargeable.

Logitech F710 Vs 8BitDo

Both Logitech F710 and 8BitDo are good options based on which seems to work on your system. We do think the ergonomics are kind of similar since they are mimicking the PlayStation layout but when on games the F710 stiff shoulder buttons and triggers can be a bit annoying, including the weak connectivity when used with the small dongle. The 8BitDo buttons can be stiff as well, especially the D-pad but it has a more robust connectivity and is compatible with more systems.

- 2.4 ghz wireless connectivity
- Customizable controls with profiler software (requires software installation)
- Dual vibration motors support vibration feedback games
- Works with windows xp, vista, windows 7 and windows 8
- 2 pro-level back Buttons.
- Custom profile switching, enhanced grip & 4-Way mode switching button.
- Wireless Bluetooth, rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C, 20 hour rechargeable battery.
- Compatible with Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam and Raspberry Pi.


The decision is all yours because there is no bad option but if you don’t have an issue with the budget we will recommend the 8BitDo such as this Pro 2 variant and if you want the more affordable solution that works really well too for computers, the F710 is a very attractive alternative.