Keychron K6 Pro Vs Keychron K2 Pro

Keychron is a famous keyboard brand with various options to choose from. One of the newest addition to the collection is Keychron K6 Pro Vs Keychron K2 Pro which is very similar but also different. These keyboards are perfect for those who want a compact device to fit on their setup or plan to bring the keyboard while traveling. Which Keychron keyboard is the best for you? Let’s see what the two can offer below.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro?
  • What is the Design of the Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro?
  • What is the Switch in Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro?
  • How is the Typing Experience in Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro?
  • How is the Software for Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro?
  • Keychorn K6 Pro Vs Keychorn K2 Pro
  • Which Keychorn K Pro Keyboard to Choose?
Keychron K6 ProKeychron K2 Pro
Product Dimensions15.2 x 5.43 x 2.13 inches
15.39 x 6.38 x 2.09 inches
Shipping Weight2.79 pounds
2.88 pounds
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About Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro

The keyboard is a crucial part of your computer as it is the input and is always in contact with your fingers; thus, it affects the user experience. Many people change their stock keyboard or build one from the base by adding the switch and dome separately. This keyboard type is known as hot-swappable, and you can find it from various manufacturers such as Keychorn. This company even sells the bare keyboard, so you can add the switch and keycaps separately, which is perfect for enthusiasts who want a custom keyboard. Read also: Keychron K6 Pro Vs Keychron K8 Pro.

If you want a ready-to-use keyboard that is still customizable, the Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro are two exciting options. These keyboards are from the famous K Pro line, a relatively new lineup from the company that combines some of the best features of the higher-end keyboards and packs them into a more affordable setup. These keyboards are versatile, meaning you can connect them through a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. There are 13 keyboards in the K Pro line; seven are standard height, and six are low-profile variants.

As a family, the Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro share many similarities in the core and design. You can easily set them apart based on the keyboard size because the K6 Pro is 65% compact, while the K2 Pro is a compact 75% model. Besides the number of keys, these keyboards are identical in design, features, and switches. Almost all K Pro keyboards in standard height come with K Pro mechanical switch, except for the K8 Pro with a Gateron G Pro switch.

Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro Design

Because of the size difference, the Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro’s form factor is different, with the K2 Pro being the bigger keyboard with 84 keys while the K6 Pro only has 68 keys. The material is plastic with an aluminum frame, so they feel more robust than the plastic keyboards, yet they are not as sturdy as the high-end Q series. These keyboards are standard and considerably tall, with a front height of approximately 1.3 inches and 1.6 inches on the rear.

Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro Switch

The switch is a crucial part of your keyboard, especially if you don’t plan on changing it. But, most people who want to spend on these keyboards have a plan to swap the switch. You can choose what switch for the keyboard, but they will come with Keychorn red, blue, or brown switch. The red switch or linear will be the best if you prefer a soft and quiet keyboard. If you love clicky keys, the blue switch with a slight resistance is perfect.

If you want something in between, the brown switch is a great choice, and this is also our favorite because it still feels tactile but isn’t too loud if you are working in a room with other people. The switch is hot-swappable, so you can always change it to other three or five-pin switches like Gateron and Cherry. This feature ensures that you can always have options to personalize the keyboard.

Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro Typing Experience

The typing experience with Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro is great. As you can see, these keyboards use the same keycaps, an improvement over the former K series. The keycaps are now double-shot PBT OSA with RGB lighting around the keys. This RGB type doesn’t shine through the keycaps but only around the base, making it more modest and not appear too bright if you often use the computer in dark rooms. Our favorite part is the rounded profile and concave surface, improving typing comfort.

One of the common issues with mechanical switches is the key wobble which is normal but can be a bit disturbing if you are used to a keyboard with firm keys or a non-swappable switch where the manufacturer can make the keys as sturdy as needed. Still, the wobble is manageable and doesn’t get in your way of typing fast. If you often use the keyboard to type documents, we recommend adding a wrist rest to reduce fatigue because they are a bit tall for comfort.

Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro Software

We also want to see the software because you need this app to adjust the settings on these keyboards. Like most Keychron keyboards, you can download VIA software from their website, which is compatible with all standard operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. You can change various settings on the software, such as changing the RGB lighting and mapping the keys. The software is relatively easy to use so everyone can get into their settings instantly. Read also: Keychron K6 Pro Vs Keychron Q2.

Keychorn K6 Pro Vs Keychorn K2 Pro

The Keychorn K6 Pro and Keychorn K2 Pro are good keyboards for those who want a compact device and the versatility of Bluetooth. The main difference between these keyboards is the size because the K6 Pro has 68 keys while the K2 Pro has 84. The switch type is the same because both use the K Pro switch, and you can choose the type based on which you like best. The other features, like hot-swappable, Bluetooth, RGB, mapping, and PBT keycaps, are identical.

-【Program with QMK & VIA】: With the K6 Pro’s QMK/VIA, you can intuitively remap your favorite keys and create macros with any key on any operating system (macOS, Windows, or Linux) for a fluid workflow. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, and more.
-【PBT Keycaps & Aluminum Frame】: Fully customizable 65% layout 68 keys compact mechanical keyboard, OSA profile double-shot PBT keycaps. PBT keycaps have a high degree of restoration, and has higher heat resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance, self-lubricating, and low friction than ABS Keycaps. The aluminum body frame is sturdy and ensures longer life.
-【Hot-Swappable Keychron K Pro Red Switch】: By optimizing the switch mold, the K Pro switch wobbles less than a standard mechanical switch and feels smoother on each hit. Pre-lubed K pro red switch providing linear responsiveness with up to 50 million keystroke lifespan. The hot-swappable sockets are mounted on the PCB and compatible with almost all the MX style 3pin and 5pin mechanical switches on the market (including Gateron, Cherry, Kailh, etc.), you can install or change the switches without soldering.
-【Upgraded Typing Experience】: The K6 Pro has been re-engineered and redesigned from the inside out to upgrade the typing experience. The added sound-absorbing foam, a thick silicone dampening bottom pad, and steel plate provide responsive feedback and a peaceful typing sound, while added weight will enhance the stability.
- Keychron K2 Pro QMK/VIA wireless custom mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight allows anyone to master any keys or macro commands on its 75% compact layout through VIA, it has included keycaps for both Windows and macOS, and users can hot-swap with any MX mechanical switch in a breeze. The pre-lubed Keychron K Pro red switches pre-installed given that 2 ±0.4mm pre-travel and 45 ±10gf operating force, features a nice linear feeling.
- The K2 Pro hot-swappable sockets are mounted on the PCB, so you can hot-swap every switch on the K2 Pro with almost all of the 3pin and 5pin MX style mechanical switches on the market (including Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, Panda, etc.) without soldering. Also integrated the PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizers for a smoother typing experience with less wobbliness on the big keys such as space bar, shift, enter, and backspace. The Keychron K2 Pro also supports third-party screw-in PCB stabilizers.
- You can connect the K2 Pro with up to 3 devices wirelessly via its stable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless multitasking across your laptop, phone, and tablet. Switch among them swiftly, and it’s fully compatible with both Mac and Windows. A reliable USB Type-C wired connection is also available when you need it.
- With the QMK & VIA support, you can simply connect the K2 Pro to your device with a cable, drag and drop your favorite keys or macro commands to remap any key you want on any system (macOS, Windows, or Linux).


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. Both keyboards are identical so you will be happy with any model. We recommend the K2 Pro if you need the F Keys or more keys on the keyboard, while the K6 Pro is more compact if you prefer a smaller keyboard. The features are identical, so you can enjoy the same keycaps, switch, Bluetooth, and build quality.