HyperX Cloud Stinger vs Corsair HS60

For anyone who wants more detailed sound they can possibly get when gaming or entertainment, they would choose headsets over the other things. Who doesn’t want to get better audio experience in such a small and compact design of a gaming headset? Of course, anyone would spend their money on that, especially for the ones that are built with some important and significant features.

However, hoping for a good quality gaming headset would be a problem when it comes to the price. You may already know some of the best headphone brands like Razer for example. Their gaming headsets might offer a big chunk of features, but with very much expensive price.

But that wouldn’t be a problem in life, since you can find several other alternatives for gaming headsets. Yes, they are less superior than those expensive ones, but at least they are still decent and worth the money.

They are several aspects that we should expect from the less expensive or as we say affordable gaming headsets. They should at least have a decent quality in sound and the built-in microphone for communication. Other than those, if we could find the other features, we would consider them as a plus point.

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the two brands who also produce affordable gaming headsets, Corsair and HyperX. We took each product from both of them, and compared the two. From Corsair we have Corsair HS60, and the HyperX Cloud Stinger from HyperX. Both of them have an affordable price, with one more expensive than the other. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at each one of them.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

  •     Vendor : HyperX
  •     Price : 49.99 $

HyperX Cloud Stinger, one of the best affordable headsets from HyperX that may look very simple yet holds something within. The design is not the attractive thing from this product. It is really similar looking with any other generic 10-20$ generic headsets. The details done with full matte black color with the HyperX logos on the back of the earcups. The mic is right there and not detachable. Read also: BenQ EL2870U vs BenQ EW3270U.

With its simple design, it only has about 10.97 oz in weight. Making it lighter to carry around. However, it is also wired just like Corsair HS60. Even though it’s simple, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The simplicity of the design may be favorable for some people. And the headset itself is also comfortable for a long time. The headband can stretch nicely to fit on your head. It’s also not really pressing your head, so for a long usage it’s not that bad at all. The ear cups are also comfortable to fit to your ear.

HyperX Cloud StingerCorsair HS60
Product Dimensions9.5 x 10.75 x 3 inches
8.35 x 12.15 x 4.15 inches
Shipping Weight9.7 ounces

1.19 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The microphone you can find on this device can be too big for some people. We used to have a lighter form of a microphone that was installed on a headset. This not-small microphone located on the lower left side of the headset, the position may seems weird as well. But, despite its looks, the microphone could deliver a very clear sound. The quality of the microphone is actually one best feature this headset has. The sound produced from the mic is crystal clear, even better than the other headsets o higher price level. Background noise is even not noticeable as well, which is really good.

And the last point to notice is the sound quality. For a headset with this range of price, HyperX Cloud Stinger really stings the competitors. The quality is very good, considering the affordable price it has. The bass is good, and the sounds are crispy, making gaming or movie watching session more fun and enjoyable. You can even notice how good it is when playing action games like First Person Shooter games. You could hear the elements of sounds inside the game clearly, even the clinking sound from the gun clips sounds believable.

For a budget headset, HyperX Cloud Stinger could be an interesting choice for people who want good quality in sound and better microphone and throwing away the aesthetic look. It’s a  good quality headset that everyone can get.

Corsair HS60

  •     Vendor : Corsair
  •     Price : 87.9 $

Moving on the Corsair, we can expect something more from the Corsair HS60. The price is way higher than Cloud Stinger. The price difference may be noticeable in features, but most importantly the design. HS60 came with a more sturdy and aesthetic look. Metal materials are used on the pieces, other than plastics. The design is quite simple, and carried from older Corsair products. You may notice the well-made stitching on the padding, looking classy.

Because of the metal materials, it has more weight than Cloud Stinger. But it’s not that heavy, since the difference is only 1 to 2 oz only. However, for the comfort aspect, this headset is really comfortable to use. The earcups are not pushing against your head. It could fit your ears perfectly, even giving an additional small space between the cups and your ears.

When talking about features, HS60 is blessed with them. Aside from the mic that is detachable, now you can have access to 7.1 virtual surround sound. You may find the dongle within the box to use it. Even though overall it’s good, the feature sometimes loses its beauty when it comes to bass. On the other side, the mic itself is removable, but not the wire.

The quality of the mic is less superior than Cloud Stinger. It’s not actually surprising to find so-so quality of a microphone on a device with this level price range. It has decent quality, but it’s bad in delivery. The sound sometimes feels really low to the level that your own team mates aren’t able to hear your voice. Noise cancelling features can’t also be found either.

To be a 80 almost 90 dollar headphone, Corsair HS60 is good enough to bring plus points to design, comfort, and features. It’s a great choice within the price, and also one of good products from Corsair.

HyperX Cloud Stinger vs Corsair HS60

- 50mm directional drivers for audio precision — enjoy the full audioscape of your favorite games
- HyperX signature memory foam provides maximum comfort during extended use
- Adjustable steel slider for a solid and long lasting sturdy feel
- Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup
- Legendary Corsair build quality and metal construction ensures long-term durability
- Precision-tuned 50mm Neodymium speaker drivers bring superior sound quality with wide range and accuracy
- Optimized unidirectional Microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality and is fully detachable for use on the go
- Plush Memory foam and adjustable earcups provide exceptional comfort for hours of gameplay


Remembering the price and everything, we choose HyperX Cloud Stinger over Corsair. With its much affordable price, you could get almost the same level of sound quality, with the additional plus on the beautiful microphone. Of course it has some minus like the non-detachable and weird-looking microphone. But those wouldn’t mean anything to the more positive aspects it has. Overall, HyperX Cloud Stinger is a good headset, especially with around less than a hundred dollar price range.